How to import your content from Medium in Wordpress

Medium is always considered a great platform for everyone to publish their content. While most people look at it as a place for blogging, the creators call it a publishing platform. And it seems to be very good at the job. The community there is fantastic. The UI is clean, smooth, and easy to use. But people are migrating away from Medium to WordPress in droves for the reason that it has the consistently inconsistent updates, social interaction, and monetization strategies. If that’s you, then this guide will be useful for you. In this guide, we will take a look at How to import your content from Medium to help you know more deeply about this topic.

How to import your content from Medium

From Medium to Wordpress

First off, please keep in mind that this is absolutely not a Medium-bashing writing. Of course, there a many benefits to being on Medium. However, we are discussing those refering to security, built-in audience and community, easy of use, and simple monetization options. Looking at all aspects, you still can tell Medium is a great platform.

In case you are not one of those people, or publishers, then moving to Wordpress is a good choice. There are remarkably a lot of high-profile companies having their web presence moved from Medium to Wordpress over the past year, including The Awl, ThinkProgress, Slack, and Film School Rejects.

To sum up, the reason cited for your move can primarily include keeping independent control of their own content and their monetization strategies.

For Wordpress users

Due to the exodus to the CMS, the WordPress team has put together a Medium import tool under the circumstance that you use (the VIP accounts is also included). Unluckily, this does not work for self-hosted WP installs. You’ll use a slightly different method.

Your Medium content should be the first thing you need. So head over to and go into your user settings. You may have to scroll down a while to see to the Download Your Information button located under the Account heading. From there, click on Download .zip.

The next screen will let you be aware of what information will be included in the download. Because of how Medium works, you will also get a backup of responses and comments and such as well as those are counted as content you generated. In the next little bit, you will receive an email with a download link. Just click it, and you will have your Medium post info.

For users on Gmail, the link may freeze when you hit the button, in details, it downloads nothing. Then, you can right-click the link. Now you can save the file directly that way. It’s not a redirect.

How to import your content from Medium

To import from Medium, first you need to visit the Medium settings page. Then, download your information by scrolling down a little bit. Choose Download .zip to get the export process started from Medium. You then should receive an email from Medium with an export of your posts in a file named

(In case you are exporting a Medium “publication” instead of a normal Medium site, the procedure may slightly have a difference, you will need to ask the Medium support team to generate the backup file for you. They will then provide the file in two separate formats, HTML or XML – we need the HTML version.)

Download your information

Next, go to My Site → Settings and choose Import from the Site Tools section placed at the bottom.

Site Tools section

Then, click Start Import, it is located right next to the Medium importer.

Start Import

For your information, this is the place that you will upload the .zip file you downloaded from Medium. Simply drag the file into the import window, or navigate to it manually.

The place that you will upload the .zip file

Hit the Continue button when the file has been uploaded. The import will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Importing process


After all, you will receive a notification from us when the import process has completed. All of your Medium content will then be displayed as posts on your website under the original date of the post along with their original tags. On top of that, those posts that are published will be marked as published on the site in an automatic way but drafts will remain unpublished. You can also run the import tool several times to retrieve newer posts while not duplicating your old ones. Hope that we have got you through all information you need. Thank you for reading!