How to view your stats on WordPress for iOS provides users with information that can help them to improve their posts and attract more readers for their blog. It is called Stats which is short for Statistics and it is the section where you can find all the data related to your blog and your viewers. This feature is also available for the application on devices like smartphones, tablets using Android and iOS. If you want to know how to view your stats on WordPress for iOS, follow this writing for details.

To view your stats on WordPress for iOS

Step 1: Go to My sites

Get access to your WordPress application on your device and select My sites button on the bottom bar of the screen display. If you have more than one site, you can see the list of all of your sites appear that you need to tap on the one you want to check the statistics.

Step 2: Select Stats

Press on the Stats option on the top of the list to see the details. You will see three more tabs under the Stats section, which are Insights, Days and More. The system will automatically move to Days data that you can see the number of Views, Visitors, Likes and Comments for today or in other words, the overview information below a bar chart. Besides, be noted that the default view is set to be by days that you will see all the data in days. If you want you can change the result to display in periods by checking the next part. When you scroll down, there are detailed statistics for today, including which posts and pages are viewed, where the visitors come from, where they click on, etc.

If you want more specific data, you can press on Insights button which stays on the left of the Days. The first thing you will see is the Latest post summary which shows you the performance of your most recent post. In particular, it points out the name of the post, how long since its publication and the number of interactions (likes, comments, views) for it. Below it is the section for Today's stats which is similar to the information you see in the Days tab. Next is the All-time posts, views and visitors which summarize the total statistics of your blog from the beginning until now. If you continue scrolling down, you can see the Most popular day and hour which represents the time your blog is most visited by readers.

To show the data in the periods you want, tap on More and you can choose the period unit you want. You can make your choice between Days, Weeks, Months and Years.


Overall, this writing has provided you with the process of how to view your stats on WordPress for iOS. There are only two steps in total then you can easily practice and check for your blog statistics. Based on this information, you can have a clearer view of your readers’ preferences and their habits, thus, you can focus on your strength and attract more viewers for your blog. Hope that you enjoy this kind of topic and gain some benefits from it. Read here to know more about how to view your stats on WordPress for Android.