How to generate a multilingual website

If you wonder how to set up and run WordPress multilingual sites, don’t forget to miss out this post. Basically, users do not need to set up a multi-site or contain separate WordPress install for every language. All you need to do is to easily translate the WordPress pages, tags, posts, categories, and themes into different languages you like.

If you are finding ways on changing the default language of your own blog or site or even the WordPress interface, you had better check out the information in this following article.

In this article, you will be shown on how to generate a multilingual website on WordPress.

How to set up a generate site on WordPress

Option 1: One Site, One Post

There will be three options that help you create a multilingual website.

how to generate a multilingual website

With Option 1, you can generate one site and there is each page or post containing the same content in both languages.

Write your posts

  • Step 1: Generate pages or posts ad write your first half of the page or post in a language.

  • Step 2: You can write your content in other languages at the bottom of your post.

In this step, you can insert a page jump at the bottom of every post so that your viewers can skip to their language.

Option 2: One Site, Two Posts

You can generate a site and possess another page and posts with the same content written in a language.

how to generate a multilingual website

Write your posts:

  • Step 1: Write the post in a language.

  • Step 2: Generate a new post in the second language.

Add categories to the posts to help get them organized.

how to generate a multilingual website

You can put a link on each page or post to help provide readers with the same content in another language.

You can easily use your custom menu to make it easy for the readers to find all of your posts in every language:

  • Step 1: Make a new custom menu or edit the one you already have.

  • Step 2: Insert the factor to the menu linking to the category for another language.

Option 3: Two Sites

With option 3, you can easily to create two different sites and one contains each language.

Create both sites

Two create both sites:

  • Step 1: You can create two sites by using the same themes.

  • Step 2: In case you need to generate other sites for the alternate-language content, you had better refer to the support article to help add a site to your own account.

Choose a domain for each site

  • If you want your site to have a custom domain, you can find ways to use two domain names or you can set a subdomain from the main domain.

  • For instance, you can possess a site with its title web and the other is from It is all depending on you.

You are able to use the custom menus to help cross-link your site. All you need to do is to insert a custom link to every menu linking to another site so that readers can switch to this language in an easy way.

Write your posts

  • Step 1: Set up a site’s language to your first language that you write in and another site will be written in the second language through Settings -> General -> Language.

  • Step 2: Whenever you write your post, you should write it two times, then your posts will be present in the Tags section in the Reader for every site’s language.

You can refer to some of the multilingual sites on WordPress:

  • – English/French/Spanish

  • – English/Welsh


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