How to fix 404 Not Found error in Wordpress

404 Not Found error, which also can be called as the HTTP 404, is a HTTP standard response code. It shows that your readers were able to connect to your blog page, but there was no post in your WordPress. The 404 Not Found error can happen in the front page and post permalink page. Therefore, fixing 404 Not Found error will help you to make your front page and posts available to your reader and help the readers find your posts easily.

To solve this problem, here is instructional writing on how to fix 404 Not Found error. We hope that you would take time to read this instruction carefully and learn how to fix 404 Not Found error as soon as possible.

How to fix 404 Not Found error

In the Front Page

According to the default setting of WordPress, all your latest posts will be automatically displayed on the front page of your blog. Depending on your current theme, when you haven’t posted anything, the 404 error message will be displayed. Deleting the “Hello World”, which is set as default post, before publishing a new blog post is also another reason why the error message shows up. In short, 404 Not Found error happens when there is no post that was published.

404 error

So as to help you fix error on the front page of your blog, we provide you with two different methods for your needs:

Method 1: Publishing a new blog

After writing your post, all you need to do is go to Posts -> click Add New and publish a new blog entry. Your post will be automatically published on your front page. When there is a post in your blog, the 404 Not Found error will disappear.

Method 2: Changing your front page

Instead of displaying your latest blog posts, customizing your blog to display a static front page is another way to make the error message disappear.

In the Post Permalink Page

In this case, the 404 Not Found error happens when you publish a post with the current date, but then edit the post and, accidentally or intentionally, change the date of the post. As the date when publishing is shown in the URL, the original URL will display the 404 error message by default. Also, in your “Latest Posts” list, the link to your post will appear to be incorrect.

To fix this problem, please go to Posts -> All Posts. The post which you’re looking for will be in All Posts if the date is not edited to be in the future.


To sum up, the above is a writing on how to fix 404 Not Found error in the front page and in the post permalink page. With simple and detail guidelines, we hope that you can manipulate those steps and solve your problem in the shortest possible time.