The tutorial for embedding Gumroad to your blog in Wordpress

The tutorial for embedding Gumroad to your blog in Wordpress is the exact article that you are looking for if you are the one who makes stuff for people to buy or sells whether digital goods or physical ones.

Regardless of what your job is, independent writers, designers, software developers, musicians, artists, teachers, filmmakers, and anyone in-between, you can easily insert Gumroad to your blog in Wordpress so that you are able to introduce your products and also integrate payment forms.

Hence, I won’t make you wait no more by leading you to the main point of this article.

Table of content

1. In Gumroad {#1-in-gumroad)

In order to have your product embedded in your Wordpress’s blog, you must have it published in Gumroad.

If you would like to look an overview of your Gumroad’s post, click the Preview section via the Edit, Options, or Timeline tabs. When you are satisfied with what you achieved, publish it then move to Wordpress.

The tutorial for embedding Gumroad to your blog in Wordpress

2. In Wordpress {#2-in-wordpress}

Of course, you need to have a Wordpress account and set it into the Business status.

From Gumroad, click on Activate after going to go to eCommerce Plugins in your Dashboard. In order to do this, you need to go through three main steps.

Firstly, the link of the post must be shared.

Your customers will be directed to a new browser tab to finish their purchase when you link your Gumroad product to your Wordpress post. In order to do this, the hyperlink must be turned into your Gumroad product’s URL by click in the image to appear your Gumroad product’s URL.

Secondly, an overlay should be used. Because the Gumroad Overlay is a pop-up window that allows your customers to buy your product without leaving your site.

The Sales page must be formed. It will link your Gumroad product to the location of the Buy button. Pay attention to writing the content because it will affect your customers’ mind before clicking your product.

It’s time to drop your shortcode into the box for now.

Thirdly, the Product must be embedded. In this step, the Gumroad Embed must be completely embedded in your page by dropping the following line into your page: [gumroad id=”XXXX” type=”embed”]

If this is hard to understand, here are the explanations:

gumroad id: It’s your Gumroad product ID (hint: it won’t be XXXX). The Options tab of your product will be shown.

text: It’s the text displayed on your Gumroad product’s Buy button. Remember that only when you use an overlay that you can only apply the text.

type: It allows you to select “embed” or “overlay”. If you don’t select, the default will be automatically set in “overlay”.

wanted: It can set to “true” or “false”. If you don’t make a change, the default will be automatically set in “false”.

3. Embed the Product {#3-embed-the-product}

In order to embed the Product, drop this code:[gumroad id=”XXXX” type=”embed”] into your page.

You will see the Buy button and also the product itself at the end if you successfully nailed the task. One thing that I have to remind you is that the code won’t look like much when it’s in the editor before the post or page that you pasted it into was published.

The tutorial for embedding Gumroad to your blog in Wordpress


I have shown you above is what you need to follow when you want to embed your Gumroad post into your blog for your customers. The instruction might seem complex but when you follow it in the correct order, it will work.

If there is any trouble occurring while practicing, contact us for solutions and also more detailed information.