How to connect an image to a document on WordPress

While generating or editing a WordPress blog post and page, you are able to insert pictures whenever you want by using WordPress Media Uploader instrument. More interestingly, you can connect photos to any URL or even file. If you want to link to a PDF file, don’t ignore this article. And in this writing, you will be instructed on how to connect an image to a document on WordPress.

To connect an image to a document

Step 1: Upload documents to Media Library

The first thing you need to do is to upload your PDF. You need to get your documents uploaded to the Media Library. There are three different ways for you to upload documents to WordPress. You can upload them from your computer, from a URL or from the WP Media Library.

Don’t forget to move your cursor and place it in the position where you want to upload your documents.

Click on Add Media button and find the PDF file in a similar way you have done to images before.

how to connect an image to a document

Step 2: Choose your documents

Next, there will be many uploaded files and all you need to do is to choose documents from the list of uploaded files.

After that, in this step, you had better select Edit located at the bottom of the left corner of the appearing window. You are able to copy the link of the document there as well as close the window.

how to connect an image to a document

To continue, you can click on the picture you want to get the PDF linked, then choose Edit Image button.

Take note that wherever the URL link appears, you can copy the URL of the PDF and page it.

Now, it is time for you to click on Update.

Finally, you should bear in mind that you can preview the page to check your changes. As clicking the photo, it, now, should bring up the PDF file you have linked to.


With just several steps, you are currently able to upload both images and documents and like a PDF, you can link images to your PDF file. As your users see your page they might click on the button to take your .pdf download. We hope that with our above guide on how to connect an image to a document on WordPress, you can perform your task without having difficulties. If you find this article helpful, let share it on your social channels and let us hear more from you in case you have any problem.