How to import from Tumblr to WordPress in Wordpress

Are you looking for a method to switch from Tumblr to You have come to the right page because the following instruction can explain how to import your blog in only 4 steps.

Now, let’s take a look at our instructional writing on How to import from Tumblr to WordPress to know more deeply about this topic.

Please kindly note that the instructions from this guide are referring to the WP Admin dashboard. You are totally able to get to this dashboard by inserting /wp-admin to the end of the URL of your site (for example,

To import from Tumblr to WordPress

Step 1: Register for an account at

In case you do not have an account here on, go ahead to the home page and get started now! Click Here!

Step 2: Authenticate with Tumblr

Go to the dashboard of your blog (accessible in the drop-down menu located under your blog’s name in the admin bar) to bring your Tumblr content to And, in the left-hand column of the Dashboard, please go to Tools > Import.

Select the Tumblr importer:


That link will start the import process. Tap the Connect to Tumblr to begin button:


Then you will be directed to your Tumblr account to connect it to (or maybe to the signin page of Tumblr in case you are not already signed in on Tumblr):


Please kindly note that your Tumblr account and account will be connected once you click the Allow button.

Step 3: Import your content

The importer will then fetch a list of your Tumblr blogs and give you permission to choose which one to import. Please tap the Import this blog to move to the next step.


The import progress will be displayed on the import page once you get it started and you will receive an email when the import is done.

We work to make sure that all of your Tumblr content, which includes your videos, are imported into the blog. Videos that you had uploaded to Tumblr are imported into VideoPress and other embeds are converted to use shortcodes. The importer, sometimes, looks for an embed it cannot convert and a list of these is included in the import completion email for you to check.

In case your Tumblr website has a custom domain (such as instead of, then you will need to temporarily get the custom domain disabled while the import is processed. You, of course, are able to do this on Tumblr by tapping the Settings button, choosing the blog you would like to update, then removing the Use a custom domain marker:


Then you will want to set up Domain Mapping on your blog in order that your readers can use the same domain to reach your site as before.

Step 4: Start with WordPress and generate your own unique style

  • Learn more about WordPress

There is a great tutorial for newbies, who have just come from Tumblr, at, which can get you thru all of basic information on setup, customizing, importing your blog or even posting. Also, there are many tutorials to teach you how to cahnge the title of your blog and get for your blog a good look, together with more in-depth topics such as using WordPress on mobile devices.

  • Customize your theme and design

You are able to customize your site’s design by choosing one of our post-format-enabled, Tumblr-ready themes. In case you purchase the Custom Design upgrade, you are also allowed to edit your new blog’s fonts, colors, and even your CSS if you choose.

  • Post to your blog by email

You just need to create an email address for your blog within your dashboard to post by email and then, you are able to get started right away.

  • Insert audio into your blog

MP3 files can be added to your blog by in a number of ways; using SoundCloud player, a handy shortcode, or alternatively, to upload an audio file to the media library you can grab the Space Upgrade, included in the Premium and Business plans.

  • Insert videos into your blog

Currently, we do support inserting videos from a wide range of sources such as YouTube, Ted, Mideo, Flickr, and so more. On top of that, you are able to get the VideoPress feature, which is included in the Premium and Business plans, which could enable you to get your own videos uploaded right to your blog.

  • Embed or upload other types of file does support a multitude of file types. Moreover, you are allowed to embed documents within your posts using a service like Scribd.


Above is the instruction to support you to import from Tumblr to WordPress properly. There is no doubt that Tumblr is a wonderful platform for you to gain more benefits. However, moving it to WordPress must be a great way to take your blog to the next level!