22+ Best Wordpress coupon Themes 2020

Are you looking for Wordpress coupon Themes? You are in the right place! 22+ Best Wordpress coupon Themes have been reviewed and manually picked up by our Avada Commerce team from website, marketplace such as: Themeforest, Wordpress Themes or TemplateMonster. coupon Themes have been collected based on the following criteria: number of sales, reviews, ratings and social metrics. The best coupon themes collection is ranked and updated in August 2020.

coupon Themes for Wordpress

rehub coupon theme by Sizam

rehub Wordpress coupon theme by Sizam

Theme features

  • 40 custom Elementor modules and page control
  • Dynamic products comparison for multi category sites
  • Build an active social community with submit option
  • Smart business directory
  • Price or product comparison theme with dynamic price updates

REHub, designed by Sizam, is a beautiful, modern and clean multipurpose hybrid theme, which covers hundreds of Business models for your profitable websites. With the theme’s 40 custom Elementor modules and page control, it is up to you to choose whether to configure and use each part separately, or combine them all in one website.

The theme also features a Social Community section, allows you to build an online community of followers, creating more buzz and driving traffic to your website at ease. This section comes with a Submit option, where users could leave their comments and testimonials.

With REHub’s unique seo instruments, its advanced functions are high quality and could not be found in other themes. Some of them include: Smart business Directory, Dynamic price updates, Dynamic Product comparisons for multi category sites, Deal sites and communities, and so on.

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Hotel WordPress Theme coupon theme by Goodlayers

Hotel WordPress Theme Wordpress coupon theme by Goodlayers

Theme features

  • Customize the unique sliders
  • Create desired layouts
  • Provide awesome Widgetized Search
  • Support to create blog style
  • Load AJAX to make the amazing effects

Reservation service is demanding in this modern world, which means that the online system should be invested to attract the customers coming to their shops. Online sellers are the ones who need to understand about their shops. If they want to make differences, this Hotel Master theme is all a shop need. This Booking WordPress Theme includes the best hotel, hostel, resort, apartment, etc that all the customers will be satisfied. For any online sellers, it is essential for them to install their shops with the best features from this theme.

The reason why the Hotel WordPress Theme is trusted by thousands of users is the highlight features. One of the most effective features from this theme is a unique slider that the store owners can customize. Moreover, they enable making their websites more beautiful with their desired layouts. In addition, this theme also provides an awesome Widgetized Search which allows the users to manage and find any items within a minute. It can create the Coupons in the admin panels so that the customers are attracted to the shops.

With updated V3.0, this GoodLayers theme brings the online merchants additional functionalities. For example, their stores will be compatible with all the browses and any screens. Especially the new technology like iCal which allows the users to sync booking with other partners such as Air BnB, VRBO, HomeAway.

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Superlist coupon theme by Aviators

Superlist Wordpress coupon theme by Aviators

Theme features

  • Allows the users to publish their listings
  • Create Flags/Report easily
  • Provide stripe payments
  • Support advanced Statistics
  • Cover Video and Image

After many years working in the online market, the aviator’s team has developed the Superlist theme which was known as the effective tool for the users to boost the customer’s satisfaction. As a result of the high-tech and updated template, the store owners will have the best website to increase their trust and revenue. Moreover, this theme is working perfectly in WordPress so that the online merchants just need a click to install this theme without any coding requirement. In addition, this is also considered as a directory solution for payment issues.

In these several years, the Superlist has been used by thousands of people because of their effective features. With this theme, it is possible for the store owners to public their listings. Moreover, they can create flags or reports. In addition, this theme also supports advanced statistic. Especially, the visitors will be covered with all types of data such as video, or images. There are multiple plugins in this theme such as Boxes, Claims, Coupons, Currencies, etc.

Such as a strong tool, this theme allows the users to access to front end dashboard. In addition, this theme is essential for the WordPress admins to manage all activities in the stores such as listings, the transactions, print invoices, etc.

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couponxl coupon theme by Pebas

couponxl Wordpress coupon theme by Pebas

Theme features

  • Different types of coupons
  • Allow all members to advertise products, submit offers,...
  • Random code generator on purchase
  • Ajax prediction search for better customer experience
  • Profile dashboard for members to track their deals and coupons

CouponXL, designed by Pebas, is one of the most complete WordPress theme specialized in helping you selling coupons, deals and discounts online. Also, the theme is optimized with perfect performance for affiliate websites.

Not only is the theme fully responsive on all types of device, SEO optimized, using the latest web technology with Bootstrap framework, offering clean code and super fast loading speed, CouponXL also provides beautiful premium PSD design for coupons, discount and deals.

Some of its other outstanding features include: Different types of coupons, Allow all members to advertise products, submit offers, Random code generator on purchase, Ajax prediction search for better customer experience, and Profile dashboard for members to track their deals and coupons.

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KUPON coupon theme by Marketing-automation

KUPON Wordpress coupon theme by Marketing-automation

Theme features

  • Provide wide range of sales coutdown
  • Include Visual CSS Style Editor
  • Implement custom widgets via Visual Composer
  • Support all the payment gateways in WooCommerce
  • Increase conversion with Facebook Live Chat

The online sellers totally enable increasing their benefit with the super helpful theme called KUPON. This WordPress Coupon Theme is the best tool for multiple purposed stores to maximize their sales with effective features. For the online sellers, the coupons are the best motivation for them to make the final decision to buy an item. This KUPON theme creates deals and coupons easily without any codes. Therefore, it is easy for the users to solve the problems with customer’s satisfaction.

The WooCommerce online sellers can be supported with the highest quality features. The store owners create with a wide range of sales countdown. Including Visual CSS Style Editor, it is easy for the users to make their website more stunning. With Visual Composer, they also enable implementing a custom widget. This theme allows the store owners to make the transition through all the types of payment gateways. Especially, Facebook Live Chat will be an effective tool to increase the conversion of any online shops.

To create more competitive advantages, this theme also provides many additional features. One of the best functionalities of this theme is manual refunds for failed deals without any paid plugins. Moreover, the classic style with physical products or downloadable products will be one of the options for WooCommerce users. Last but not least, the store owners can use PDF Vouchers such as gift certificates shop.

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Couponer coupon theme by Pebas

Couponer  Wordpress coupon theme by Pebas

Theme features

  • Submit Coupons and Discounts
  • Bring Coupon Categories Search
  • Provide AJAX Search
  • Support WPML and Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Optimize SEO

Couponer WP is a useful theme for any store owners who want to increase the revenue and the customer’s satisfaction. All the Coupons & Discounts that are created by this theme as the most effective motivation. Considered as perfect layouts for multiple-purpose stores, this theme can make them beautiful and stunning. In addition, users can utilize this highly customizable and unlimited color options to optimize their background.

With this theme, it is easy for online sellers to submit their coupons and discounts without many efforts. Furthermore, it provides AJAX Search which allows the users to the user-friendly and interactive searches. All the categories of this theme will be divided so that the users, as well as shoppers, enable searching their expected products. Besides, this theme includes a Retina Ready functionality to create their own shops. Based on Bootstrap v3.1.1 and the latest WP version, the store owners to utilize this theme. All these functionalities of this theme, the users can optimize the SEO which drives their site rankings.

By the Unlimited Colors, the online merchants are brought with multiple and various templates for any shops. In addition, this theme also supports users with MailChimp Integration and WPML which boost their sales effectively.

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Couponize coupon theme by Finaldestiny

Couponize Wordpress coupon theme by Finaldestiny

Theme features

  • Provide the Foundation Framework
  • Customize filtering options
  • Compatible with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Support advanced theme options panel
  • Bring clean and modern interface

Understanding the importance of coupons and deals on the shopping experience, the FinalDestiny theme supplier has built an effective tool to utilize the deals to boost their sales. This theme is called as Couponize which is a responsive WordPress template for multiple stores. This tool allows users to create unlimited coupons as well as promo codes. Besides, it is possible for the store owners to have a responsive appearance to make all their items perfectly on both desktops and mobile phones.

The Couponize comes with a bulk of highlight features. Firstly, it is easy for the store owners to contribute professional sites with a custom design. They can choose any types of buttons, text, text with a border for their discounts. Therefore, the store owners can make a clean and modern interface for their websites. Secondly, this WordPress theme is an advanced options panel so the users to effectively manage their multiple shops on an admin page. Moreover, it also provides the Foundation Framework to make their coupons more professional and trustful.

Besides, this theme also offers users with multiple features, for example, they can sort out any coupons and discounts. They can find the products according to their published date, expiration date, or the GD ratings. In addition, this theme also allows users to manage their shops in updated browsers to optimize their speed.

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CouponXxL coupon theme by Pebas

CouponXxL Wordpress coupon theme by Pebas

Theme features

  • Offer Flexible Creadit System
  • Smart Search Optimization
  • Worldwide Payment Methods Provided
  • Combine with free WP All Import plugin
  • Easy location search for visitors

CouponXxL - the most complete WordPress theme on the market for deals and coupons websites, is absolutely a self-hosted solution to start a business simply just by selling discounts.

For starters, this Coupon Xxl theme provides you with its credits and buying credits options which will help you submit deals and coupons as they are unique and awesome credits feature on any coupon websites. Plus, CouponXxL is a perfect place for the Smart Search Optimization as when you start typing your text in the search bar, consequently, all desired discounts and stores will appear in a second. Additionally, some of the most worldwide payment methods like Paypal, Skrill, Stripe, PayU and also wire/bank transfer are all included in CouponXxL for you. Consequently, you are able to pay out all the earnings to your customers with just one simple click. Moreover, only by typing or marker select on the map that you can show your visitors their wanted location while searching. They also can have a quick look to deals directly on the map.

On the whole, no matter it is local or global, CouponXxL is the perfect theme for any kind of coupon, deals & discounts related site. So what are you waiting for? Just make your process easier by choosing this CouponXxL theme!

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Rigid coupon theme by Althemist

Rigid Wordpress coupon theme by Althemist

Theme features

  • Provide vendor dashboard
  • Bring Quick View/Buy and Products
  • Provide Built-in Mege menu system
  • Support to AJAX infinite load
  • Optimize the speed of loading page

The shoppers want to have discount for even the smallest items; therefore, online merchants should consider more about these motivators. Creating a coupon or discount will be extremely easy for the users with this Rigid theme. This theme is the best choice for e-commerce shops because of its updated technology and outstanding features.

For multi-vendor shops, this theme supports the users with the vendor dashboard on the marketplace. Moreover, it will be easy for the visitors to watch their expected products by Quick View/Buy and Products. In addition, the Built-in Mega menu system is an effective tool for the store owners to manage their inventory as well as their orders. For the customers, this theme is strongly suggested because it optimizes the speed of loading page, therefore they can save a lot of time to track their items.

Whenever the visitors coming to the stores, they will impress with the stores because this Rigid provides the users with a responsive and savvy website. Furthermore, this theme also supports online sellers with Google Rich Snippets and Google Fonts. Last but not least, the custom Next/Previous is a helpful functionality for the customers when they are going shopping in the shops.

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Couponis coupon theme by Spoonthemes

Couponis Wordpress coupon theme by Spoonthemes

Theme features

  • Import coupons using XML/CSV files
  • Encourange smart search
  • Provide visual Drag and Drop Builder
  • Support 3 types of coupons
  • Schedule for coupons

Coupons are one of the most effective motivations for any online sellers to encourage their customers to make the final buying decisions as well as come back to their shops. The spoonthemes theme supplier understood this so that they created the Couponis theme. This theme has developed with the most useful features and updated technology. The Couponis theme will provide users with motivated coupons to boost their sales. Moreover, by this affiliate WordPress tool, it is possible for the store owners to manage all their multiple-purposed shop without a lot of efforts.

Supported by the outstanding features, the shop owners are easy to submit any data as well as import it via XML/CSV files. Furthermore, this helpful affiliate network does not slow down the loading speed of the page so the visitors will impress with the efficiency of the store. The users can import different coupons among three types such as online codes, sales coupons or printable ones by WP All Import plugin with a click. Especially, they can set the schedule for these coupons to apply in their stores. In addition, the smart search which can save a lot of time for the customers to find out their expected products.

Besides, this Couponis also supports the users to optimize SEO which increases their sales and ranking effectively. Last but not least, social sharing functionalities will boost the customer’s loyalty and recognition.

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Friday coupon theme by Codastroid

Friday Wordpress coupon theme by Codastroid

Theme features

  • SEO Optimized
  • 80 Page Template Provided
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Built on Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons online

Friday, a responsive and versatile website, which is also an eCommerce site template enables storing coupons and promo codes from various brands and create stores for deals, discounts. There is always a privilege for you to use this as a coupon website and also an online store, for example, groupon.com. Friday is absolutely a user-friendly responsive navigation, along with a huge amount of features to help you create your own website as unique as you want.

For starters, Friday template comes up with an outlook of a template that you need for creating your website or store. Not only comes along with its professional appearance, Friday but also provides you 80 page templates, which is not a small number, to choose the one suits you the most. Also, Friday is a SEO Optimized theme. With that feature, you are able to save your time of working on your site, keep and build up SEO optimization, and let you show multiple content formats. Also, Friday is based on Bootstrap 3 framewoek, one of the latest WP version, the store owners to utilize this theme. What is more, you are such a lucky person to get the Clean & Commented Code feature, the Flexible Layout, the Specialization for selling deals, discounts, and coupons online, and so many more features on Friday that are waiting for you.

I believe that all these features will amaze your clients and users, even though they are not all that Friday can do for you. So don’t be hesitated to make your choice of buying it.

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TopDeal coupon theme by Magentech

TopDeal Wordpress coupon theme by Magentech

Theme features

  • Multi-vendor Supported
  • Offer Easy Customization
  • Powerful Premium plugins Integrated
  • Unlimited Combinations of easy-to-use shortcodes
  • WooCommerce Integrated

TopDeal is absolutely an eCommerce WordPress theme, which is developed for a versatile online store, especially for a multi-vendor or marketplace website. Not only that you can have your site in just a few minutes with a few clicks of the new One Click Demo Import just like the demos, but also you can utilize all the most useful features for your sites.

First of all, TopDeal will bring you a wide range of customizable options for your site like the Visual page builder ready, the Megamenu ready, the Powerful theme options with a bundle of changes for Logo, Color, Shop, Typography and more… Also, there are many powerful Premium plugins Integrated on this theme, including the Revolution Slider for creating beautiful and smooth sliders, the Visual Composer for allowing users to add Drag and Drop elements to create page/post in the easiest ways… and some other amazing plugins. Additionally, TopDeal is absolutely a truely WooCommerce Integrated theme as it helps you build your shop with ease with the AJAX shopping cart, the variation swatches, and photos to present your products in a better ways and so on.

Furthermore, there are still so many incredible features waiting for you ahead to explore. Significantly, TopDeal provides you its Unlimited Combinations of easy-to-use shortcodes, the Multi-vendor Supported, Primary Menu location, Widget sidebars and more… Lastly, just buy the theme today, and you will get all updates and supports in the future!

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Blurb coupon theme by Themeim

Blurb Wordpress coupon theme by Themeim

Theme features

  • Custom and beautiful megamenu design
  • Allows the users to add customer review pages with a tab option
  • Provide product comparision pages
  • Contribute stunning website with multiple layouts
  • Support more than 30 HTML files

Price is one of the most important factors that highly influence the customer’s buying decisions. To succeed in the online market, it is essential for the online merchants to understand all these theories as well as know about competitor’s price strategies. The themein vendor is the partner for online sellers because it provides an effective solution called Blurb Wordpress theme. This theme is known as not only an Affiliate Website but also Price Comparison. Blurb theme is suitable for any online stores in the market.

With the best features for online shopping experiences, this Blurb theme will make their customer’s shops outstanding. Firstly, by custom and beautiful megamenu design, the users can customize their own shop without many efforts. Secondly, this theme also allows shoppers to leave their reviews with a tab option. ESpecially, the product comparison pages will be an effective tool for the users to choose the best strategies. Furthermore, there are more than 30 HTML files that the users can choose to maximize their sales.

Besides, such the best Product review and comparison, Blurb them will help the users with other multiple functionalities such as Multivendor Store and Social Sharing. Last but not least, 4 home pages with multiple layouts and designs will make their shops attractive on the marketplace.

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Lava coupon theme by Theme-spirit

Lava Wordpress coupon theme by Theme-spirit

Theme features

  • Customize and unlimited colors
  • Include Master Slider
  • Allow the users with RTL Support and Traslation Ready
  • Support Event Calendar
  • Provide Drag and Drop builder

Rental services are now very popular as one of the best industry in the world. The vacation with the high and reasonable hotel, a hostel or vacation room/apartment is the expectation of the customers. Theme-Spirit vendor developed multiple themes in the Wordpress marketplace. One of the best theme for rental services is the Lava theme. It is such as an effective hotel WordPress theme to display the services and attract more customers.

The Lava theme is a highly customizable and premium theme, which is the reason why the customers are easy to create their beautiful websites. In addition, there are a lot of helpful features to make their shops successful in WordPress. Besides, with the integration with Hotel Booking system, the store owners can manage all the data from room listings, customer bookings to room payments. With stunning and modern performance, online sellers can contribute a powerful tool to create eye-catching sites with unlimited colors. Furthermore, the users are supported by the Event Calendar so they can add their private events to receive the notifications easily.

Besides, the users also enable utilizing the Google Web Fonts and Drag and Drop builder to make amazing websites. Last but not least, this Lava allows the users to organize their products effectively with Mega Menu and Sticky Header & Sidebar.

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Froday coupon theme by Kibtheme

Froday Wordpress coupon theme by Kibtheme

Theme features

  • Revolution Slider Integrated
  • WPBakery Page Builder Supported
  • WooCommerce plugin Included
  • Unlimited Icons Provided
  • Translation Ready Available

Froday, which is a multi-purpose, easy-to-use and also a fully responsive WordPress coupon theme, enables you to share as well as promote different kinds of promotions. Both users and website owners are offered by the coupon website template while allowing the copy of coupon codes with just a single click.

In case you are looking for the best coupon theme for your business, then take a look here because this theme will deal with your task. For starters, this WordPress theme is able to offer you a lot of convenient privilege such as Revolution Slider to promote specific deals when you highlight them, or WPBakery Page Builder to customize your website in an easy way. For your business, this Froday theme also includes WooCommerce plugin for quick sale solutions. Plus, the translation of the website into other different languages is just a piece of cake on Froday because WPML is included in our WordPress deals theme.

Moreover, there are so many more features offered with this theme like the Compatible with RTL, the Google Web Fonts, the One-click theme update, along with a professional and dedicated support team for your all questions regarding our theme. So have yourself a try for this versatile Coupons, Deals, Discounts & Promo Codes WordPress Theme and we will handle the rest.

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comre coupon theme by Wpmine

comre Wordpress coupon theme by Wpmine

Theme features

  • Wide variety of page templates
  • SEO-optimized
  • Include visual composer (page builder)
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Revolution slider

Comre, designed by wpmine, is the perfect WordPress theme if you are looking to build a website for deals, coupons and promotion codes. The theme comes with a shop that offers online premium coupons. This online shop is integrated with Woocommerce, one of the most popular and flexible eCommerce plugins.

Comre, with its beautiful, clean and responsive interface, comes with two different homepage layouts. The theme includes the two premium WordPress plugins free of charge, which are the Revolution Slider (worth $19) and the Visual Composer plugins (worth $30). In addition, the theme also allows you to publish public form for users to submit their coupons. These submitted coupons will be put through a review process and approved by administrators.

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doo coupon theme by Marketing-automation

doo Wordpress coupon theme by Marketing-automation

Theme features

  • Offer front-end submission and editing
  • Provide you with a custom field, search form
  • Allow you to use field-able item layouts
  • Let you create a contact form with the listing owner
  • Allow users to filter by distance and geolocation

Created by marketing-automation, doo is known as a great Wordpress affiliate marketing theme but it also has all abilities as a multipurpose directory and listing template. You can take advantage of its wonderful features to create an amazing website.

First of all, doo offers front-end submission and editing, which is super beneficial for both you and your customers. They can easily enter their information in the submission and edit that with a few clicks. Secondly, this theme provides you with a custom field, custom search form and custom sorting also. You can customize them to meet your requirement effortlessly and fastly. Furthermore, it allows you to use field-able item layouts so that your clients can simply look for the products they expect according to each field. Beneficially, they can also filter by distance and geolocation. Thirdly, doo lets you create a contact form with the listing owner.

Last but not least, there are lots of other helpful widgets such as a wide range of payment gateways, e-mail notifications, Google maps, textual vouchers generation, voucher check/redeem form and dedicated support.

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Sunway coupon theme by Freevision

Sunway  Wordpress coupon theme by Freevision

Theme features

  • Provide rooms rate's variation
  • Easily careate eye-catching pages
  • Enable adding taxes and additional fees
  • Support both online and offline payment
  • Manage seasonal pricing and rate effectively

Such an effective theme for any types of stores from the renting chalet, cabin, inn, hotels, etc, this Sunway is an essential tool for the online sellers to maximize their sales and customer’s satisfaction. To achieve their success, the freevision vendor provides the shop owners with updated technology and outstanding functionalities. Sunway theme can help the users to build a helpful rental website with simple steps after one-click installation.

This WordPress theme fully suits all the needs of any store owners because of these highlight features. Firstly, Sunway provides the rooms rate’s variation which allows the customers to leave their comments on the sites. Moreover, the online sellers enable building a beautiful and neat site on their own. Sunway also allows the users to add the taxes and fees into their prices. With Sunway, it is possible for them to manage seasonal pricing and rate effectively. Especially, this theme also supports both online and offline payment so the shoppers can buy their favorite items more easily.

Thanks to the integration of off-the-shelf property management and WordPress, this theme is effective for the store owners to manage the multiple-purposed shop within an admin page. Performing with beautiful galleries, this theme will impress the shoppers with the best images.

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CouponSeek coupon theme by Subsolar

CouponSeek Wordpress coupon theme by Subsolar

Theme features

  • Customize meta boxes
  • Set the expiration date of the deals
  • Provide awesome Widgetized Search
  • Support WC Vendors
  • Track the deals in purchasing and inventory

There are millions of online stores in a market as Wordpress, which is the reason why the store owners should make the differences by installing their shops with an effective tool. The CouponSeek theme is the solution for all problems. In additional, this tool is trendy and modern so that the online sellers can build a attractive layout. Moreover, by the experts of subsolar vendor, the shoppers will be satisfied with all the shops activities.

By the outstanding features from this theme, it is possible for the shop owners to mage all their stores wihtin a admin pannels. In addiition, the custom meta boxes which boost the sales and the performances. The store owners also can search their expected products with the awesome Widgetized Search. Furthermore, the theme supports the WC vendors commissions, whcich the users can angrranged all their products within a click.

WC vendors developed this theme with additional features such as that the users can change vendors with commissions. Especially, they can use the motvation to boost the sales by provide coupons motivators. With the generate multiple coupon codes, they enables CouponSeek supports the paid WooCommerce PDF Vouchers plugin. It gives you the option to and create gift certificates.

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ClipMyDeals coupon theme by Clipmydeals

ClipMyDeals Wordpress coupon theme by Clipmydeals

Theme features

  • Let you bulk upload Cashback Transactions & Manage Payouts
  • Allow you to customize the theme
  • Enable you to post to social networks from Admin Area
  • Include Visual Composer and Elementor Page builder
  • Offer 3 homepage styles and 22 preset color combinations

ClipMyDeals is considered as one of the most flexible and professional Wordpress Coupon themes. With this theme, you can make use of its powerful features to build a gorgeous website on your own.

First of all, ClipMyDeals lets you bulk upload Cashback Transactions & Manage Payouts. Secondly, you can feel free to customize the theme, especially its appearance. Thanks to this widget, your website created will match your preference perfectly. Especially, ClipMyDeals enables you to post to social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter from Admin Area. Hence, a large number of visitors from social networks can be driven to your website. Thirdly, this theme includes many effective and popular plugins like Visual Composer and Elementor Page builder which makes it easy for you to create attractive and cool pages. Besides, it offers 3 homepage styles and 22 preset color combinations so that you can pick the most pretty ones for your website.

In short, there are lots of helpful widgets integrated into ClipMyDeals. Let get it to improve your experience.

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Geodeo coupon theme by Premiumlayers

Geodeo Wordpress coupon theme by Premiumlayers

Theme features

  • Page Builder Included
  • Provide wide range of customizable options
  • Compatible with Contact form 7
  • Translation ready
  • Compatible with a lot of plugins

GeoDeo is a minimal, modern and clean Wordpress theme that is specially designed by PremiumLayers for Coupon, Deals and affiliate Websites. Apart from being a clean responsive Wordpress theme, GeoDeo also comes with some of its incredible features below.

First of all, GeoDeo can provide you with a lot of customization options just for you so that you can create the pages with Unlimited Color Options with Backend Color Picker for any kind of gorgeous color settings and especially without touching any files or code. Additionally, Geodeo has a complete system managing deals and coupons along with its Frontend Coupons submission option, Woocommerce store, and Custom Stores and more. All the features above are based on the compatible platform with MyCryd, WPML, Visual Composer, Woocommerce, Social Login, Ultimate Members Pretty Link and more. Also, the integration with Contact form 7 helps you to contact your visitors easily from your sites to create more connections.

In case your business needs a multi-language site, the Wordpress Multilingual Plugin is there for you. In case you need some unique sidebars for each page, there are also unlimited sidebars available for you. On the whole, you can have literally everything necessary for your coupon websites on GeoDeo!

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Max Coupons coupon theme by Premiumlayers

Max Coupons Wordpress coupon theme by Premiumlayers

Theme features

  • Customize revolution sliders
  • Bring powerful admin panel
  • Provide Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Support WPML
  • Load AJAX to make the amazing effects

The shoppers always want to have a discount whenever they buy an item in a store. That is the reason why Premium Layers developed this app. This theme is considered as a unique WordPress theme because it provides a custom revolution slider. With this theme, it is easy for the store owners to create differentiate site compare to their competitors. In addition, by Premium Layers technology, this theme is a powerful tool for users to maximize their sales by creating many types of coupons.

One of the strongest features of this theme is good-looking layouts, which contribute to the best customer’s shopping experiences. There is a Drag and Drop Page Builder that allows the store owners to customize their product’s images to make their shops more and more stunning. Moreover, this theme also supports WPML. Loading the AJAX is also one of the highlight features of this theme so that online merchants can make amazing effects to impress visitors. Especially, this theme can help the users to manage the multiple-purpose stores within a powerful admin panel.

This theme helps the users not only build a beautiful website but also create multiple tools to encourage customers to buy more items in the shops. Besides, Max Coupons brings the ready translation for any shops, which means that the store owners can expand their business whole around the world.

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How Avada Commerce ranks 22 Wordpress coupon themes

These 22 coupon themes for Wordpress are ranked based on following criterias:

  • Theme rating review on Themeforest, Wordpress Themes Marketplace, Templatemonster, MOJO Marketplace and more.
  • Themes' reviews and ratings.
  • The theme's design.
  • The vendor's reputation on social networks, and search engine ranking.
  • Social networks metrics such as Facebook, Twititer, Google+.
  • Avada experts' reviews

Top 22+ Wordpress coupon Themes / Templates

Thank to every theme vendor that has made the 22+ best Wordpress coupon themes/templates list! This is the most comprehensive list of best coupon on the internet and we are honoured to have you as part of this!

We would like to give the best commendation for all of vendors who have done the number one of coupon brief! It is appreciated to be the most awesome and exhaustive result from searching on Google. We are pretty proud of your appearance of this task. Many thanks for your benefaction to our lives!

If you want to add or remove an item in the coupon list, feel free to contact us at Contact us

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