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Blogger 301 redirect

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Highlight features

The plugin - Blogger 301 Redirect has nailed its job well to be an excellent all-in-one Blogger to WordPress redirection plugin. The purpose of this plugin is to support you to map post after migration from blogger blog to WordPress self-hosted blog. And not only posts, but you can also redirect other types of elements on WordPress.

Go more in detail, there will be an advanced search tool that enables you to redirect the link when you did not use the blogger import plugin to import your blog posts. Plus, it’s your privilege to redirect from Blogger Post feeds to WordPress feeds, from Blogger Comment feeds to WordPress feeds, and also from Blogger archives pages to WordPress. Additionally, the displayed statistic of successful redirection is also available as it is supported by this plugin. Even more, both custom domains, as well as domain names, are available to be utilized by you on the Blogger 301 Redirect plugin.

In conclusion, this Blogger 301 Redirect plugin is really helpful in remaining the traffic of your blog while redirecting them to appropriate WordPress blog posts, especially SEO after migration. Hit the Download button to get to know more clearly about using experience.