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Attachment pages redirect

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Have you noticed that whenever you upload a file to the WordPress media library, for example, an image, WordPress creates a separate media attachment page for each one of these files? Then, these Attachment Pages Redirect plugin is here to help you to get out of these problems.

First of all, there will be a visitor lands on an attachment page, and the parent post is always available on this plugin, so as to let the 301 redirect to redirect the visitor to the parent post after it was issued. When the parent post was already deleted from trash, there will be a visitor that lands on an attachment page as a 302 redirect is issued to the home page. Additionally, when a visitor lands on an attachment page and the parent post is in the trash, it will return a 404 error code to prevent endless redirection loop in old WP releases and redirecting to trashed/not available posts, but for being available for the visitor.

As can be clearly seen, being redirected from WordPress attachment pages to the page where the file is attached is the ideal solution for this problem and Attachment Pages Redirect is a great choice. Come to our plugin and you will be regret!