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All in one redirection

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The All In One Redirection plugin is considered to be the best way to indicate the page that has Permanently/Temporary moved to a new location.

First of all, this plugin works best while setting up 301 redirects in 1:1 relationship in WordPress. Especially, when the URLs of your posts and pages is changed or you move your website from one domain to another, the redirects will be passed along to them to manage their page rank. Furthermore, it’s your privilege to manage redirection list with Access Date, Source URL, Referrer, Access IP and Hits. Additionally, it can keep tracking of 404 pages from the website and redirect on relevant pages for you with the Action tab. Bulk Import/Export in CSV format of redirection list available in the plugin menu. Then, you can easily find the number of Hits in redirection links from your site. Or even the options to hide the URL redirection and to exclude URL from the redirection list are also available on All In One Redirection.

That’s not all, there are still multiple actions that you can do to this All In One Redirection plugin, namely, the entire website redirected on another website and Multiple Update or delete option, etc.