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Advanced 301 and 302 redirect

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The Advanced 301 and 302 Redirect plugin was designed as a support for those who want to redirect 404 error pages into different pages using 301 redirects.

When you come to this plugin, it will keep your website more organized thanks to the free 301 and 302 redirects plugin. Also, you will be able to avoid 404 errors and make your site much better in terms of SEO. Plus, your redirects will be able to be organized by folders and subjects, and also kept count via the number of redirects for each redirect you create. For the affiliate link, you will be able to add an advertising platform name to make your redirects more organized and then select redirect query like exact match or contain request redirect.

In conclusion, this plugin is such an incredible tool for people doing affiliate because they can create custom links and redirect them with 302 redirects at any time. If you find this plugin helpful, just feel free to hit the Download button. And if you get give it a positive review in the comment section below, we will appreciate that.