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404 to 301

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Highlight features

The 404 to 301 plugin is gonna be a simple and great tool that helps you fix Page not found errors, which are really common and annoying, even the Search engines can be done the same.

When your website SEO is affected badly by the 404 errors, this plugin will be a solution for fixing it that comes to your website. In contrast, you can even increase your SEO by telling Google that all 404 pages are moved to some other page. Specifically, it will redirect all 404 errors to any page that you set, using 301 status, there will be no more errors for your site, even in Google webmaster tools that are safe for you. Additionally, in case you find the instant email alerts annoyingly, it will replace by sending you hourly, twice daily, daily, twice weekly, weekly alerts. Even more, the plugin itself will not irritate your visitors if they land on a non-existing page/URL. All will be made to suit you the best.

Hence, just install this amazing 404 to 301 plugin, then sit back and relax. It will handle all the 404 errors for you.