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30+ Best Shopify Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution Apps in 2023

30+ Best Shopify Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution Apps from hundreds of the Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution app collection is ranked and result in January 3, 2023, the price from $0. You find free, paid Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution apps or alternatives to Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
Shipping Insights CalculatorShipping Insights CalculatorFree
OCS Worldwide (UK)OCS Worldwide (UK)Free
Multi Carrier Shipping Label AppMulti Carrier Shipping Label AppPaid plan starts at $9 per month along with 14-day free trial
ShippoShippoStart from $0/month
ShipStationShipStationFrom $9/month. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
ShippingEasyShippingEasyFree plan available. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Easyship ‑ All in one shippingEasyship ‑ All in one shippingFree to install. External Charges may apply.
ParcelifyParcelify$7.99/month. 30-day free trial.
Shipping Rates Calculator PlusShipping Rates Calculator Plus$6.99/month. 15-day free trial.
Shipway ‑ Shipment TrackingShipway ‑ Shipment TrackingFrom $50/year. 5-day free trial.

#1 Shipping Insights Calculator by Unchained Logistics

Shipping Insights Calculator

With Shipping Insights Calculator powered by Unchained Logistics, you not only get your calculating work reduced, but can also know how to save money on shipping. Shipping Insights Calculator does its work exactly as a calculator by receiving your store's information and calculating your shipment insights along with your future monthly cost to give you the best advice to adjust the cost. It will even forecast the scenarios where your store has multiple warehouses to estimate on how much you can save by distributing your warehouses. As a comparison system, Shipping Insights Calculator will be your foreteller by estimating the shipping cost you will have to pay when using different shipping services. By calculating and estimating everything about the shipping cost, Shipping Insights Calculator will tell you what to expect when it comes to potential savings. Install Shipping Insights Calculator now and get your works done for free.

Features Highlights

  • Do shipment insights calculating
  • Forecast multiple warehouse scenarios
  • Calculate future monthly costs
  • Estimate shipping cost across various shipping services
  • Calculate potential savings
Price: Free
Rating: 0 / 5

#2 OCS Worldwide (UK) by OCS Worldwide (UK)

OCS Worldwide (UK)

If you are an online shop owner with a wide variety of products, you might find OCS Worldwide (UK), a delivery application produced by OCS Worldwide (UK) very helpful to use. It will provide you with the access to all of the OCS EcHo's shipping services so that you can feel free to choose ones that you would like to use. With OCS Worldwide (UK), you are able to assign orders to the chosen shipping services and print the shipping labels easily. Right after placing an order, you will be provided back your order's tracking details so that you do not have to search or track for anything yourself. The delivery provided can be used for e-commerce parcels that weighing up to 30 Kilos and based on the product's value, you can choose the delivery service level that has the best match, which is convenient to deliver every type of product imaginable. And the surprising thing is that, the app is for free! Install OCS Worldwide (UK) for your services.

Features Highlights

  • Provide access to OCS EcHo shipping services
  • Allow to assign orders and print shipping labels
  • EcHo tracking details provided
  • Provides delivery for e-commerce parcels weighing up to 30 Kilos
  • Allow to access the best-in-class delivery options
Price: Free
Rating: 0 / 5

#3 Multi Carrier Shipping Label App by PluginHive

Multi Carrier Shipping Label App

Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App by PluginHive is a complete shipping solution that enables you to display real-time shipping rates at checkout/cart, print labels in a single click & track orders easily right within the Shopify dashboard. The app is officially certified by global carriers like UPS & FedEx.This Shopify app is a one-stop shipping solution for all Shopify merchants. They can set up different shipping rules based on criteria like shipping zones, shipping class, product weight, dimensions & quantity, and finally achieve complex shipping requirements within one dashboard. Merchants can configure product packing using different packaging methods available in the app. The app easily connects with all the top carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post, & many more just you need to have your own carrier account.

Features Highlights

  • Set up complex shipping rules
  • Supports 50+ Shipping carriers
  • Supports domestic and international shipments
  • Fetch accurate shipping costs
  • Generate manifests and also schedule carrier pick-ups
  • Supports return shipments.
Price: Paid plan starts at $9 per month along with 14-day free trial
Rating: 4.6 / 5

#4 Shippo by Shippo


Shippo developed by Shippo is an easy and a cheap shipping to get your orders live within 5 minutes. You can have print labels, shipping rates discounts and send the tracking information to your customers. No matter how big your business is, you can have better shipping rate and chances to access to Commercial Plus Pricing. Besides, Shippo can save about 29% on the FedEx shipping services and contact with over 50 carriers in the world. Additionally, the app provides you with transparent tracking and a good post-buying experience. This means that synchronizing package information and emailing your customers tracking information are totally automatic. You can also add your colors, brands, or logo to the tracking pages, packing skips or shipping emails, etc. Thanks to some outstanding automated features such as importing orders from the Shopify store or several storefronts like Amazon, Magento… or getting insurance for premium shipments, etc., Shippo can aid in saving your time. With powerful customer supports from the app, you can start using the app right now. Don’t worry that if you really need help, the app team is available to hear from you.

Features Highlights

  • Require no monthly fees
  • Get discounted shipping rates and connect with multiple carrier services
  • Provide automated features to save time
  • Offer the transparent tracking information
  • Include the logo
  • brands and colors to the tracking pages or shipping emails
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4 / 5

#5 ShipStation by ShipStation


ShipStation run by ShipStation is here to help you import, manage and ship your orders. In fact, the app team can save about 30% on FedEx shipping service and make it easy for any small retailers to run free shipment, which is known as a useful way to compete with larger brands. ShipStation provides you with about 40 various shipping services, in the U.S.A, Australia, Canada or the U.K.to choose from. The working process of ShipStation is to integrate with more than 200 marketplaces, shopping carts, system integrators, integration tools, or fulfillment services. You can add your unlimited number of selling channels to the account. All you need to do is managing everything in just one place. In addition, ShipStation enables you to increase the working efficiency with batch processing and automation rules. Plus, you are allowed to infuse your own band into each element of the post buying experience. To sum up, whenever you sell and where never you ship, ShipStation can help you run your business smoothly and successfully.

Features Highlights

  • Be able to access to FedEx and USPS discounts
  • Boost up working efficiency by aggregating orders and automating orders process
  • Manage your orders in a single platform
  • Provide about 40 different carrier services
  • Reduce manual data entry
Price: From $9/month. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.1 / 5

#6 ShippingEasy by ShippingEasy


ShippingEasy developed by ShippingEasy is a leading shipping app for all business sizes. Basically, the app helps you save money and time on each shipped order. Every paid order can access to the commercial plus pricing and any free starter can reach commercial base pricing. The app enables you to connect and negotiate rates with FedEx or UPS. Additionally, you can synchronize, manage, process and print shipping labels for your orders in just a place. Your orders and inventory are well-managed with Inventory Management, including creating, sending, or updating purchasing orders or re-ordering low stock products. Another key feature of ShippingEasy is that it can improve your customer’s shipping experience by providing you with Robust shipping features by giving you multiple options for the customers like automating your emails of tracking information to the customers, saving customers information and their buying history in just one place. As you can see, your processing orders can be more accurate and fast to give you the capability to focus on what is important to your store this time. If you have any problem when using this app, the app team is available to support you.

Features Highlights

  • Manage your orders
  • automate shipment and notify your customers in a place
  • Provide you with best rates
  • Boost up orders and increase order value
  • Fulfill orders automatically to save time and money
  • Increase the customers' shopping experience
Price: Free plan available. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.6 / 5

#7 Easyship ‑ All in one shipping by Easyship

Easyship ‑ All in one shipping

Easyship, like its name, is a shipping app that can help reduce the shipping costs, sell worldwide, and boost up the conversation rates. Any merchant when using the app can access directly thousands of courier solutions, hence, you can save money and time. Easyship provides with simple shipping rules. For instance, you only need one account to connect with over 200 shipping solutions. In addition, you can synchronize your orders and print the labels in a single click. Orders are automatically updated as “fulfilled” with the tracking numbers as well as courier names. Easyship can offer ready-to-go documents. All docs including shipping labels, declarations, and customs invoices are automatically created and downloaded. It also guarantees the taxes and duty and requires no fee. You only need to pay for the shipping fee and versatile shipping options can enhance the conversion. Easyship can automate every shipment from the tracking numbers to packing. As you can see, the app is free and can give you a chance of negotiation with couriers to get the best deal for you as well.

Features Highlights

  • Get accessed to over 200 shipping solutions and shipping rates by only an account
  • Show all required taxes
  • courier fees and duties for each country
  • Boost up the conversion rate
  • Automate every shipment
  • Reduce the customers' complaints
Price: Free to install. External Charges may apply.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#8 Parcelify by Clever Few Corp


Parcelify developed by Clever Few Corp is widely used by many Shopify store owners to help generate the custom shipping rates. If any shipping rate problems happen, Parcelify can help you solve them. With Parcelify, you can get the shipping price your customers have to pay controlled by creating the customer rates according to the rules and filters. It can help identify the local shipping and flat rates based on the postal codes or set up the shipping rates for some specific products or products in groups. In fact, Parcelify is powerful and versatile since you can propose free shipping on the orders over USD 50 or if you want to increase the shipping rates because the order weight increases. However, you need to take note that the app can require you to access to the Real-Time Carrier Shipping. With 30 days of free-trial, you can give yourself a try. Don’t worry that you can cancel your account anytime if the app does not meet your expected requirement.

Features Highlights

  • Customize the shipping rules and control the shipping rates
  • Set up rules based on the location
  • Create custom rates for single product and products in groups
  • Increase the shipping rates
  • Deal with shipping rate problems easily
Price: $7.99/month. 30-day free trial.
Rating: 4.7 / 5

#9 Shipping Rates Calculator Plus by Code Black Belt

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Like its name, Shipping Rates Calculator Plus is a shipping rate calculator to display the shipping rates to the shopper. In fact, the app will show the shipping fee to the customers in the shopping cart, which can make your customers feel confident about the procession of check-out, then increasing your store’s usability. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus can find out the customers’ place using the IP database, then it will offer the Shopify API to receive many shipping options for that place. In addition, your customers can know the estimated deliver rated given by the carrier and you can see that the app is mobile-friendly to get its layout and size adapted to any mobile device. As any merchants, you can easily use this app since its calculator is installed with just a simple click with no configuration or zero maintenance. With the aim of putting the user’s satisfaction first, the app provides you with friendly expert support for any of your matter after installation.

Features Highlights

  • Reduce abandoned cart
  • Display and estimate the shipping cost to the customers to save time
  • Simply calculate the shipping rates with a single click
  • Customize the app's layout and size to match with every mobile device
  • Provide your customers with reasonable prices
Price: $6.99/month. 15-day free trial.
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#10 Shipway ‑ Shipment Tracking by Onjection Labs

Shipway ‑ Shipment Tracking

Shipway – Shipment tracking is another useful app to help track on your website by the tracking widget. With Shipway, you can inform your customers about the shipment that deliveries from all over the world. At the same time, you can reduce the customer demands; hence improving your experiences. As you might not know about, Shipway can get your customers notified about their delivery via email and SMS. In addition, your customers can track the status of their orders on your online website and Net Promoter Score can measure your customers’ happiness. There are other key features of Shipway, including tracking the airway bill number from many couriers in just one place or displaying the shipment status in details. These key features assist in reducing customers’ demand and enhance the post-purchasing experience for both you and your customers. Don’t forget that you can get support from multiple carriers about over 400 carriers. You can easily to install the app and extra fees can be applied.

Features Highlights

  • Custom Tracking Page & Shipment notifications - Shipway
  • Automate your shipment status and enhance the customers'experience
  • Customize every tracking Url with many options
  • Measure your customers' happiness
  • Nofity your customers about the shipment via email and SMS
  • Receive support from multiple couriers
Price: From $50/year. 5-day free trial.
Rating: 4.4 / 5

#11 Bespoke Shipping by MZL Solutions

Bespoke Shipping

Bespoke Shipping developed by MZL Solutions helps with many shipping problems and provides you with fully controlling your shipping rates depending on the destination and the customer’s carts. For example, you can sue many origin locations and generate wholesales or customer specific rates. In addition, Bespoke allows you to use the negotiated rates and create rates based on the time of day. If you want to order again the rates, don’t worry because the app can show your rate in certain orders. Also, you can estimate the shipping rates on the product page and receive the free shipping costs in case the customers have some special products in their carts. The app can provide some shipping rules to enable you not to require shipping fee for some items like drop-shipped items. In case you want to make changes in shipping rules, don’t hesitate to fix it to help fit your customers. In fact, Bespoke is made for DIY use, hence, the app can require managed end to the end of integration for your delivery needs. You can simply email to the app team to start and they will give you the scope of your requirements.

Features Highlights

  • Customize every shipping
  • Customize every order
  • Provide an integration with 3rd party of the carriers
  • Offer free shipping cost for typical products
  • Estimate accurate shipping rates
Price: $15/month. 7-day free trial. External Charges may apply.
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#12 Advanced Shipping Manager by KingWebmaster

Advanced Shipping Manager

Advanced Shipping Manager is another shipping solution for your store. The app team guarantees that after about one month if you think that the app does not meet your demand, it can cancel your account and refund the fee in full without asking any questions. Basically, no matter how complicated your store is, the app enables you to control your shipping methods and rules. There are many outstanding features of Advanced Shipping Manager you can check out yourself that can aid in achieving full control on the store’s shipping rates. For example, you can generate shipping methods for each vendor and you do not have to worry about the different couriers or flat rate because the app can help with that. In addition, if you would like to offer markup the discounted FedEx rate, flat rate, free shipping, or courier calculated shipping, the app can support you by allowing you to control fully your shipping rules. You can also block shipping methods based on many criteria, consisting of city, state, expedited only and even more.

Features Highlights

  • Accurate Shipping Rates for Online Stores
  • Generate shipping methods for every vendor
  • Control fully your shipping rules
  • Block the shipping methods
  • Markup and markdown each item
  • Separate overweight shipment
Price: $85/month. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#13 Advanced Shipping Rules by Bambri

Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules run by Bambri partly focuses on setting many shipping rules for groups of items and then manage how to blend them together. In fact, the app has ingerated with many shipping rates APIs such as Printful, Printify, and Pixels so that you can set flat rates for the other. As a merchant, you can set some types of products that can ship freely or exclude some from free delivery by enabling free products with their shipping fee. In addition, Advanced Shipping Rules app empowers you to prevent specific products from being placed to some typical zones or disable some methods as a choice for certain products. You can easily set up many packages with their weights as well as dimensions or set dimensions relying on the quantity of items and don’t forget that the app team always offers USPS Flat Rate boxes for various products. With 7 days of free trial, you can try the app at no cost and can switch it to LIVE mode after testing.

Features Highlights

  • Set different shipping rates for different products
  • Customize every shipping rate like editing rates titles
  • Limit products from zone
  • Restrict the shipping methods
  • Set different package dimensions and weights
Price: From $9/month. 7-day free trial.
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#14 Australia Post Shipping by Addition

Australia Post Shipping

Have you ever heard of Australia Post Shipping? If not, you had better read this review. As you might not know about, Australia Post Shipping can help you estimate the shipping rates which bases on the BYO packaging options. In case you want to deliver bulky products, the app can offer dimensions solutions with free of charge and all you need to do is to connect the support team. Take note that in case you want to offer the Letter Postage rates, you had better contact with the support team to activate them on your account. Additionally, the app gladly refunds your money if you are not happy with it. Regarding the parcel lodgement, in fact, the app does not implement that now, but, it hopes to feature this function soon. If you have any problems or need any guidance of something, be free to contact the support team for further information.

Features Highlights

  • Provide you with domestic and international delivery
  • Guarantee the latest price for the customers
  • Ship bulky items without having any trouble
  • Pul the contract rates to your online store
  • Customize any request
Price: $10/month. 7-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#15 Better Shipping by Atom Yard

Better Shipping

Better Shipping run by Atom Yard can allow you to set up a suitable shipping rate for a product relying on the quantity the customers want to buy. If you want to charge them more shipping fee, the app can cover all. In fact, Better Shipping app is ideal for any merchant who wants to make each shipping price or multiple shipping prices for all products for certain areas using the postcode. If you need to charge different shipping rates for many drop shipping suppliers or restrict the shipment to some locations, don’t worry since Bette Shipping can take care of them. Additionally, the app enables you to set up a different shipping rate for each product, hence, you do not need to worry about the dimension and weight. Take note that the app might require a carrier calculate shipping. Should you want to add this to any plan, don’t hesitate to contact with Shopify Support.

Features Highlights

  • Set up shipping rates for every product
  • Provide discounted shipping on additional products
  • Restrict delivery to certain places
  • Set multiple shipping prices for each product
  • Update each product shipping
Price: $14.99/month. 7-day free trial.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#16 Australian Shipping Unlimited by Smart Send

Australian Shipping Unlimited

Australian Shipping Unlimited by Smart Send is an app which allows you to access the lowest rates from up to seven different courier companies in Australia. Besides, you will no longer have to re-enter all the details of numerous orders, with just a few clicks, you can fulfill the orders easily. Also, you can choose to fulfill the orders automatically or in bulk, which would help you save a considerable amount of time spent on fulfilling orders. In addition, the tracking numbers are updated on a regular basis, so you can track the orders which are being shipped easily. These numbers would also be sent to your customers via email, which allows them to track goods by themselves. Especially, this app returns the barcoded carrier compliant shipping labels in PDF format. You, as a result, can print and stick these labels on your products easily. So what are you waiting for? Install now to experience these great features for free.

Features Highlights

  • Access competitive shipping quotes from 7 Australian courier companies
  • Fulfill orders manually
  • automatically or in bulk within a few clicks
  • Send the email which includes the tracking number to customers
  • Return barcoded carrier compliant shipping labels in PDF format
  • Allow tracking orders shipped easily with updated tracking number
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4 / 5

#17 DHL Express Shipping by DHL Express

DHL Express Shipping

DHL Express Shipping developed by DHK Express is a powerful app as you can make DHL Express shipping labels, schedule pickups, and clearance documents through the store owner’s admin. If you already have a DHL Express account, everything becomes easier. DHL Express Shipping can reach the customers globally with over 200 countries and territories from all over the world. All clearance documents are generated automatically and it can ensure the exact shipment cost thanks to shipment and product dimension. Concentrating only on delivering internationally, the app can keep every shipment moving all the time. DHL Express Shipping enables you to transmit the customs documents, remove printing, and reach to global paperless. When working DHL Express, both your customers and you can experience its expertise and reliability of the world’s biggest international shipping provider. As partnering with DHL, it means that every commitment is met, hence boosting the customer’s loyalty and increasing revenue.

Features Highlights

  • Ship orders internationally
  • Generate DHL Express shipments to more than 200 countries and territories
  • Transmit the customs documents without printing
  • Automate clearance documents
  • Guarantee the shipments cost estimates
Price: Free
Rating: 0 / 5

#18 Bring Shipping by Media Skjolberg

Bring Shipping

Bring Shipping by Media Skjolberg is an app which allows you to provide real-time shipping rates and create shipping labels through Bring's Mybring. More specifically, it calculates the shipping price for each order. Besides, you can adjust the shipping costs by a fixed amount or a percentage. Moreover, this app supports you to ship parcels from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Also, with large orders or some specific shipping products, the free ship is supported. In addition, you can set custom processing and postage delays. Especially, this app includes a trial, in the case that your store is not live yet, you can use the test orders of the app within an unlimited time before deciding to activate the 14-day trial. So what are you waiting? Install now to experience these amazing features.

Features Highlights

  • Calculate accurate shipping price for each order
  • Allow you to enable or disable individual shipping products
  • Allow setting custom processing and postage delays
  • Allow adjusting shipping costs by a fixed amount or a percentage
  • Free shipping for large orders or some specific shipping products
Price: $10/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#19 Easy Shipping Restrictions by Ian McFarlan

Easy Shipping Restrictions

When running your online business, you sure want to see it develop bigger but sometimes, there will be orders that you do not have the ability to fulfill because of the limited shipping capacity. In circumstances like that, you will need a friend called Easy Shipping Restrictions produced by Ian McFarlan. With Easy Shipping Restrictions, you can choose between Postal/ZIP Codes or Wildcards to control which order can be checked out to ship based on its location. As dedicated for small stores with very limited shipping ability, Easy Shipping Restrictions will also restrict your shipping area to guarantee that you will not have to prepare for an order you do not have the ability to ship. Unlike other applications that will control the shipping process from the checkout step, Easy Shipping Restrictions controls the order right when the cart shows up which is more convenient and cheaper. If a shopper is restricted, a cute upset-preventing message is provided without you have to design it yourself. If you want to receive all those work-reducing features, install Easy Shipping Restrictions and get a 3-day free trial just for you.

Features Highlights

  • Easy to control checking out and shipping process
  • Restrict your shipping area
  • Dedicated for small businesses which have limited shipping abilty
  • Control shipping process right from the cart
  • Messages provided to restricted shoppers
Price: $4/month. 3-day free trial.
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#20 Estimated Shipping Date by Omega

Estimated Shipping Date

Do you believe that you can set messages on the estimated delivery date for your products? The answer is absolute yes with Estimated Shipping Date. As a merchant, you know that every online shopper wants their products to arrive as fast as possible since they are more likely to purchase something in case they know that their items can be delivered on time. You can easily set a message on the estimated delivery date for specific products and any products. Besides, the app allows you to include estimated delivery date depending on the customer ZIP code, including display information, courier information or shipping fee and time. Take note that if you have any technical issue, the support team will solve any problems in 24 hours. Don’t worry that you can have 7 days of free trial to experience the app before getting started.

Features Highlights

  • Showcase the estimated delivery date on the product pages
  • Measure shipping costs by typing the ZIP code
  • Customize every rule for certain products
  • Set up messages on the estimated delivery date for any product
  • Show information based on the customers'ZIP code
Price: $3.99/month. 7-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#21 EzySlips‑ Shipping Automation by Onjection Labs

EzySlips‑ Shipping Automation

If you want to make your shipping process become easier and more accurate, you can search for help from EzySlips-Shipping Automation. Once you install this app, it will automatically import orders from your Shopify store and generate shipping labels in bulk then transfer your products to your customers. You can track for number orders anytime you want as well that it would be easier for you to manage the fulfillment and your inventory. The software provides a number of GST invoices and GSTR analytics then you can take control of your accounting management also. Besides, your data is shared with Tally accounting program that you can double check the accuracy of your calculation. Another thing is that it could be more convenient for customers because they will be notified of any events on your store through SMS. With all though amazing features, you have to pay $9 per month that it is so reasonable to consider.

Features Highlights

  • Automatically fulfill orders
  • Able to create GST invoices and GSTR1 reports
  • Available to use SMS to notify customers of events
  • Integrated with Tally accounting software
  • Allow real-time tracking number orders
Price: From $9/month. 10-day free trial.
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#22 FBA Shipping by ByteStand

FBA Shipping

FBA Shipping by ByteStand is known as an app for Amazon FBA fulfillment in the US and another countries outside of the USA. FBA Shipping enables to integrate your account of US and non-US Amazon FBA to the Shopify store and simply automates the fulfillment of multi-channel Amazon FBA at anywhere. In addition, the app can offer real-time shipping quotes from FBA to the customers. In fact, the app lets you leverage the Amazon FBA power surrounding the world. After installation, the orders will be automatically sent and fulfilled by the Amazon FBA. Through the Internet, the app can update shipment status and then tracking number. Don’t worry that FBA Shipping can be updated every five minutes and send emails to customers when orders are shipped so that you do not need to worry about customers or delivery updates. Bear in mind that every fulfillment process is automatic without requiring your work.

Features Highlights

  • Get Shopify orders fulfilled easily in the US and outside of the US
  • Automate every fulfillment process
  • Fulfill Shopify orders with Amazon FBA
  • Offer real-time shipment from Amazon FBA to customers
  • Update delivery status as well as tracking number
Price: $25/month. 7-day free trial.
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#23 Free Plus Shipping by Swank Apps, LLC

Free Plus Shipping

Free Plus Shipping by Swank Apps, LLC is an app which allows you to assign the shipping rates to products for free plus shipping deals. More specifically, using this app, you can offer your customers a free product, which means customers will only have to pay for shipping based on the number of products that they purchase. As a result, you can increase the customers’ satisfaction significantly. In addition, you can set the shipping rates based on the price and weight of the product. Besides, you can also integrate these rates with your Free + Shipping products, which allows you to manage all the rates across all regions from this app. Not yet, you can also create multiple Free + Shipping rates, which can make each of your product to have unique shipping costs. So what are you waiting? Install now to earn a fully functional free + shipping product on your store.

Features Highlights

  • Set rates based on the price and weight of the product
  • Charge shipping based on the number of products sold
  • Create the ultimate free just pay shipping deals
  • Serves up one rate with all shipping charges
  • Assign shipping rates directly to each product
Price: From $9.99/month. 7-day free trial.
Rating: 0 / 5

#24 Shipping Automation by Shipway

Shipping Automation

Shipway - Shipping Automation App by Shipway is easy to integrate with your Shopify store without any hassle. The app helps you to deliver an excellent post-purchase experience to your customers. With just a few clicks it allows you to monitor your order fulfillment, auto-allocate orders to your carrier, auto-assign shipping labels, and much more, along with automatic pushback in Shopify. The auto-allocation to courier partners works according to zip codes, service types & weight; and generates thousands of shipping labels, invoices over a few clicks. Shipping Automation App takes care of your order management right from order fulfillment to if it gets returned (RTO or return or exchange). For orders that don't get delivered and turn into RTOs the app facilitates you with non-delivery follow-ups with your customer to re-attempt the order delivery at the same. The app enables you to improve the overall customer experience with automated follow-ups for re-attempt of undelivered orders.

Features Highlights

  • Save tons of hours of manual work
  • Auto-sync Shopify orders with tags
  • Reduce RTO % and operational cost
  • Seamless Returns & Refunds Automation
  • Auto-generate reverse-pickup
  • Improve customer post-purchase experience
Price: Free to Install
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#25 Shipway - Shipping Automation by Shipway

Shipway - Shipping Automation

Increase Customer Retention With Seamless Returns & Refunds Automation

Shipway - Shipping Automation App helps you engage your online customers while improving their overall shopping experience from your store. The Shipway app gives you full control over the return orders you receive on your store, with a DIY return page with all the required questions for refund and exchange orders, automated real-time return order status updates for your customers throughout their return journey, instant refunds, and seamless exchange with variants.

The Shipway app provides you with customer engagement throughout your customers' shopping journey with the fastest shipping as well as real-time order status updates all through their journey.

Features Highlights

  • Branded tracking page
  • Branded return page
  • Automatic package & carrier allocation
  • Generate bulk shipping labels with one click
  • Automated NDR follow-ups
  • Real-time order status updates via SMS
  • Email
  • WhatsApp
  • Instant Refund
Price: Free, paid plans available.
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#26 StarShipIT Shipping & Tracking by StarShipIT

StarShipIT Shipping & Tracking

StarShipIT Shipping and Tracking offers you accurate shipping rates and allows you to select multiple delivery options. The app can increase the customer service through tracking pages or text notifications. You will receive great support of many biggest couriers from the app team. By using StarShipIT, you can save shipping cost and time in your warehouse to enhance the customer experience. In addition, providing accurate rates can help reduce the shipping cost and any store merchant can generate his own tracking page for his customers with the app’s self-service. More interestingly, you can add StarShipIT to your warehouse to print lots of hundreds of labels when you have to deal with several orders per day or thousands. Getting rid of manual steps can assist in saving your hours. If you have any troubles with addresses, don’t worry because the app team has an auto correct tool. With StarShipIT, a click can correct the addresses and improve the delivery process.

Features Highlights

  • Import the orders from multiple sale channels
  • Automate customs documents and decrease the shipping costs
  • Enhance your customers' shopping experience
  • Correct addresses automatically
  • Provide accurate rates at the check-out
Price: From $30/month. 30-day free trial. External Charges may apply.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#27 Intuitive Shipping by Intuitive Shipping

Intuitive Shipping

Intuitive Shipping by Intuitive Shipping is an app which helps you to control the way your shipping rates are calculated at the checkout. More specifically, it calculates the rates based on the size, weight and the number of boxes in each order, which would ensure that accuracy of shipping rates at the checkout. Besides, you are also allowed to create custom shipping rates for your customers. This would encourage customers to purchase more while still maintaining your profit margins. In addition, you can create different shipping scenarios for different suppliers and add handing fees and duties at any time. Moreover, this app allows you to create shipping subzones based on distance, Postal Code and Zipcode, which would ensure the profitability of your order while shipping. So what are you waiting? Install this app and start your 14-day free trial today.

Features Highlights

  • Calculate the precise size
  • weight and the number of boxes
  • Allow creating different shipping scenarios for different suppliers
  • Create subzones based on distance
  • Postal Code
  • and Zip Code
  • Exclude wholesale customers from shipping promos
  • Create custom shipping rates to encourage customers to buy more
Price: $30/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 5 / 5

#28 ShipHero Inventory & Shipping by ShipHero

ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

As you might not know about, ShipHero Inventory and Shipping, with its mobile app for IOS device, can help you work in your warehouse. One of the most impressive advantages of this app is that you can manage all of the inventory in just one place. For example, you can control your inventory in many warehouses, even set rules for their allocation or set up barcodes, overstock and pick locations, customs information as well as vendors. Besides, you can ensure the exact number of your inventory with cycle counting and tracked changes. Another benefit of this app is its smarter and faster order fulfillment. You can know what happens exactly to each order. More interestingly, it helps save your footsteps by finding out the quickies picking routes and barcodes set up can avoid unexpected errors. Regarding shipping, your customers will receive all of the shipping information, along with tracking information as the orders are shipped. You can easily see reports on your shipment and know who is being used for shipping and costs as well.

Features Highlights

  • Focus on your business development
  • Decrease the shipping costs
  • Manage your warehouse
  • Manage your order purchasing
  • Provide leverage barcode scanning and barcodes
Price: From $499/month. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#29 Freightcom Shipping by Freightcom

Freightcom Shipping

Freightcom Shipping by Freightcom is an app which would help you automate your shipping process with the real-time discounted rates. This app has several great features to help you improve your shipping process. Firstly, your customers could instantly receive accurate real-time discounted shipping rates at checkout directly from top shipping carriers. Secondly, the Best-Box selection algorithm allows you to decide which size is the best for your customer’s order based on the package dimensions input at checkout to provide quotes intelligently. Thirdly, the Automatic Ordering function allows the app to automatically purchase the shipping label based on the selection of your customers at checkout. All you have to do next is printing the label. You can choose to print the labels one after another or at the same time. And once the labels are purchased, the orders would be marked as fulfilled automatically. So what are you waiting? Install now for free and start making your shipping process becomes automatic.

Features Highlights

  • Provide accurate real-time discounted shipping rates for customers
  • Decide the best box size for all customer’s orders automatically
  • Auto fulfill orders and print shipping labels based on customer’s choices
  • Track Shipments with the tracking numbers of order status page
  • Automatically sync all orders and products with the application
Price: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.7 / 5

#30 Malca‑Amit Shipping Services by Malca-Amit

Malca‑Amit Shipping Services

Malca‑Amit Shipping Services by Malca-Amit is an app which provides the shipping solutions to manage your shipping process effectively, especially with high-value products. This app could bring several benefits for you and your Shopify store. Firstly, you can save a considerable amount of money when using this app. It is because this app provides your store volume discount shipping and liability rates. Secondly, this app can help you save time on the shipping process. More specifically, you can get all-in insured shipping quotes instantly. Besides, you can also import order information with only a few clicks and start to create your shipping labels within a few seconds. Consequently, you can spend your time developing other important aspects of your online store. So what are you waiting? Install now for free to obtain these great advantages.

Features Highlights

  • Print shipping labels with full Malca-Amit liability
  • Import the information of orders in seconds
  • Allow creating your shipping labels straight from your computer
  • Allow using the delivery network of Malca-Amit worldwide
  • Provide instant all-in insured shipping quotes
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 3.5 / 5

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