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11+ Best Shopify Promotion Popup Apps in 2023

11+ Best Shopify Promotion Popup Apps from hundreds of the Promotion Popup reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Promotion Popup does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Promotion Popup app collection is ranked and result in January 3, 2023, the price from $0. You find free, paid Promotion Popup apps or alternatives to Promotion Popup also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Promotion Popup Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
Justuno Pop Ups Bundle UpsellJustuno Pop Ups Bundle UpsellFree plan available. 14-day free trial.
OptinMateOptinMateStart from $0/month
Promotion PopupPromotion PopupFree
Aiva Pop‑ups, Slide‑ins & BarsAiva Pop‑ups, Slide‑ins & BarsFree
MailMunch ‑ Email PopupMailMunch ‑ Email PopupFree plan available. Additional charges may apply.
SELLY UpSell, Bundle, DiscountSELLY UpSell, Bundle, DiscountFrom $10/month. 30-day free trial.
Sales Pop [Discontinued]Sales Pop [Discontinued]Free
Sales Pop | EnzimifySales Pop | EnzimifyFree
Product popProduct pop$4.99/month. 14-day free trial.

#1 Justuno Pop Ups Bundle Upsell by Justuno

Justuno Pop Ups Bundle Upsell

Developed by Justuno, Justuno is an AI-powered conversion platform trusted by Shopify retailers. Justuno Pop Ups & CRO Tools program helps to increase lead capture and conversion rates by turning clicks into conversions.

Justuno Pop Ups & CRO Tools app provides email pop ups, exit offers, countdown timers, spin-to-wins, AI-powered promos, and more to build your email list, generate sales opportunities, increase AOV, etc. Justino intelligence technology analyzes customer database to create profiles that identify, track, and analyze every website visitor to capture and convert potential customers faster. Justuno Pop Ups & CRO Tools engages and converts traffic and maximize marketing ROI by displaying the most relevant messaging to each user. With Justuno Tools, you can calculate the success of your marketing campaigns, recognize optimization opportunities, and implement campaigns backed by data. Moreover, Justuno maximizes ROI for all your existing marketing activities and channels with a variety of integration such as Klaviyo, dotdigital, Octane AI, Zapier, etc. Justuno program creates targeted upsell and cross-sell notifications to constantly test and improve customer recommendations thanks to Commerce AI.

This app offers Shopify users a chance to use freely in 14 days ! You can take a lot of outstanding benefits from Justuno Pop Ups & CRO Tools.

Features Highlights

  • Provide advanced Pop-Ups & On-Site Messaging
  • Apply intelligent segmentation to create customer targeting
  • Manage business by marketing & Sales Analytics
  • Offer a variety of Conversion Optimization
  • Upselling & Cross-Selling with Commerce AI Functionality
Price: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 4.6 / 5

#2 OptinMate by Serious Venture


As you already know, as any visitors pay a visit to your store, one of the most challenging tasks is to make them feel interests and turn them into customers, social followers, and subscribers. With OptiMate app, it can help you generate engaging and beautiful popups, sticky bars, and slide-ins, which is able to foster the store’s conversions and help to match the themes’ store, along with aesthetics. Do you believe that the app can help recover your abandoning customers before they leave you? Yes, OptiMate can assist in tracking the visitors’ behaviors on your own websites and lets you quickly leave them a message before they leave without saying anything. In addition, the app provides users with many smart trigger events to improve the visitors shopping experiences. Along with that, OptiMate can offer many quality templates to maximize your conversion rates and target your visitors with unique requirements. Also, you can get an overview of analytics with a few clicks to see that what are working for your online business.

Features Highlights

  • Track users' performance and analyze data to come up with many ideas
  • Get connected with some of users' favorite email marketing
  • Enable to devide Opt-in process into simple steps
  • Send messages to visitors before they leave to convert them into customers
  • Target visitors with specific offers to meet their demands
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 0 / 5

#3 Promotion Popup by Secomapp

Promotion Popup

Created and introduced by Secomapp, Promotion Popup is an inexpensive tool to convert more of traffic into customers and boost sales effectively. Promotion Popup allows you to take complete control over your popups so you can flexibly set a time or place for your popup to appear or disappear. For instance, you can place a promotion tab in the corner of the screen so that customers can take and use coupon anytime, which helps improve customers' shopping experience and increase the chance of their making a purchase. Promotion Popup also helps you create popup as per you requirements using the perfect bundle of useful popup templates, contributing to growing subscribers list, reducing abandoned carts and so on. Especially, this amazing app also enables you to target customers by displaying popup for particular customers on your email list, which makes your promotion campaign more effective because your product reach the right people who are in need of it. Install it now and use it free forever!

Features Highlights

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Target customers and increase effectiveness of promotion campaign
  • Various types of popup
  • Popups are fully customizable
  • Free to install
Price: Free
Rating: 4.7 / 5

#4 Aiva Pop‑ups, Slide‑ins & Bars by Aiva Labs Inc

Aiva Pop‑ups, Slide‑ins & Bars

Aiva Pop‑ups, Slide‑ins & Bars is an application created and introduced by Aiva Labs Inc to help online store owners increase traffic, raise conversion rate and boost their sales. This app offers you a host of highly customizable popups that serve your purposes. For example, you can create exist popups to collect customers' email, increasing subscription rate or discount popup which helps convert visitors into buying customers or retain customers when they are about to leave your site. Aiva Pop‑ups, Slide‑ins & Bars also allows you to build customizable buttons, colorable icons, countdown clocks, coupons, emojis and so on without any coding skills needed. A notable feature of this app is that it generates real-time dashboard and detailed analytics on popup performance, which helps you manage your popup campaigns more effectively. Let get Aiva Pop‑ups, Slide‑ins & Bars installed and experience its amazing features for free!

Features Highlights

  • Transform targeted traffic into customers
  • Grow email list
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Flexibly set a timeframe for popup display
  • Measure popup performance with real-time dashboard and analytics
Price: Free
Rating: 4.7 / 5

#5 Neowauk‑Survey,SpinWheel,Email by Neowauk


Quick Pop ups ‑ Neowauk Events is an application created and introduced by Neowauk to help online store owners increase email subscribers and store sales. This app allows you to import popup templates from its popup store to create your stylish popups in less then a minute, which saves you the hassle of spending too much time designing and customizing popups. You can also create various types of popups that serve your purposes. For example, you can choose to display discount timer popup, which helps create a sense of urgency and push customers into making a purchase more quickly. This contributes to reducing cart abandonment rate, raising conversion rate and increasing sales effectively. Especially, Quick Pop ups ‑ Neowauk Events empowers you to create surveys to gather invaluable comments and suggestions from customers to improve your products and services. Let install this amazing app and see how popups help boost your store revenues.

Features Highlights

  • A variety of popup templates
  • Grow email subscribers list
  • Promote special offers and increase sales
  • Collect valuable feedback by creating surveys
  • Create discount codes
Price: Free
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#6 MailMunch ‑ Email Popup by MailMunch

MailMunch ‑ Email Popup

MailMunch - Email Pop, which was produced by the MailMuch team, is a considerable tool to provide store managers with a significant marketing solution by making the email list grow with exit intent popup and discount offers. To convert the traffic to your potential customers, the initial step to do is collecting their contacts and retain them by displaying subscription popup. Popups, bars, banners, and embedded forms for email collection are completely customizable. Also, you are enabled to let your subscribers’ emails be synchronized to MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, and many others. Even more, based on exit intention, scroll, cart abandonment, device type, timer, page, store admins can select which campaign to display. With this application, you can run any marketing campaigns through popup like discount coupons, sale, and find out what kind of popup can bring in the highest conversion rate. Let’s optimize your marketing and sales today with MailMuch!

Features Highlights

  • Highly customizable design and suits many devices
  • Present campaign based on diverse settings
  • Display popup of coupon codes to offer visitors
  • Simple to be synchronized to other email marketing providers
  • Find out the most effective campaign
Price: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#7 SELLY UpSell, Bundle, Discount by Treedify

SELLY UpSell, Bundle, Discount

Selly united 10+ tools in ONE is one of the most famous apps designed by Treedify in the field of sales and marketing optimization. When installing the app, Selly will help your online store to bring amazing feeling to customers when they put products into a shopping cart. Furthermore, Selly also shows more items or bundles of products at the bottom of the page to suggest your customers spend more, these items are selected randomly by AI based on customers’ visit history recorded on the administrative system. Another distinctive feature of Selly that worth mentioning is that the admins of the e-store can actively offer interesting discounts under a lot of types such as free gifts, free shipping or discount code. Thanks to Selly, you are able to launch sales promotion to fit with the shopping seasons and demands of customers. Last but not least, the app also aims to create a friendly image to both store’s admins and purchasers as well by no-code install requirement and customizable interface. Selly will allow you to experience the app for free in 30 days, then you can choose the suitable package with your business size: basic ($10/month), professional ($20/month), advanced ($30/month) and plus ($50/month). Install and try the app right now!

Features Highlights

  • Bring awesome feeling to merchants
  • Suggest more products to customers
  • Set up easily
  • Integrate with other apps
  • Customize features like language and currency
Price: From $10/month. 30-day free trial.
Rating: 4.4 / 5

#8 Sales Pop [Discontinued] by Beeketing

Sales Pop [Discontinued]

Sales Pop ‑ Sales Notification is an powerful app desgined by Beeketing which helps to increase your sales through displaying recent notification in real time. When customers know what other people are buying on your store, it creates a sense of urgency and lure them into making a purchase, reducing cart abandonment rate and boosting conversion rate. Additionally, Sales Pop ‑ Sales Notification allows store owners to display purchase activities through stunning popups on your site, which gives customer more confidence to buy your products. This not only helps improving customer's shopping experience but also helps increase your store sales effectively. Especiallu, you also don't need design or coding skills to create stylish popups because this app provides you with a host of highly customizable popup designs. So, why don't have this app installed and see your sales rocketing?

All Beeketing apps are not available on Shopify App store now.

Features Highlights

  • Build credibility with customers
  • Show real time purchase avtivities to boost conversion rate
  • Fully customizable and responsive designs
  • Reduce the bounce rate
  • No design or coding skill needed
Price: Free
Rating: 0 / 5

#9 Sales Pop | Enzimify by Enzimify .,Jsc

Sales Pop | Enzimify

Enzimify Sales Pop is an influential selling tool desgined by Enzimify .,Jsc which helps to boost your sales. Built with the concept of social proof, the app displays purchase activities on your store via real-time recent sales notification popups, which creatse a positive influence, motivates customers to make a purchase and gives them more confidence when buying from you. This would be of great benefit to enhancing customer's experience and boosting your store sales. Especially, what sets this app apart from other promotion popup apps is that it provides online store owners with very detailed statistics and periodically updated graphs to measure the effectiveness of popup campaigns, which helps you either find out the causes of loss of sales or conduct an experimental growth-hack trick to maximize you store revenues. Let install Enzimify Sales Pop and experience its amazing features at no cost!

Features Highlights

  • Build credibility and trust with customers
  • Promote latest sales through real-time popup
  • Detailed statistics report on popup experience
  • Load fast
  • take up minimal resources on your site
  • Assist in tracking customers' behavior
Price: Free
Rating: 4 / 5

#10 Product pop by AngryGhost

Product pop

Product pop is an application designed by AngryGhost to help online store owners to optimize product promotion, effectively increasing store sales. Just with a few clicks, you can easily create a selected product promotion and track its performance in the app dashboard, which helps you measure the effectiveness of the promotion campaign and have a suitable marketing strategy in the future. Additionally, by providing fully customizable and responsive design, Product pop allows you to create your own stunning promotion that fits your store and your devices completely. You can also set a timeframe for a popup to be displayed, which helps convert visitors into buyers or retain customers when they are about to leave your store. Especially, if you have any problems related to using the app, you can get our free customer support at any time. So why don't install and use it now at no cost?

Features Highlights

  • Boost your sales without additional marketing
  • Completely customizable design
  • Set a timeframe for popup display
  • Measure the effectiveness of promotion
  • No limitations to the number of promotions created
Price: $4.99/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 0 / 5

#11 MXED ‑ Sell Pop Culture Merch by Hingeto

MXED ‑ Sell Pop Culture Merch

Up until now, it has been notoriously difficult for ecommerce businesses to legally acquire branded products, especially pop-culture ones, to sell to their own customers. Then MXED‑Sell Pop Culture Merch, designed by Hindeto, is a solution for ecommerce entrepreneurs who are interested in selling pop-culture merchandise to their customers but haven’t been able to due to strict licensing laws and policies. MXED‑Sell Pop Culture Merch gives online store owners the opportunity to finally engage with consumers by selling high-converting products from popular brands, without the risk of infringing on trademarks. This app also offers store owners a bunch of features such as automatically fulfilling and shipping orders within 3 business days, curating products by license and category, synchronizing and updating inventory and prices with no extra costs and so on. So, let have MXED‑Sell Pop Culture Merch installed now and get our free support at support@mxedapp.com!

Features Highlights

  • Easily sell officially licensed pop-culture merchandise
  • No upfront charges to acquire inventory
  • Various types of products
  • Tools to curate products to fit store owner's brand and target market’s interests
  • Automated order fulfillment
Price: Free to install. External Charges may apply.
Rating: 0 / 5

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How AVADA Commerce ranks 11 Shopify Promotion Popup apps list

These above 11 Promotion Popup apps for Shopify are ranked based on following criteria:

  • The ratings on $Shopify store
  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and assessment by AVADA.io

Top 11+ Shopify Promotion Popup Apps

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 11 Shopify Promotion Popup apps. We honestly recommend you to give every app above a try if possible. We create Shopify apps review series with the aim of helping Shopify online stores find the best Promotion Popup for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the 11 best Shopify Promotion Popup apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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