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28+ Best Shopify Product Recommendation Apps in 2022

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28+ Best Shopify Product Recommendation Apps from hundreds of the Product Recommendation reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Product Recommendation does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Product Recommendation app collection is ranked and result in January 21, 2022, the price from $0. You find free, paid Product Recommendation apps or alternatives to Product Recommendation also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Product Recommendation Apps

IDApp NameVendorAction
#1Zoomifi Product RecommendationZoomifi, Inc
$4.99/month. 10-day free trial.
0/5 ⭐️
#2Rocket Upsell ‑ Upsell SmartlyRocket Upsell
From $17/month. 30-day free trial.
0/5 ⭐️
#3Recolize: Easy PersonalizationRecolize
Start from $0/month
0/5 ⭐️
#4Show Related ProductsSketch Themes
$15/month. 3-day free trial.
0/5 ⭐️
#5Turing product recommendationsTuring Analytics
Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
0/5 ⭐️
#6Upsell & Cross‑sell ToolkitMageWorx
$9.99/month. 14-day free trial.
0/5 ⭐️
From $10/month. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
4.9/5 ⭐️
#8Personalized Recommendation [Discontinued]Beeketing
Start from $0/month
4.7/5 ⭐️
#9Wiser ‑ Personalized Product Recommendations & UpsellExpert Village Media
From $9.99/month. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
4/5 ⭐️
#10Cart ConvertEastside Co
Start from $0/month
4.5/5 ⭐️

#1 Zoomifi Product Recommendation by Zoomifi, Inc

Zoomifi Product Recommendation

Created by Zoomifi, Inc, Zoomifi Product Recommendation is a brilliant app for your online store. This app promotes relevant products to encourage clients to make more purchase. Thank this, you can increase your sale dramatically and gain more profits. It offers attractive items to best engage customers in an automatic way so that your clients don't have to waste time searching for suitable ones. You also don't have to spend time giving recommendations. Beneficially, you can take advantage of it to do other affairs. Especially, this app promotes items that haven't been selling well so that the amount of inventory is reduced a lot. An eye-catching banner is one of the special things it created to draw customers' attention. This will show some outstanding products from your store to inspire visitors. If you feel impressed with this app, get it now.

Features Highlights

  • Promote revelant products to encourage clients to purchase
  • Offer attractive items to best engage customers
  • Promote items that haven't been selling well
  • Generate a banner on product's page
  • Analyze customers' behavior to show the best suggestions
Price: $4.99/month. 10-day free trial.
Rating: 0 / 5

#2 Rocket Upsell ‑ Upsell Smartly by Rocket Upsell

Rocket Upsell ‑ Upsell Smartly

Easy Bundles - Product Bundles, which is invented by Thrust Apps is one of the must-have apps to help you boost your sales dramatically. It brings you benefits to have wonderful experiences. Here are some of them. First, it creates product bundles in the easiest way. In addition, you can upsell more with collection bundles. These bundles will help you gain lots of revenues as the fact that you sell more than one product with an order. Second, this app allows clients to create their own bundles, which makes them feel satisfied and excited. In other words, they can bundle their favorite items and get a discount for those ones. Third, this app is very flexible to blend in with your store's design to make sure the appearance of your shop would be the best one. Finally, it can create a discount for bundles in an automatic way. Don't miss these smart widgets by installing the app now.

Features Highlights

  • Create item bundles easily
  • Upsell more with collection bundles
  • Allow clients to create their own bundles
  • Automatically blend in with store's design
  • Create discount for bundles automatically
Price: From $17/month. 30-day free trial.
Rating: 0 / 5

#3 Recolize: Easy Personalization by Recolize

Recolize: Easy Personalization

Recolize: Easy Personalization by Recolize is one of the best tools you can find to send recommendations to your customers. It provides individual recommendation for each of your products and those mobile-friendly recommendation carousels can be easily embedded just by the drag and drop motion. With Recolize: Easy Personalization, the recommendation carousels can be displayed unlimitedly on everywhere that you want to, from pages to devices. And after the work is done, the app will provide you a brief overview or a deeper analysis of how did your recommendations do so that you can keep the control of your works. Recolize: Easy Personalization is also really easy to use with an extensive filtering rules so that stores with specific URLs can still used them without any struggle. Get yourself the Recolize: Easy Personalization app for free.

Features Highlights

  • Provide individual product recommendations
  • Embed mobile-friendly recommendation carousels by drag'n'drop
  • Display unlimited recommendation carousels on every page & device
  • Provide overview or analysis of the performance of the recommendations
  • Extensive filtering rules that can easily be applied for specific URLs
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 0 / 5

Show Related Products

Show Related Products by Sketch Themes is an essential app for you. This app recommends your clients about products in an automatic way with the best influence. It has many helpful features to complete its function effectively. First of all, it shows multiple items at the same time. As all is shown in one go, your clients can take a whole view of them without wasting time looking for each one. They will catch the eye of their favorite items instantly and purchase them easily. Moreover, they will be inspired to buy the relevant items which are best matches to what they've bought. This leads to boost your sale dramatically. Secondly, this app creates a custom product's categories so that visitors can find the specific ones they expected. In addition, you will find it effortless to manage all categories. Finally, this app discovers the client's interest about products to give out the best suggestions. Let this app be your powerful supporter now.

Features Highlights

  • Show multiple items at once
  • Create custom products' categories
  • Create and manage all categories simply
  • Give recommendations about relevant items
  • Discover client's interest about products
Price: $15/month. 3-day free trial.
Rating: 0 / 5

#5 Turing product recommendations by Turing Analytics

Turing product recommendations

Turing product recommendations, which is given out by Turing Analytics, is one of the most effective apps provides you with the ability to recommend products to the customers. It has lots of useful features for you to do that. Firstly, it offers product recommendations to increase sale volume and conversion rate. This leads to the fact that you will get more order and increase your revenue dramatically. Secondly, when clients are viewing an out of stock item, this app will automatically suggest the similar ones. Therefore, the cart abandonment will be decreased. Thirdly, it not only shows highlighting products but also shows similar suggestion at once. Thanks to this, your clients will save plenty of time searching for their desired items. You can experience these helpful things with a 14-day free trial so that install it now to take many advantages.

Features Highlights

  • Offer product recommendations to increase sale volume
  • Suggest similar items when clients view an out of stock one
  • Show almost similar suggestion at once
  • Offer customers highlighting products
  • Provide your website with recommendations live
Price: Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 0 / 5

#6 Upsell & Cross‑sell Toolkit by MageWorx

Upsell & Cross‑sell Toolkit

Upsell & Cross-sell Toolkit, which is made by MageWorx, is a brilliant app helps you recommend your products to the customers in an effective way. This app not only allows you to create upsell and cross-sell offers but also allow you to manage them effortlessly. There no need any code and just by a few clicks, you can do this perfectly. Furthermore, this app offers clients relevant or higher-end products to make purchases. They will be more likely to buy them than buy the unrelated ones. Especially, Upsell & Cross-sell Toolkit allows you to customize the appearance of the pop-up. The more attractive it looks, the more desire to buy the clients feel. This app also delivers cross-sell message to clients, which encourages them to order more products from your store. Needless to say, this app is really ideal for your online store. Therefore, install it as soon as possible.

Features Highlights

  • Allow you to manage up-sell and cross-sell simply
  • Offer clients relevant or higher-end products
  • Allow you to customize appearance of the pop-up
  • Deliver cross-sell message to clients
  • Enable you to create store checkout
Price: $9.99/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 0 / 5

#7 Personalizer by LimeSpot


Personalizer by LimeSpot, which is made by LimeSpot team, is an e-commerce conversion AI that helps online stores increase their revenue by delivering an outstanding upsell, cross-sell and personalized experience across different channels. It provides multiple recommendation boxes on every page and product recommendation pages linked in main menu with the accurate performance in recommending the products. In addition, by using Personalizer, you can create, change and review the appearance of your store’s theme and publish when ready. On top of that, Personalizer helps you to analyze your performance to improve rates and trends in real-time with LimeSpot real-time analytics and A/B test tools included in the application, which will enable you to keep track of all the information of your store and be fully in control of unexpected situations. All things considered, Personalizer by LimeSpot is a must-have tool for all e-commerce store administrators. Experience all the benefit it offers with a 15-day free trial!

Features Highlights

  • Provide razor-sharp accuracy in recommending products
  • Link product recommendation page in main menu
  • Provide Upsell and Cross-sell tools on cart page
  • Analyze your performance in real-time
  • Allow you to customize built-in appearance (CSS)
Price: From $10/month. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#8 Personalized Recommendation [Discontinued] by Beeketing

Personalized Recommendation [Discontinued]

Personalized Recommendation, which is produced by the Beeketing team, is a significant assistant for all Shopify e-commerce store administrators to boost sales instantly by recommending and upselling targeted products to the right customers. With Personalized Recommendation, you are enabled to unleash product discovery in your store in order to create more opportunities for sales, cross-selling, and also upselling. In details, you can definitely gather and analyze shopping behaviors of every each customer and the sales history of your store. To understand what interest the customers the most and what they are likely to buy, you can use our learning machine. Furthermore, this application is able to suggest the right products to the right customers in an automatic way with advanced personalized recommendation algorithms. There are many ways for store managers to offer your customers good deals and relevant products with Personalized Recommendation such as Bought this also bought, which can suggest items are most frequently bought together, Bestsellers of the store, Recently viewed & featured recommendations, which reminds buyers of items they have viewed and had an interest in, Cart recommendation, and even some brand new features like Smart Upsell Popup. Install the app now to explore many benefits as soon as possible!

Features Highlights

  • Gather and then
  • analyze behaviours of every customer and store sales' history
  • Predict what customers tend to have an interest for by using machine learning
  • Offer the right products to the right potential buyers by using advanced personalized recommendation algorithms
  • Offer frequently-bought-together items
  • Allow admin to select to product to be on offers
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4.7 / 5

Wiser ‑ Personalized Product Recommendations & Upsell

Wiser by Expert Village Media is a Personalized Recommendations and Product Upsell app that helps the Shopify merchants in increasing their conversion rate on store by showing different recommendations widgets to customers.

Wiser allows the merchants to show the recommendation widgets like Handpicked Recommendations, Related Products, Trending Products, Frequently Bought Together, Top Selling Products, Recently Viewed, Increase conversion rate by 20% to 30%. Multiple preset templates available to choose from to match the store branding. Highly customizable and more.

Features Highlights

  • Multiple recommendations widgets in single app
  • Automatic setup process
  • no manual work required
  • In Depth Analytics system to show sales made by the app widgets
  • Allows to show recommendations on Thankyou page too
  • Allows to show recommendations on all pages of store including cart page too.
Price: From $9.99/month. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4 / 5

#10 Cart Convert by Eastside Co

Cart Convert

Cart Convert by Eastside Co is an app which could help you to improve your product upsell and cross-sell abilities. This app has some useful features which could increase your sales significantly. Firstly, it supports you create a group of recommended products based on customer spend and likelihood, and also set a spend thresholds for it. You can create as many different carts offers for different spend thresholds as you like. After that, these recommended products will be displayed on the cart page once they have spent that amount, which could lead to an increase in your up-sell opportunity. In addition, the setup process of this app has been made as simple as possible. You will only need to paste one little pie of code into your cart page template, then set up your product groups and thresholds and the app will be ready to use. Install now and use the free plan or start your free 14-day trial today.

Features Highlights

  • Increase sales
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Offer unlimited carts
  • Great customer service
  • Free plan available
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#11 Bold Brain by BOLD

Bold Brain

Bold Brain ‑ AI for your store, which is developed by BOLD, is a wonderful application for all Shopify administrators to improve your product recommendations. As soon as you install the app, Bold Brain curates data to find out frequently viewed products and frequently purchased products to help you sell more effectively. After that, the app will use those curated data and set frequently viewed products and frequently purchased products for cross-selling, bundle, or subscription offers with just one click. Additionally, you can easily receive insights about the situation of your webshop in real-time including the performance of widget and cross-sell, the behavior of people who see the recommendations and many more. If you use the paid features, Bold Brain will help you to change the recommended products in real-time based on the current performance of those products. Let’s make a good use of your data in order to sell more effectively and boost your sales with Bold Brain ‑ AI for your store!

Features Highlights

  • Automatically curates the data about your products
  • Helps you to find out which products are frequently viewed and purchased
  • Gives you some useful and informative insights about your business
  • Helps to segment your customers into custom or prebuilt audiences
  • Recommends the highly-effective products to boost your sales
Price: Free
Rating: 3.8 / 5

#12 AutoCommerce by Innonic


AutoCommerce released by Innonic is a must-have app for your online store. This app brings plenty of benefits to both of you and your clients. Firstly, it generates the recommendations in an automatic way so that there's nothing you have to do. All you need is enjoying the convenience and wait for many orders coming. Secondly, as this app is running, it is not slowing down your shop but still keep your store run fastly and smoothly. To explain that, Auto Commerce loads its features after your pages to make sure they won't be affected by each other. Thirdly, this app tracks and analyzes buying behavior of clients, then, it will predict which items are most likely purchased by them. Therefore, lots of visitors will get the most suitable and relevant recommendations. They will be inspired to keep buying. In a nutshell, it's highly recommended that you should get AutoCommerce now to bring it into Shopify.

Features Highlights

  • Generate the recommendations automatically
  • Keep your store still run fastly
  • Track and analyze buying behavior of clients
  • Give out the most suitable recommendations
  • Encourage clients to keep purchasing with relevant suggestions
Price: Free
Rating: 4.1 / 5

#13 Visely Product Recommendations by Nemo.ai inc

Visely Product Recommendations

Visely Product Recommendations by nemo.ai inc is a Shopify app designed to help you offer customers smart, fast and relevant product recommendations with absolutely hassle-free customization and configuration. These recommendation widgets are available on all of your store pages, and can be fully customized in terms of look and feel to best match your store existing theme. You could mix and match different widgets and pages then preview the update easily.

Features Highlights

  • Smart
  • fast and relevant product recommendations
  • Hassle-free customization and configuration
  • Recommendation widgets available on all of your store pages
  • Fully customizable in terms of look and feel
  • Mix and match different widgets and pages
Price: From $149/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#14 Simile by ScopeMedia


The Simile app is a totally free and effective solution for online traders who want to improve the customer experience and boost their sales. By the class AI technology, this Simile app has the best tools for the Shopify store owners to deliver their product recommendations to visitors. It is easy for the shoppers to use advanced similar search and matchmaking AI to find what products they want to buy and compare them. In addition, all of the recommendations will be viewed on the visual similarity according to a product listing page. Besides, the store owners can customize the widget and change the listing’s template to comply with their store’s design. Last but not least, after installing this app, the automate sync will help the online sellers to check the existing products and enable the widget.

Features Highlights

  • Enable showing similar products
  • Easy to configre the widgets or re-sync products
  • Provide automatically and fast install
  • Integrate with seamless checkout process
  • Support to automated product recommendation by using AI Power
Price: Free
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#15 Recommendify by Recommendify


Recommendify is a Shopify app designed to help you boost sales and conversion rates by automatically recommending products combination that are frequently bought together, or similar and related products using smart algorithms. You could also maunally hand pick products for recommendation. The app make sure its effectiveness is recorded with a clicks and conversion tracking system. What's the better way to sell more while at the same time, make your customers happy?

Features Highlights

  • Recommend products combination that are frequently bought together using smart algorithms
  • Show related or similar products
  • Manually select products for recommendation
  • Tracks clicks and conversions
  • Push a product across your whole store with a few clicks
Price: From $24.95/month. 30-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#16 Directed Edge Recommender by Directed Edge

Directed Edge Recommender

Directed Edge Recommender made by Directed Edge is a good choice if you are looking for an app providing you with the ability to increase your sale. There are plenty of useful features you can use to do this. Firstly, this app can personalize the recommendations shown to customers. It will analyze what they exactly need by their searching history and suggest the related products. Hence, the recommendations are optimized and suitable for each client visiting your shop. Secondly, this app allows you to integrate recommendations feature just by dropping a single line into your templates. Thirdly, it offers quick and effortless default templates for you to use. In addition, you can make your own templates by using this app's tool. Finally, Directed Edge Recommender displays top items and recently viewed ones to clients to encourage them to purchase. Install this app to experience its utility now.

Features Highlights

  • Personalize the recommendations shown to customers
  • Allow you to integrate recommendations feature simply
  • Offer quick and effortless default templates for you to use
  • Enable you to make your own templates
  • Display top items and recently viewed ones to clients
Price: From $24/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 4.2 / 5

#17 Product Recommendation Quiz by RevenueHunt

Product Recommendation Quiz

Product Recommendation Quiz by RevenueHunt is an app that does the selling for you. It’s like having a personal shopper in your eCommerce store, guiding your customers from start to cart and helping them find the products that best match their needs.

This app will help drive sales on your store by giving your customers a personalized product recommendation based on their answers to your quiz. It also helps recover abandoned carts, capture leads and grow your audience.

Features Highlights

  • Increased sales and AOV
  • Send quiz results via email to customers
  • Customizable quiz design templates
  • Send leads to your mailing list or CRM
  • Advanced analytics and segmentation
Price: Start from free plan. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 4.7 / 5

#18 Cross Sell ‑ Cross sellify by Zooomyapps

Cross Sell ‑ Cross sellify

Cross Sell- Cross sellify developed by Zoomyapps is a powerful app for your store to increase the revenue. It has plenty of beneficial widgets. Here comes some of them. First of all, it upsells your products by directing recommended items to visitors. Thanks to this, you are able to get more sales and earn more money. Secondly, this app allows you to create cross-sell for item page. With that, you can introduce different products on the cart page which are relevant to each other. Thirdly, by displaying recommended items which customers are most likely to purchase, this app drive a large number of conversions to your store in an effective way. Finally, it also shows a detailed report of the total cart revenue for you to view. Let this app be your supporter by installing it now.

Features Highlights

  • Upsell products to increase your sale
  • Allow you to create cross-sell for item page
  • Display relevant items to clients
  • Drive more conversions to your store
  • Show detailed report of total cart revenue
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#19 Better Recommendations by Vertical Shift Ltd

Better Recommendations

Better Recommendations by Vertical Shift Ltd is a Shopify app designed to help you with cross-selling by providing relevant product recommendations in the form of a displayed list of recently viewed items, or items that are frequently bought together. With its stage-of-the-art product recommendations algorithms, you could not only boost your sales but also fulfill customers' shopping experience. Plus, the app is totally customizable to best match your store's existing design. You could also keep track of the exact amount of revenue generated by your recommendations.

Features Highlights

  • Cross-selling: provide relevant product recommendations
  • Display list of recently viewed items
  • Stage-of-the-art product recommendations algorithms
  • Customizable to best match your store's existing design
  • Keep track of the exact amount of revenue your generated by your recommendations
Price: $17.99/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#20 ZEN.AI Product Recommendations by ZEN.AI

ZEN.AI Product Recommendations


Features Highlights

  • Feature 1
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 5 / 5

#21 Kai by ZipThunder by ZipThunder

Kai by ZipThunder

Kai by ZipThunder, which is released by the ZipThunder team, is an important tool for all Shopify e-commerce administrators to engage customers immediately from your store. With Kai by ZipThunder, you are enabled to cater for a wide range of your customers by cutting through customer variety and interacting with buyers in a familiar format. Furthermore, it can initiate a conversion by asking questions more similar to a salesman at a conventional bricks-and-mortar establishment, using existing data about products. We make sure that all product suggestions are highly personalized to each customer and vastly superior to product recommendations. Engage more users, generate more leads, and extend more sales now with our application!

Features Highlights

  • Find individual preferences using chat interface
  • Personalize product suggestions to each shopper's desires
  • Reduce the time spent on searching to increase more sales
  • Engage users and promote sales on mobile with chatbots
  • Experience a great benefit from ZipThunder for free
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#22 Augen by RetailAutomata Analytics Pvt. Ltd.


Augen app is considered the next generation of the onsite personalization. Before going further, let’s find out what Augen app is. When you enable the type of the widget in the admin dashboard, the widget recommendation will appear on the specific page of that website. At this time, you can easily activate any personalization widget just by logging in the app dashboard using emails and password you possess during the registration. With the app, you can sever each of your and the app can analyze the behavior of users as well as showcase relevant product recommendations, which matches your customers’ interests and choice. In addition, the app provides you with a higher conversion rate of cross-sell and up-sell coming from the cart page. Moreover, Augen can improve your sales performance per customer and offer personalized experiences to each visitor and customer thanks to predictive intelligence. Also, hassle-free is being implemented to make your store become smarter.

Features Highlights

  • Enable to implement onsite personalization
  • Allow users to analyze customers' behaviors
  • Showcase relevant product recommendations to match customers' choice
  • Provide users with retail e-Commerce businesses
  • Offer higher conversion rates to boost up revenue
Price: From $19/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#23 Product Recommendation Quizzes by Pickzen

Product Recommendation Quizzes

Product Finder Quizzes made by Pickzen is one of the best apps for you to give item recommendations. This leads to the fact that visitors will be engaged mostly to purchase the products. It seems like these suggested products this app displays are matched perfectly with their interest. Therefore, they are encouraged to make more purchases. This app captures client responses in an effective way for you to launch the best campaign for your business in the near future. In addition, what customers most likely concern is also discovered so that you can supply what they need. Product Finder Quizzes drives more interactions to your store. It brings plenty of visitors to view your online shop and give them the best recommendations to purchase items. This app analyzes and predicts clients' behaviors to know who are prospects to turn them into your customers. Don't miss these wonderful widgets by install the app now.

Features Highlights

  • Give recommendations to best engage clients
  • Capture client responses to lauch campaign
  • Discover what customers most likely concern
  • Drive more interactions to your store
  • Analyze and predict clients' behaviors
Price: Free to install. External Charges may apply.
Rating: 5 / 5

#24 Easy Suggestions+ by Softify OU

Easy Suggestions+

Easy Suggestions+ app run by Softify OU focuses on increasing sales with suggesting products automatically. In fact, the app is highly recommended to boost up your sales as well as engagement by displaying the product suggestions automatically to the visitors. In addition, the app can allow to maximize your revenue and showcase the relevant products for each visitor. Moreover, Easy Suggestions+ can enhance the average value of your orders by up-selling and cross-selling. Take note that the app lets users achieve loyalty and higher engagement from the customers. If you require any design implementation, the app can customize the widgets of product suggestion in order to match your current design without disturbing. Don’t forget that the app team can provide you with a fixed price, which means that there is no limitation, no installation costs, and hidden cost.

Features Highlights

  • Showcase product suggestions for each customer
  • Boost up average value of orders thanks to up-selling and cross-selling
  • Achieve loyalty and high engagement from each shopper
  • Provide users with reporting performance in real-time
  • Enable to customze widgets of suggested products and fit current design
Price: $19.95/month. 7-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#25 ShopRep by BoostMode


ShopRep by BoostMode is a Shopify app designed to boost your sales and conversion rates by personalizing product recommendation that fits every single customer based on their preference and purchasing history. You are in full control of how to get the pop-up triggered, or which colors the choice buttons and question text are in, and more. Plus, changing recommended product's collection page is easier than ever as you simply need to add/remove product tags.

Features Highlights

  • Personalize product recommendations based on customers' preference
  • Customize users' product recommendation experience
  • Decide how to get the pop-up triggered
  • Customize choice buttons colors and question text
  • Change recommended product's collection page simply by adding/removing product tags
Price: $3/month. 30-day free trial.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#26 Youneeq A.I. Personalization by Youneeq

Youneeq A.I. Personalization

Like any merchant, you always want to increase the profit, engagement, and SEO for your store and it will be perfect to have a tool that can help you with those issues. And now, we are talking about Youneeq A.I. Personalization run by Youneeq. In fact, the app can help recommend your customers of items they are likely to purchase. In addition, Youneeq can analyze your customers’ behaviors on your shop in real-time and mix it with historical data to craft the recommendations. Besides recommending the most popular products, the app enables to consider currently hot items in your own store and consider items that your customers currently view. With the app, recommendation panel and title of the panel are highly customized and users can drag as well as drop products that can advise the recommendation to modify the display order. Since it provides users with a real-time dashboard, they can check their store’s performance in real-time with real traffic and profit data.

Features Highlights

  • Get users' store personalized for each visitor
  • Analyze customers' behavior reyling on product recommendations
  • Encourage customers to click lists of personalized products
  • Enable to showcase recommendation products and products currently viewed
  • Allow users to check their store' performance in real-time
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4.5 / 5

#27 Shop The Look ‑ Fashion upsell by Zooomyapps

Shop The Look ‑ Fashion upsell

Shop The Look - Fashion upsell, which is released by Zoomyapps, is one of the best apps you should consider to get. This is an app help you to boost your sales by recommending products to your customers. You can take advantage of its helpful features. First, it displays items worn by the models in your images. Seeing the models wear those products beautifully and fashionably, your clients would love to purchase them. Secondly, this app shows all the variants of products at once so that your customers don't have to buy one by one. They will find it convenient and comfortable. Thirdly, this app displays products which are best to sell together. This not only helps you sell more items but also helps your clients to get a discount. Finally, you can customize the shop the look button layout and the heading text. Install this app now to experience these wonderful things.

Features Highlights

  • Display items were worn by the models in your images
  • Show all the variants of products at once
  • Display products which are best to sell together
  • Allow you to customize the shop the look button layout
  • Up-sell and cross-sell items to boost your sales
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#28 Similar Product Recommender by Streamoid

Similar Product Recommender

Amazon has been successful with the Also Bought functionality, which is an outstanding example for any Shopify store owners to increase their profit. To create this amazing button, the Shopify store owners can install the Similar Product Recommender app. This app belongs to Streamoid vendor which is a helpful partner for any online merchants. To make their shops more outstanding than their competitors, this app provides multiple features like beautiful layouts which are suitable for a bulk of shops such as Books, Electronics, Gadgets, etc.

What makes this Similar Product Recommender app is useful for the Shopify store owners is its highlight features that help the retailers boost their sales effectively. As a virtual sales assistant, the shoppers will be suggested as what is relevant to their historical purchases. By these activities, the buyer's satisfaction will be increased because their needs are more concerned. That is the reason why online merchants can engage their shoppers to buy more and more. Moreover, it is easy to analyze the supply of an inventory with this app. Besides, this app also integrates with simple plug and play.

The Similar Product Recommender has been used popularly because of other functionalities a decision. After one-click installing, the app users enable allowing the Widget to automatically appear at the bottom of the page.

Features Highlights

  • Suggest customers with Similar Products Recommendation
  • Easy to analyze the supply an inventory
  • Boost the customer engagement easily
  • Support the live widget
  • Integrate with simple plug and play
Price: $9.99/month. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 1 / 5

How AVADA Commerce ranks 28 Shopify Product Recommendation apps list

These above 28 Product Recommendation apps for Shopify are ranked based on following criteria:

  • The ratings on $Shopify store
  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
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Top 28+ Shopify Product Recommendation Apps

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 28 Shopify Product Recommendation apps. We honestly recommend you to give every app above a try if possible. We create Shopify apps review series with the aim of helping Shopify online stores find the best Product Recommendation for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the 28 best Shopify Product Recommendation apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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