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28+ Best Shopify Mobile Stores Themes 2022

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    Sam Thomas

Are you looking for Shopify Mobile Stores Themes? You are in the right place! 28+ Best Shopify Mobile Stores Themes have been reviewed and manually picked up by our AVADA Commerce team from website, marketplace such as: Themeforest, Shopify Themes or TemplateMonster. Mobile Stores Themes have been collected based on the following criteria: number of sales, reviews, ratings and social metrics. The best Mobile Stores themes collection is ranked and updated in December 2022

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#1 SP iFoody theme by Vinagecko

SP iFoody

Theme Features

  • Fully responsive design,Optimize SEO better,Unlimited colors included,Support mobile friendly,Build on HTML5 and CSS 3,Include more powerful extensions

SP iFoody is a theme designed by Vinagecko. This is a Shopify theme that perfectly caters to Shopify stores. iFoody is a clean and modern theme. This theme allows you to choose one of eight homepage styles for your store as well as the color and style of your store. In addition, iFoody Shopify Theme has a flexible control panel that allows shop owners to manage their online store efficiently. This theme is tailored for organic, vegetable, herb, etc. Discover iFoody Shopify theme today!

#2 bolt theme by MagikCommerce


Theme Features

  • Beautiful and eye-catching theme,Powerful Mega Menu included,Revolution slider supported,Ajax add to cart included,Support SEO better,Many different modules integrated,Various colors

If you are having difficulty choosing the most suitable theme for your Shopify store, Bolt is a smart choice. This is a clean, modern and eye-catching theme that draws customers right at first sight. In addition, Bolt Shopify theme includes tons of powerful modules such as Mega Menu, Blog, SEO, Revolution Slider, Slideshow, Ajax Search, etc. Plus, Bolt has a flexible control panel that offers great experiences for e-commerce store owners. Explore Bolt Shopify theme to feel!

#3 Ap Premium theme by Apollotheme

Ap Premium

Theme Features

  • Include 3+ homepages,One click to install,Allow searching the products quickly,Eye-catching and modern design,More wonderful modules integrated,Attractive and diverse colors

Ap Premium is an excellent Shopify theme designed exclusively for electronics, mobiles, and computers. Developed by Apollotheme, Premium Ap has a modern design, clean and eye-catching customers at first sight. In addition, Premium comes with tons of powerful modules like SEO, Ajax technology, Mega Menu, Slideshow, Blog, Layered Navigation, etc which help to improve the shopping experience for our customers. Moreover, this theme has the support of a flexible control panel. You will definitely be satisfied with what Premium Shopify theme brings!

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#4 Exzo theme by Arenatheme


Theme Features

  • Easy to customize,Beautiful and modern design,Powerful Mega Menu supported,Google web fonts included,Support SEO better,Build on CSS 3, HTMl 5

Exzo is a Shopify theme developed by Arenatheme. This is a unique and modern design. Exzo Shopify theme is suitable for electronics, mobile, music, fashion, accessories, etc and compatible with all devices. There is no doubt about Exzo Shopify theme, surely this theme will make a difference to your store to the competitors. Another great feature, Exzo Shopify theme is built on advanced technologies such as CSS 3 and HTML 5. Explore and experience this great theme!

#5 Thebear theme by Themedeux8


Theme Features

  • Include 7+ homepage layouts,Easily adjust colors,Support strong Mega Menu,SEO friendly,Include flexible configuration,More strong plugins included

Thebear was developed by Themedeux8. This is a clean and beautiful Shopify theme that attracts customers quickly. It consists of s7 different types of homepages, allowing shop owners to choose the style of the store. Thebear has a unique design and a flexible control panel. You can easily install and customize. If you have any doubts about choosing a theme for your online store, Thebear Shopify theme is the smartest solution.

#6 Ex Watch theme by Masstechnologist

Ex Watch

Theme Features

  • Easy to install and customize,Allow filtering the products easily,Powerful admin panel,Strong Mega Menu included,Multiple colors,Google Rich Snippets supported

Ex Watch is based on CSS 3 and HTML 5 technology. These are the most advanced technologies that help create the best experience for our customers. In addition, it comes with tons of powerful modules like SEO, Ajax technology, Mega Menu, Slideshow, Blog, Layered Navigation, etc as well as a flexible control panel. Whether you are a newbie, you can also use it easily and build an online store successfully in just minutes.

#7 Mobile theme by Junothemes


Theme Features

  • SEO friendly,Flexible configuration,Support Google rich snippet,Unique and clean design,Integrate many strong modules,Easy to install and configure

Mobile is a Shopify template developed based on modern technologies such as CSS 3, HTML 5 and Sass CSS. This theme is beautiful and eye-catching. It is designed exclusively for electronics stores and phones. If you are wondering about choosing the best theme for your online shop, Mobile Shopify theme is the smart choice. Using Mobile Shopify theme, it will help to make the difference to your store and bring in significant revenues. Don't miss the great chance!

#8 Legend theme by Masstechnologist


Theme Features

  • Include 8 different layouts,Flexible Mega Menu included,Responsive layout,Grid and List view supported,Blog module included,Easily customize and install

Legend is a great Shopify theme. It includes 8 different homepage options and the most powerful modules that help your online store become the most perfect as well as make the difference to your competitors. Besides that, Legend Shopify theme includes a flexible and special control panel, it is easy to customize and install. Shop owners can easily build a shop in their style of color or home page. Do not miss this awesome opportunity, Legend Shopify theme will make you happy.

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#9 Velo theme by EngoTheme


Theme Features

  • Support 3+ homepages,Include Revolution slider module,Integrate Google web fonts,Flexibble admin panel,Easily installation and configuration,Diverse color options

Velo is a Shopify template developed based on modern technologies such as CSS 3, HTML 5 and Sass CSS. This theme is beautiful and eye-catching. It is designed for bike shops. If you are wondering about choosing the most modern Shopify theme for your online store, Velo Shopify theme is a smart choice. Velo Shopify theme will make a difference to your store with your competitors and help increase your revenues significantly.

#10 Catchy theme by TemplateMela


Theme Features

  • Include 1500+ Font awesome icons,Optimize SEO better,Multiple colors included,Easy to customize,Support HTML 5 and CSS 3,Responsive design,Nice theme

Catchy Shopify Theme is a beautiful and unique design that fits in all the different stores like electronics, mobile phones, computers, food, furniture, toys, cars, books, etc. This theme has the perfect combination of color and composition that draws customers at first sight. In addition, Catchy Shopify Theme includes a flexible control panel that makes online shopkeepers easier and more efficient. Another great point, this theme comes with tons of powerful modules to help your shop to be perfect.

#11 Branchy theme by TemplateMela


Theme Features

  • Easy to customize and install,Flexible admin panel,Support SEO better,Include 1500+ font awesome icons,Build on HTML 5 and CSS3,Unlimited colors and banners,No core modifications

Branchy Shopify Theme is a theme designed for electronics, mobile, computer, megastore, beauty, cosmetic, food, furniture, toys, pet, book, and multi-stores. This is a beautiful theme with unique design and harmonious colors, besides that, you can completely choose the color in the variety store. In addition, Branchy Shopify Theme comes with tons of powerful modules like Mega Menu, SEO, Revolution Slider, Font awesome icons, etc. Choose Shopify theme for your store, Branchy surely will bring your satisfaction.

#12 SP Pomer theme by Vinagecko

SP Pomer

Theme Features

  • Build on HTML5, CSS3 & Sass CSS,Unlimted colors,Optimize SEO better,Font awesome icons integrated,Fully responsive design,Include a lot of strong modules

SP Pomer Shopify Theme is a modern and luxurious theme that is designed to be compatible with every device and variety of stores such as fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, shoes, sports, flowers, etc. SP Pomer Shopify theme comes with all the features and tools of a Shopify shop. Built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3, the Pomer theme will make your shop perfect and attract customers at first sight. In addition, SP Pomer includes a powerful panel that allows you to customize easily with just a few clicks.

#13 Dixi theme by Volusthemes


Theme Features

  • Build on Bootstrap 3,Mobile first user,Allow customers to filter products,Tell your story by a video and images on homepage,Collection showcase,Related products included

Oxygen Jewelry is a best Shopify theme for customers and merchants to use. This is a fast-paced and mobile-friendly theme. Based on W3C, HTML5, CSS3, Oxygen is fully compatible with every store such as jewelry, decorations, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, diamonds, gems, tigers Brass, coral, jade, etc. This theme allows customers to filter products by type and sort products so that customers are more likely to search and choose easily. This is a great theme that you are looking for. Try Oxygen with your store today!

#14 Javier theme by Themedeux8


Theme Features

  • Include 10 unique predesigned demos,Build on CSS 3, HTML 5 and Sass CSS,SEO optimizer supported,Support google mobile friendly,Social networking included,Unrestricted color options

Javier is a Shopify theme that fits all types of stores such as organic, fashion, furniture, electronics, accessories, apparel, etc. Javier includes over 10 unique and unique homepage options that make a difference to your online store. In addition, it is built on advanced technologies such as CSS 3, HTML 5 and Sass CSS, Javier helps you manage the store faster and more efficiently. Javier Shopify theme combines rich colors and powerful features. Surely you will be satisfied with this wonderful theme.

#15 CGMarket theme by Tvlgiao


Theme Features

  • Build on CSS 3, HTML 5,Beautiful design,Strong Mega Menu included,Support SEO better,Powerful admin panel,One click to install

CGMarket is a great Shopify theme for online stores. This is a beautiful and modern design that easily attracts customers at first sight. Besides, CGMarket is suitable for many kinds of shops such as fashion, apparel, furniture, electronics, watches, etc. In addition, CGMarket has a flexible control panel, this is the advantage that you can manage the store easily and efficiently. Don't miss this great opportunity, select and purchase the CGMarket Shopify theme today to experience it!

#16 Bridal theme by Tvlgiao


Theme Features

  • Include 7 unique designs,Easy to drag and drop sections,Related Products supported,Ajax add to cart module included,Easy to customize,Slideshow module supported,Beautiful theme

Bridal is a perfect Shopify theme developed by Tvlgiao. Bridal includes 7 unique themes and tons of powerful modules like Mega Menu, Slideshow, Ajax Cart, Related Products, Daily Deal, SEO, etc. Bridal Shopify theme allows you to easily drag and drop sections. This theme is beautiful and attractive to customers at first sight. In addition, Bridal includes a flexible control panel that allows you to manage your store more efficiently. Explore the Bridal Shopify theme today!

#17 Ap Xalem theme by Apollotheme

Ap Xalem

Theme Features

  • HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 built,Powerful admin panel,Unlimited colors,Strong Mega Menu supported,Include product countdown,Multi ple header style,Support lots of extensions

AP Xalem is a theme built with the latest trends. This theme fully meets the essential features of a Shopify store that make your business more efficient. Besides that, AP Xalem Shopify Theme has a unique style, this makes a difference to your opponent. Another point, it's simple and easy to use. You can completely build a perfect online store in minutes. With AP Xalem, customers will be completely satisfied with your online store. Discover AP Xalem today!

#18 Sp Calaco theme by VinaWebSolutions

Sp Calaco

Theme Features

  • Fully responsive design,Integrate Font awesome icons,Easy to customize,Unlimited colors,Include Social networking,HTML 5 and CSS 3 built

SP Calaco is the best Shopify topic if you are still wondering. This is a theme suitable for all stores such as fashion, footwear, apparel, clothing, furniture, toys, electronics, etc. In addition, Calaco is compatible with all devices such as tablets, personal computers, cell phones, etc. Developed based on the latest trends, Calaco promises to bring great value to your online store such as increased conversion rates, increased sales, improved website traffic, etc. Don't hesitate, choose SP Calaco Shopify theme to feel.

#19 Digital World theme by Tadatheme

Digital World

Theme Features

  • Include 10+ homepages,Unique and modern design,Fully responsive and retina support,Support Google fonts,Easily drag and drop sections,Unrestricted colors,Include advanced filter

Digital World is a beautiful and luxurious design. This is a sample for Shopify stores and is compatible with any device. It can cater to every store such as fashion, furniture, flowers, watches, apparel, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics etc. This theme comes with a lot of advanced and modern features that bring great success to your e-commerce business. Beside that, this topic is very easy to use and customizable. You can use it even if you are a newbie.

#20 Aspire theme by MagikCommerce


Theme Features

  • Build on Bootstrap framework,Easy to customize,Unique and nice design,Support Blog module,Various colors,Flexible admin panel,Quickview supported

As a theme built on the Bootstrap framework, Aspire deserves a modern theme designed by the Magikcommerce team. This theme is compatible with all types of stores such as electronics, apparel, furniture, fashion, cameras, books, vegetables, etc. Aspire is a unique and eye-catching theme that attracts customers at first sight. Thanks to this, the revenues and profitability of your online store will also be greatly improved. Moreover, Aspire includes a flexible control panel that allows you to efficiently manage your store and build Shopify shop in minutes.

#21 Claue theme by Janstudio


Theme Features

  • More than 10 stunning hompages are premade for you,Feature retina display and compatible with mobide version,Provide with 11 dynamic sections,Integrated with Mailchimp to easily manage the contact list,Support many currencies and languages

Claue - Mobile-First Shopify theme, which is designed by JanStudio is a well-fitted theme for multi-purpose stores. Coming with a modern design, minimal feel, and powerful plugins, Claue, certainly, will help you capture all of your customers’ hearts. Significantly, you are allowed to integrate this theme with social media channels such as Instagram to build more traffic and clickable links. This theme is 100% responsive and perfectly compatible with many devices. We provide you with more than 10 stunning homepage demos so please feel free to apply and customize as your expectation!

#22 Multibuy theme by Zemez


Theme Features

  • Provide fully responsive themes,Support the New product filter,Create Wishlist and slideshow,Make product carousel,Provide Product quick view

The lastest Shopify Theme of Roar theme – the Material theme is developed with the most gorgeous new layouts. There are multiple features which are innovative and high-technology designs. This theme allows users to synthesize the guidelines for store management. Moreover, by combining with an experimental interface, Mega Menu easily fits all your needs. To give you the best UX, this theme also is integrated with Advanced Filter Module, Instagram Feed, QuickShop, Color Swatches, etc. Besides, the store owners enable using this theme in multiple browsers because this theme enhances the visual and motion experience. Especially, there are many apps such as Video Module, Infinite Scroll will support your business. Last but not least, the Material theme is fully responsive, which means that it can work smoothly and perfectly in all devices like MAC, PC, iPads, etc.

#23 Ap Bigstore theme by Apollotheme

Ap Bigstore

Theme Features

  • Display hot deal and countdown timer,Display various brands' logos in a slider,Able to view products in details with Quick View Product,Support many languages in the world to extend sales globally,Present a pop-up of newsletter subscription

Ap Bigstore Shopify Theme, which is designed by the Apollotheme team, is a well-fitted theme for various e-commerce stores such as fashion store, bag store, glass store, mobile store, shoe store, furniture store, high tech store and multi-stores. In details, it provides you with a modern flat design flat-design and a simple scheme of four colors. There are five layouts for you to serve many commodities. Furthermore, Ap Bigstore is compatible with all devices like iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, or Android Smart-phones. Please kindly note that the theme has its own theme control panel so you are able to build the store in your way with many different styles and layouts. Make it yours now with one click only!

#24 Mega Shop theme by Templatemela

Mega Shop

Theme Features

  • HTML5 and CSS3,Admin Options Customized Panel,1500 + Font Awesome ICONS,SEO friendly,Brand Logo and Slider,Full PSD files supplied

Mega Shop is one of the best Shopify Responsive Themes designed for the mega store, electronics, cosmetics, mobile, computer and it also supports for Multipurpose stores. Furthermore, Mega Shop Theme has the professional and beautiful looks with colors combination and layout. Moreover, all subpages are customizable with very nice, clean and professional design. More importantly, Mega Shop includes many outstanding features such as Brand Logo and Slider, more than 1500 Google fonts and Full PSD files.

#25 iPhone Mobile Phones theme by Jetimpex

iPhone Mobile Phones

Theme Features

  • Background video,Multi-currency,Parallax,Ajax Cart,Documentation

You are looking for a Shopify theme that brings the competitive advantages values for your mobile store compared to the competitors. iPhone Mobile Phones Theme is what you are finding to sell cell phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and other electronics. The reason why it can make your store outstanding. Firstly, this iPhone Mobile Phones Theme enable to promote your products by parallax effects and background videos. In addition, there are many helpful features provided your products the best tools make the purchases easily. Moreover, the Promo Banner helps store owners arrange deals and discounts product categories, so customers feel comfortable to shop. Furthermore, the customers also can save products to cart by using Ajax Cart. In especially, the admins can increase the interaction with customers by blog module that informs news and increase the number of potentials customers.

#26 Bege theme by Hastech


Theme Features

  • Show products one-by-one to help visitors view carefully,Add Ajax filet for product categories, lazy cart and more,Display testimonials and newsletter subscription popup,Enable to see products in list view,Able to dipslay products in slider

Bege - Electronics Shopify Theme, which is designed by the HasTech team, is a well-fitted theme for every e-commerce store of electronics, watches, technology, games, gadgets and many more. In details, it is a high-quality theme with an outstanding design that you can install it as your own theme. With Bege, you are able to showcase your items as variety. Furthermore, this theme is already packed with clinic feature and various beautiful animations. We provide you with four Homepage versions, 4 header design templates, footer, sliders. Also, we fully support Google Analytics, FAQ page, and Multiple Banners. Take it into your consideration now!

#27 Harmony theme by Tvlgiao


Theme Features

  • Perfectly fit for businesses of instruments,Include responsive, mobile-friendly slideshow module,Quickly view product details and add to cart,Apply Zoom and LightBox effect to product images,Display featured products and collection

Harmony theme, which is created by tvlgiao, is a well responsive Shopify theme for any eCommerce sites of musical instruments Harmony theme offers you with a creative, unique, elegant, luxury, UX friendly design to create a perfect vibe to your site and impress your visitors. With the slideshow module, you can add product images, draw people’s attention to your offers and products. Furthermore, Harmony theme includes Quick View icon to each product in the homepage and category page to help them view the product details and add them to their cart. Also, the product images can be zoomed, which enables visitors to see the details more clearly. Let’s make your site beautiful and explore more benefits Harmony theme offers with just a few clicks!

#28 Mobilli theme by Jetimpex


Theme Features

  • 16 ready sections,Crossbrowser,Blog,Slider,Brands,Sorting options

Mobilli Shopify theme which is built based on the latest technology is suitable for any kind of e-stores, especially for digital gadgets shop, electronic store. With a clean and beautiful design, the visitors will experience the best on your products more easily. Furthermore, this theme is also responsive and cross-browser compatibility, which makes the website much greater on every screen and in every browser. In addition, Mobilli can help you achieve all the goals as well as improve your e-commerce. Especially, it includes many useful features. For examples, the Slideshow, Featured product, Banner product, Product columns, Logo swiper, are the tools help your products images are shown more beautiful. Last but not least, Mobilli theme allows their customers to receive news about the stores through Blog articles. The admins totally can customize their website on their own such as Custom content.

How AVADA Commerce ranks 28 Shopify Mobile Stores themes

These 28 Mobile Stores themes for Shopify are ranked based on following criteria:

  • Theme rating review on Themeforest, Shopify Themes Marketplace, Templatemonster, MOJO Marketplace and more.
  • Themes' reviews and ratings.
  • The theme's design.
  • The vendor's reputation on social networks, and search engine ranking.
  • Social networks metrics such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • AVADA experts' reviews

Top 28+ Shopify Mobile Stores Themes / Templates

Thank to every theme vendor that has made the 28+ best Shopify Mobile Stores themes/templates list! This is the most comprehensive list of best Mobile Stores on the internet and we are honoured to have you as part of this!

We would like to give the best commendation for all vendors who have done the number one of Mobile Stores brief! It is appreciated to be the most awesome and exhaustive result from searching on Google. We are pretty proud of your appearance of this task. Many thanks for your benefaction to our lives!

If you want to add or remove an item in the Mobile Stores list, feel free to contact us at Contact us

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