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32+ Best Shopify Marketplace Apps in 2022

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32+ Best Shopify Marketplace Apps from hundreds of the Marketplace reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Marketplace does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Marketplace app collection is ranked and result in January 19, 2022, the price from $0. You find free, paid Marketplace apps or alternatives to Marketplace also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Marketplace Apps

IDApp NameVendorAction
#1OSI FeedbackOmnistar Affiliate Software
$27/month. 15-day free trial.
0/5 ⭐️
#2OmnivoreCity Beach Software
$74.95/month. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
0/5 ⭐️
#3eBayeBay, Inc.
Start from $0/month
3.5/5 ⭐️
Start from $0/month
2.9/5 ⭐️
#5Multi Vendor MarketplaceWebkul Software Pvt Ltd
From $10/month. 15-day free trial.
4.2/5 ⭐️
#6Walmart IntegrationCedCommerce
Start from $0/month
4.2/5 ⭐️
#7Yroo ‑ Attract More ShoppersYroo
3.9/5 ⭐️
#8Houzz ‑ marketplace for homeHouzz
Start from $0/month
1.9/5 ⭐️
From $9/month
4.5/5 ⭐️
#10eBay LINKeBay Inc
2.5/5 ⭐️

#1 OSI Feedback by Omnistar Affiliate Software

OSI Feedback

It is true that social network is an indispensable part of young people’s lives who belongs to gen Y and gen Z. These generations are those who are open-minded, sensitive to technology and follow hot trends, therefore shopping online is no exception. As a result, OSI Feedback is born to boost store design and customer support. Looking at the name of the app, you can guess that OSI Feedback allows e-stores to gather buyers’ reviews about the store service and items’ quality. The feedbacks will be a good source for store’s managers to come up with new marketing strategies or change the suppliers. Furthermore, the app helps to export the rating results into CSV files. These CSV files support managers to control better the number of inventories in the warehouse. Besides, thanks to OSI Feedback, your stores are able to keep loyal buyers via discounts or special incentive programs. Within the first 15 days after downloading you can try the trial version then pay $27 per month, you can use the full package.

Features Highlights

  • Gather customers’ reviews
  • Improve the better service via buyers’ feedback
  • Take care of loyal customers
  • Provide admin control panel
  • Export the results of ratings into a CSV files
Price: $27/month. 15-day free trial.
Rating: 0 / 5

#2 Omnivore by City Beach Software


Online shopping nowadays plays an important role in people’s lives because it saves a lot of time for consumers. Omnivore is a great choice for online markets wanting to capture more visitors by connecting with huge e-marketplaces. With the app, you are able to manage your internet-based stores and boost the sale revenues. Users can have a magnificent experience when using directly the app’s distinctive features. First, Omnivore generates lists of products on many e-platforms including eBay, Amazon, trademe and Google Shopping. Items are classified and updated automatically. Besides, store’s admins can adjust the price, the description as well as add images on different markets without changing Shopify. Second, clients can order products on any integrated pages and all orders would be sent to the main homepage Shopify so that managers will not be confused. Omnivore would update the status of item delivery and information to buyers about the possible date arrival. Last but not least, the app helps to improve SEO by suggesting keywords on the description. Therefore, your post can appear on the top results. You can try a free version in 30 days then pay $74.95 per month to use permanently.

Features Highlights

  • Generate lists of products on e-platforms
  • Connect orders from marketplaces to Shopify
  • Adjust product data in marketplace
  • Connect with eBay
  • Amazon and Google Shopping
  • Improve search rankings with product titles
Price: $74.95/month. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 0 / 5

#3 eBay by EBay, Inc.


In the era of shopping online, a place to sell is significant and impacts on the decision of other buyers. Therefore, eBay is designed to help online shoppers to upgrade the quality of marketing and customer support. eBay provides admins’ internet-based shops a lot of distinctive features. First, the app takes advantage of eBay platform to manage orders which are booked and prepaid by buyers. Besides, the app is a bridge between Shopify and eBay so that managers can control the number of orders from both websites. Second, eBay is able to connect with new sales channels such as eBay in the US, Canada, and Australia. The cooperation will help your store upgrade the quality of payment as well as the process of shipment. Moreover, the app keeps in touch with buyers via eBay messages. Last but not least, eBay ensures to create a footprint of your online shop in the e-commerce industry by reaching more than 171 millions merchants on the web and mobile. Amazingly, the app is free of charge so, download the app right now!

Features Highlights

  • Take advantage of ebay platform to manage orders
  • Connect with Shopify to update products
  • Access to a new sales channel
  • Keep in touch with buyers via eBay messages
  • Improve the brand recognition
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 3.5 / 5

#4 Wanelo by Wanelo


Wanelo is known as an app for you to sell your products to millions of active shoppers. This is a marketplace which includes million of active shoppers willing to do nothing but shop. When you bring your items to this marketplace by using Wanelo, you can boost your sale dramatically and gain lots of profits. If you've just started up your business, there may not many customers know about your store. Therefore, at the start time, this app is one of the best choices for you to displays your products in front of a large number of clients who are excited to shop. This will lead to your start-up will be more successful and you will have more money to expand your business. According to the report, other merchants have used Wanelo and increased their sales about the third to six times. With this, you can sync all of your products in the easiest way. Wanelo also sends the orders straightly to your Shopify dashboard to fulfill them. Get it now to have these useful things.

Features Highlights

  • Help you sell your items to plenty of active shoppers directly
  • Create a marketplace to increase your sales dramatically
  • Allow you to sync all of your products to Wanelo in the easiest way
  • Display your products to a large number of shoppers
  • Send the orders placed in Wanelo to your Shopify dashboard straightly
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 2.9 / 5

#5 Multi Vendor Marketplace by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor Marketplace by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd is an excenllent tool to convert your regular online Shopify store into a functioning marketplace just like Amazon or Ebay. With the facilitation of this app, the process of listing sellers and tracking their sales would be a lot easier. Sellers on your marketplace could add unlimited number of products and therefore, provide customers with a wider range of choices, thus increase Sales. As a matter of fact, increasingly more sellers that sell increasingly more products would often lead to increasingly more sales and increased revenue. The app receives 167 reviews with the overall score of 4.2/5, translated into: Definitely worth trying!

Features Highlights

  • Turn your store into a multivendor marketplace
  • Allow unlimited number of sellers to your marketplace
  • Allow unlimited number of products to be sold on each vendor
  • Admin could assign existing products to sellers
  • Enable customers rating for sellers
Price: From $10/month. 15-day free trial.
Rating: 4.2 / 5

#6 Walmart Integration by CedCommerce

Walmart Integration

Developed by CedCommerce, Walmart Integration is a wonderful app help you to join in an ideal marketplace. With this, you are able to enter every value such as inventory, prices, barcodes, category mapping and attribute mapping in one go. In other words, you only need to type all the values one time in one place, which is really comfortable. Furthermore, this app gives you real-time synchronization to update changes made in prices, orders or item inventory instantly. Especially, this app has a widget named Walmart Repricer which is for you to win buy box. As you win that box, you not only receive more orders but also gain more trust from the buyers. Walmart Integration provides you with the ability to retire and re-inject products. When you don't want to sell your items in this marketplace, you can choose to retire. As soon as you desire to back to sell, just need to re-inject items. Let it be your powerful supporter now.

Features Highlights

  • Allow you to enter every values in one go
  • Synchronize changes in real time on Walmart and Shopify
  • Help you establish shoppers' trust
  • Provide you with ability to retire and re-inject items
  • Drive more orders by winning buy box
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 4.2 / 5

#7 Yroo ‑ Attract More Shoppers by Yroo

Yroo ‑ Attract More Shoppers

Do you want to diverse the number of products in your online store? Do you want to save time when counting the number of products? These questions are solved by using Yroo- Attract More Shoppers. Yroo is an effective tool for the online store to import new products from prestigious websites. The app assists you in diversifying the types of products to attract and meet the demands of shoppers who always want to use high-quality items. Moreover, you can also add the title, a brief description of the products so that merchants can search on keywords to find your items. You also make a good impression with many internet-based stores because it is easy to import products from Shopify. Any changes that store’s admins update on Shopify will be automatically made on Yroo. Yroo offers a section of frequently asked questions to help managers to deal with frequent troubles or customer support is always available. Amazingly, the app is free of charge, hence why don’t you use the app right now?

Features Highlights

  • Make several lists of products of Yroo
  • Bring your products to top results
  • Improve the brand recognition
  • Import products from Shopify
  • Maximize customers’ experience via few clicks
Price: Free
Rating: 3.9 / 5

#8 Houzz ‑ marketplace for home by Houzz

Houzz ‑ marketplace for home

Houzz - marketplace for home is an app designed specifically for Shopify stores with target customers are those enthusiasted in renovating and decorating their homes. The app connects you to Houzz, which has an enormous user pool of millions of monthly users and more than a million interior architects. Once signed up, you could add all of your products to Houzz, process the orders you received and view your Houzz sales without even leaving the Shopify app. All of your orders, products pricing and inventory are automatically synced between Shopify and Houzz. Getting closer to your customers has never seem to be easier. The app is free to install, however additional charges may be applied.

Features Highlights

  • Allow you to sell your products on the Houzz Marketplace
  • Directly aim at millions of homeowners on Houzz
  • Manage sales on Houzz without leaving Shopify
  • Automatically sync between Houzz and Shopify
  • Automatically update the app
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 1.9 / 5

#9 Localyyz by Localyyz


If you want to bring your products to a martketplace to sell, Localyyz must be one of the best choices for you. It is a wonderful app which drives more traffics to your items. All of your products will be displayed in a high quality to active shoppers. This will inspire the clients to boost your sales dramatically. Particularly, this app targets clients automatically with related offers. Knowing their interest, you are able to grow mobile conversions with discovery and checkout. Furthermore, Localyzz allows you to manage payment with ease. It also helps you fulfill orders through your Shopify dashboard. You will find it super simple and quick to start selling on Localyzz. Therefore, get this app now to have these brilliant features.

Features Highlights

  • Drive more traffics to your items
  • Target clients automatically with related offers
  • Grow mobile conversions with discovery and checkout
  • Allow you to manage payment easily
  • Help you fulfill orders through your Shopify dashboard
Price: From $9/month
Rating: 4.5 / 5


eBay LINK, which is developed by eBay Inc, is an app help you sell your items on eBay Australia simply. It brings you lots of beneficial things to gain higher revenue. Firstly, it automatically makes changes to price and product titles to make sure that they are the most suitable ones for the customers. They will find the price is really reasonable and make more purchases. Secondly, this app lists your products in eBay categories so that shoppers can find the kind of products they want more quickly and effortlessly. Thirdly, eBay LINK allows you to block the items you don't want to sell. Moreover, you are offered different shipping charges for different items. Finally, this app will send orders back to your Shopify dashboard for their fulfillment. Don't hesitate to try these powerful features for your online store.

Features Highlights

  • Automatically make changes to price and product titles
  • List your products in eBay categories
  • Allow you to block the items you don't want to sell
  • Offer you different shipping charges for different items
  • Send orders back to your Shopify dashboard for their fulfillment
Price: Free
Rating: 2.5 / 5

#11 SiBi ‑ See It Buy It by NFlate, Inc.

SiBi ‑ See It Buy It

SiBi - See It Buy It, which is invented by nFlate, Inc., is a brilliant app provides you with a marketplace to sell your items. You will have active customers who only want to shop. Hence, once your products are shown, there will be a large amount visitors pay attention to them and make a purchase. As a result, this app speeds up the discover products' process dramatically. Especially, shoppers would love to find their favorite items by submitting photos to find matches. They don't have to waste time searching among millions of items but just a few minutes posting photos. For your products, SiBi provides you with clear size charts and concise names to make sure the shoppers are attracted. Moreover, this app displays the images of your items in the high quality so that they will look more amazing to visitors. This app also associates specific images to variants. Last but not least, this app is free. Therefore, install it now to experience.

Features Highlights

  • Speed up the discover products' process dramatically
  • Shoppers can send photos to find their favourite items
  • Have clear size charts and concise names for the products
  • Display images in the high quality
  • Offer free shipping and associate specific images to variants
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 3.7 / 5

#12 Wish Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Wish Marketplace Integration

If you find your self spending too much time on tiring manual work yet still struggle to manage everything on your Shopify store, it's time to look for a solution at Wish Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce. The app offers a wide variety of features all with the one aim of helping you sell your products on Wish.com as simply as possible. Listing your products on the Wish.com page, performing any changes or synchronizing your orders between Shopify and Wish.com has never been easier. You could also manage your inventory better by setting up an inventory threshold to get a notification from the app whenever a product is running low in quantity. The app would also save your time by automatically cancel a product that is out of stock or SKU, so late orders would never be a problem again. With free plan available, what are you waiting for?

Features Highlights

  • Manage everything on the same platform
  • Almost real-time synchronization of products and inventory
  • Moderate prices with products custom pricing
  • Automatically and periodically update
  • Save your time with auto cancelation of orders
Price: Free plan available. 10-day free trial.
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#13 Newegg Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Newegg Marketplace Integration

Newegg Marketplace integration by CedCommerce is an app designed to integrate your Shopify store with Newegg.ca. After the app is installed to your Shopify store, all all orders from Newegg.ca could be instantly processed on your Shopify store. It connects Shopify and Newegg seamlessly to keep the data alike in both channels. Along with all the changes in Shopify ecosystem, the app updates periodically to make sure users are enjoying the latest technology. Moreover, auto orders cancellation and upgrade in inventory management would save you from marketplace penalties as well as ensure that the information customers receive is the right one. What is even better than those attractive features? CedCommerce offers users a dedicated support team who would give you expert trainings 24/7. Try it out!

Features Highlights

  • Connect Shopify and Newegg seamlessly
  • Periodic automatic update
  • Create products manufacturer
  • Relieve the stress of inventory management
  • 24/7 support team
Price: Free plan available. 15-day free trial.
Rating: 4.8 / 5

#14 Lyst by Lyst


Lyst has invented a powerful app named the same to provide you with the best way to sell your products in a professional marketplace. With this, you can experience plenty of useful widgets. First of all, it allows your store to reach over 65 millions global shoppers. Such a large number of customers, you can increase your sales dramatically. The more people willing to shop, the more orders you will get. In addition, they are mostly luxury fashion-focused customers, which means their needs are high and they often don't mind about the price. These clients will pay for luxury products as long as they feel satisfied. You will find it simple to process Lyst orders within your Shopify dashboard. It not only saves your time but also helps your dashboard fulfilled. Lyst offers a global fashion search platform. Many shops in this marketplace are high quality. The customers find it helpful to find the most suitable items for them. This builds the shoppers' faith and pleasure. Install this app now.

Features Highlights

  • Allow your store to reach over 65 millions global shoppers
  • Encourage a large amount luxury fashionable customers to buy your items
  • Simply process Lyst orders within your Shopify dashboard
  • Offer a global fashion search platform
  • Help the customers find the most suitable products
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 2.5 / 5

#15 Jetti - Dropship & multi-vendor marketplace by Jetti

Jetti - Dropship & multi-vendor marketplace

Jetti provides users a management tool that adjusts multi-vendor marketplace automation. Automatically put your orders in your vendors' stores, integrate with all major platforms, pay vendors, sync inventory updates, etc.

One of your first experiences for these bunch of features is that you will have advanced multi-warehouse inventory. So you can sync inventory, orders, shipping & payments between your Shopify store and others. Advanced multi-warehouse inventory management. Fully automate dropship & in-house operations. You can custom vendor integrations available. So your customers can see inventory syncing & pricing updates to your Shopify store. Let your store has automatic fulfillment updates pushed directly to your Shopify store. You will get notified whenever product updates from suppliers. Besides, your vendors can make shipping labels right in their portal. Moreover, you can freely manage vendor shipping rules, which lets you configure rates and rules for each vendor or all of them.

Although this app requires a high fee, you will receive numerous benefits to upgrade your store.

Features Highlights

  • Manage advanced multi-warehouse inventory
  • Can custom vendor integrations
  • Inventory syncing & pricing updates
  • Automatic fulfillment updates
  • Manage vendor shipping rules
Price: $249/month. 14-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#16 Sears Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Sears Marketplace Integration

Sears Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce is designed specially for Shopify store managers who do not have a long-term, defined sales strategy that look for a way to automate their whole selling process. While manually manage your huge amount of work on the Product and Order section from your Shopify admin could be as tiring as it is time-consuming, SEARS Marketplace Integration provides a solution to manage all of your products and orders on Sears.com in a very simple way. For example, the system automatically synchronise all changes made on one channel with another. You could custom the price of a product, delete it or add promotional pricings and import tags,... all on the same platform of Sear.com. What's even better is that free plan is available, as well as a 15-day periods of free trial before you making the purchase decision.

Features Highlights

  • Automate all sales operations
  • Detect the potential and optimal customers
  • Sell through an official partner
  • Moderate prices with products custom pricing
  • Ensure automatic updates and listings of products and orders
Price: Free plan available. 15-day free trial.
Rating: 4.9 / 5

#17 Fruugo Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Fruugo Marketplace Integration

Fruugo Shopify Integration is an app designed to integrate your Shopify store with Fruugo.com, which is one of the most crowded online marketplaces in the U.K. After installing this app, you could process all orders from Fruugo.com on your Shopify store. It synchronizes all inventory status and products with Fruugo, as well as updates periodically to ensure the highest performance. It also provides orders seamless import and one-step orders fulfillment. Furthermore, sellers could customize pricing to moderate prices any time. What tops all these attractive features is a devoted support team who would quickly assist you in on-boarding 7 days a week. How much do you think these wonders would cost? Zero! What a bargain it is!

Features Highlights

  • Automate all sales operations
  • Set threshold limit for deduction of low stock
  • Keep your vendors updated through notifications and emails
  • Synchronize inventory status and products in real time
  • Customize the pricing of products anytime
Price: Free
Rating: 5 / 5

#18 Couture Lane by Couture Lane Inc

Couture Lane

If you desire a brilliant app allows you to sell your items in a professional marketplace, Couture Lane is definitely for you. This app provides you with a large number of style-influencers and fashionistas who are willing to shop actively. They are the ones who don't care much about the price but the quality. Thanks to this, you are not only selling directly to them but also build their faith. They might advertise your products to others to encourage them to get your items. As a result, you can receive plenty of orders and gain more profits. This app also gives the most suitable recommendations to visitors. Those ones are matched things which draw their attention mostly. When orders are fulfilled, the payment will be fastly sent to your account only about two days. With this app, you will find it effortless to manage orders and item listing. For all of these great features, install Corture Lane now.

Features Highlights

  • Direct sale to style-influencers and fashionistas
  • Give the most suitable recommendations to visitors
  • Send proceeds from fulfilled orders to your account fastly
  • Manage orders and item listing effortlessly
  • Send orders to your Shopify dashboard for fulfillment
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 3.3 / 5

#19 StoreSync by NV's Labs


StoreSync invented by NV's Labs is one of the smart apps which provides you with the opportunity of selling products in a wonderful marketplace. It brings you plenty of great widgets to take advantages of. First of all, this app helps you create and manage item listing on eBay in the easiest way. As far as we know, eBay has a lot of active shoppers. Therefore, if your product listing has created on eBay, you can receive more orders and boost your sales dramatically. Moreover, you can manage item listing simply and quickly but still reach the effective results. Secondly, it allows you to set custom rules for item pricing. These value would be flexible and reasonable so that clients are eager to shop more. Finally, this app syncs products from Shopify to eBay in an automatic way. Hence, you don't need to do anything but enjoy the beneficial things. Get StoreSync now to experience above brilliant features.

Features Highlights

  • Create item listing on eBay
  • Manage bulk listing for eBay marketplaces
  • Allow you to set custom rules for item pricing
  • Sync products from Shopify to eBay automatically
  • Display items in a high quality
Price: From $9/month. 5-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#20 Multi‑vendor Marketplace by Marketcube.io

Multi‑vendor Marketplace

Multi-vendor Marketplace by MARKETCUBE.io was designed with a vision to transform your regular Shopify store into a fully operational multi-vendor marketplace. It equips you with all the tools you will need, from vendor and accounting to orders and inventory management, in order to smoothly run a marketplace business. With its state-of-the-art technology, everything that could currently be automated has already been automated, all to maximize your and your sellers' using experience. The app also offers a FREE plan with all of the fundamental features for beginning-level store owners and paid plans with advanced functionalities for larger-scaled businesses. In addition, for all information related to marketplace management, the MARKETCUBE.io is trusted with excellent real-time customer service.

Features Highlights

  • Transform your Shopify store into a marketplace
  • Automate marketplace management
  • Give your vendors ownership
  • Yet still maintain full control
  • State-of-the-art technology
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 3.6 / 5

#21 Best Buy Canada Integration by CedCommerce

Best Buy Canada Integration

Ced Commerce Shopify app supplier has developed one of the best solutions for the online sellers to manage their stores is Best Buy Canada Integration app. Considered as the effective tools for the users, this Best Buy Canada Integration app provides the Inventory Synchronization which allows them to check their inventory easily. Moreover, by only the Shopify Account, the store owners can also sell their products on the Best Buy Marketplace. Therefore, the sales will increase even three times. In addition, this integration between Shopify and the Best Buy Marketplace enables helping the admins easily to sync the number of products and automatically update them. Besides, if there is any order that is insufficient inventory, the app users will be received the notification, so they can update it frequently.

Features Highlights

  • Enable receiving regular notifications and updates related products
  • Provide the auto cancel orders tool
  • Automatically manage inventory
  • order & shipment
  • Easy to synchronize the inventory between Shopify and the Best Buy Marketplace
  • Support to integrate with shipwire
  • shipstation
  • bestbuyca
  • shipwork
Price: From $60/month. 10-day free trial.
Rating: 4.2 / 5

#22 Bonanza Integration by CedCommerce

Bonanza Integration

Bonanza Integration, which is created by CedCommerce, is one of the most powerful apps for you to display your products in a marketplace. This app gives you lots of beneficial things to experience. First of all, you will find it effortless to manage orders, inventory, and shipment. Furthermore, this app helps you handle listings and updates in real time. Every change will be updated immediately. Secondly, Bonanza Integration provides you with numerous expert training who are willing to support you. You will find the operating process has never been that simple. If there's any question, you can send inquiries to customer service. This app drives more visitors to view your products so that you can increase your sales dramatically. Last but not least, item listing is transferred to Google and Bing Shopping. Hence, you no longer need to advertise on your own. Let Bonanza Integration do these things for you by installing it.

Features Highlights

  • Manage orders
  • inventory and shipment effortlessly
  • Handle of listings and updates in real time
  • Offer numerous expert training to support
  • Drive more visitors to view your products
  • Item listing is transfered to Google and Bing Shopping
Price: Free plan available. 15-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#23 Curate by Curate Limited


As an intelligent app, Curate made by Curate Limited provides you with a bustling marketplace to sell all of your products. Furthermore, it allows your store to sell with other premium brands. Hence, your store will be considered as one of the best shops in New Zealand so that the customers will feel comfortable to purchases the items. With this app, you can reach to new active shoppers. Thanks to this, you will have a larger number of clients and sell more products. Curate send all orders to your Shopify dashboard and you can fulfill them instantly. It also helps you build a following within the shopping community. Especially, it customizes the appearance of your Curate store page to make sure that it looks attractive the most to the visitors. This app is completely free for you. Install it now to experience this powerful app.

Features Highlights

  • Allow your store to sell with other premium brands
  • Help you reach to new active shoppers
  • Send all orders to your Shopify dashboard
  • Help you build a following within the shopping community
  • Customize the appearance of your Curate store page
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 5 / 5

#24 Multi Seller Marketplace by Softpulse Infotech

Multi Seller Marketplace

Multi Seller Marketplace is an app that allows you to convert your Shopify store to a perfect marketplace with multiple sellers.

Manage orders remind merchants for not only sold products but also a particular order. You can also create or manage product categories to calculate available products. Admin can review and approve and reject the products uploaded by the merchant. Besides, you can either set auto-approval or manually. Manage store settings like portal header, either admin can set text or store logo as the header. Admin can set a measurement unit which is used to display unit of weight when any product is added/ edited by seller/admin. Manage merchant payments and be able to view total commission and merchants' total sells and stuffs.

The Multi Seller Marketplace app won't cost you any money. It even brings about advantages to your store and increases the revenue for you.

Features Highlights

  • Can create or manage vendors
  • Can create or manage product categories
  • Manage orders and remind merchant for products
  • Can set measurement unit
  • Manage merchant payments easily
Price: $39.99/month. 30-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#25 Rakuten Integration by CedCommerce

Rakuten Integration

Shopify marketplace is one of the most effective markets for online merchants who want to earn huge revenue. That is the reason why there are a lot of online stores in this maThe Shopify store owners with the hundred of products are difficult to calculate and manage the prices of them. Therefore, it is necessary for them to install a tool to help them with Rakuten. For the online sellers, this app Rakuten Integration is the best choice to manage the inventory, order, and shipment automatically. This app has just introduced for USA sellers only.

All things that the shop owners do is installing this app, which makes the store faster and more professional. With this hassle-free manage inventory, it can save a lot of time on handling of listings and updating them. On this Shopify marketplace, Rakuten Marketplace creates more opportunities when the Shopify store owners using the Rakuten to the diverse network including e-commerce companies, logistics, etc. There are many marketing and loyalty bonus programs that the Shopify sellers can utilize to maximize their shop efficiencies such as Rakuten Viki, Rakuten Marketing, Rakuten Viber, and Rakuten Super Logistics. In case that one of the products are running out of, this app also supports to cancel the out-of-stock orders.

As soon as the shoppers coming to the Shopify stores, they want to know more about the product's information, especially in prices. Under Rakuten Integration App panel, the Shopify store owners will receive orders on Rakuten, then they will be synced with the app and eventually, they will be confirmed so that it is easy to manage a bulk of orders in this store. Moreover, this app is totally customizable so that the users can use this app to create a store by themselves without much of time and effort.

Features Highlights

  • Mange the inventory
  • order & shipment effectively
  • Support to cancel the out-of-stock orders
  • Manage prices of producucts on Rakuten
  • Easy to save time and cost on listing and updating
  • Upload a bulk of images at once
Price: From $40/month. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 5 / 5

#26 Newegg‑CA Integration by CedCommerce

Newegg‑CA Integration

Newegg‑CA Integration by CedCommerce is a Shopify app designed to serve you mulitple purposes. The app allows you to edit and upload products to your store in bulk. It also notifies you via email whenever an order is placed, as well as automatically cancels orders with insufficient inventory. The app offers near real-time synchronization and regular periodic app updates to make sure you are always enjoying the best service available.

Features Highlights

  • Edit and upload products in bulk
  • Almost real-time synchronization
  • Notified via email for each order placed
  • Automatically cancel orders with insufficient inventory
  • Auto periodic app updates
Price: Free plan available. 15-day free trial.
Rating: 5 / 5

#27 Bol.com by Koongo by Koongo

Bol.com by Koongo

Bol.com by Koongo is invented with a view to supporting internet-based shops to launch effective marketing strategies. The installation of the app requires no expertise skills, no coding compulsory. Just click on download and then you can add the app to your website. Bol.com provides a lot of great tools allowing users to have an amazing experience. First, the admins of the store can sell goods on Bol.com platform. Besides, you can integrate products via Shopify-Bol API, the process takes place in 30 minutes. Second, information can be updated directly on Bol.com and the information would appear on the Shopify store at the same time. Moreover, admins enable attribute and classify filters to choose specific products on Bol marketplace. Finally, buyers will be received an email to inform about the process of delivery. Your store can use the app for free in 30 days then pay $34.95 per month to experience the wonder of Bol.com.

Features Highlights

  • Sell goods on Bol.com platform
  • Update product information via API integration
  • Complete Bol.com orders on Shopify store
  • Support order synchronization function
  • Track products on Google Analytics
Price: $34.95/month. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 5 / 5

#28 Etsy Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

Etsy Marketplace Integration

Etsy Marketplace Integration, which is produced and published by CedCommerce, is a must-have application for every store owner to list, sync, manage and automate to boost sales on Etsy. With Etsy Marketplace Integration, you can control your products, orders, and inventory with little effort, which helps store owners work more effectively and save time. In addition, with CSV method which is included in the app, users are able to upload and update their products in bulk. Also, a real-time syncing scenario in Etsy Marketplace Integration application are included and allow store administrators to control their workflow and avoid issues with of inventory and orders due to the time difference between the marketplace and your Shopify store. Moreover, changes in the application such as app process, latest updates from Etsy and performance of any process are immediately sent to you in forms of notification and update. All things considered, along with the five-star CedCommerce offered, Etsy Marketplace Integration is a great assistant tool for all store owners to save money, time and boost their sales. Enjoy all benefits Etsy Marketplace Integration offers by installing this app immediately!

Features Highlights

  • Enable user to change the information related to the product
  • Provide real-time syncing scenario
  • Provide CSV method to update or upload products in bulk
  • Instantly notify and update users changes in the app
  • Integrate with Etsy
  • Shipstation
  • Shipwire
  • Shipwork
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 5 / 5

#29 InfiPlex OMS by InfiPlex Order Management System

InfiPlex OMS

To manage effectively the online stores, the merchant's needs to empower their stores with the useful Shopify apps. The InfiPlex Order Management System (OMS) Shopify app is one of the best choices for the store owners to track their shipping and inventory in multiple markets from their Shopify store admins pages. This InfiPlex OMS app allows users to perfectly connect their stores to other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, etc. It is totally easy for the online sellers to update all the attributes of the inventory and products information. Especially, the users enable managing the quantity of products,which is saved in the marketplace system. Moreover, with the Step-by-Step instructions, the store owners can easily connect their stores without any coding required. In addition, this app also allows online sellers to use whatever shipping tools. Last but not least, the InfiPlex OMS with a daily re-order email can motivate the past customers to repeat their purchases by automatical emails every day.

Features Highlights

  • Enable connecting to all marketplaces such as Amazon
  • eBay
  • Provide the product upload tools
  • Provide the re-pricing tools
  • Easy to give re-order recommendations
  • Support to manage daily sales and re-orders
Price: $10/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 3 / 5

#30 AsiaMart by Meekco.Asia


AsiaMart, which is Meekco.Asia, is one of the most powerful apps to bring your Shopify store's products to Lazada in the simplest way. This is a smart way to sell your items faster and faster because Lazada is a marketplace which has a large number of active customers. AsiaMart helps you sync the items to your Lazada account effortlessly and quickly. Then, you don't need to do anything but wait for plenty of orders coming to you. Especially, it provides you with useful inventory sync functionality. Thanks to this, it will automatically update the stock amount as soon as a new order comes. Furthermore, this app has the ability to create a Lazada listing in the easiest way. The cost of operation on double inventory management also becomes lower when you use AsiaMart. Experience these powerful widgets by installing this app now.

Features Highlights

  • Help you sync the items to your Lazada account simply
  • Provide you with the useful inventory sync functionality
  • Have the ability to create a Lazada listing in the easiest way
  • Allow you to sell all your products effortlessly
  • Make the cost of operation on double inventory management lower
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 2.5 / 5

#31 E‑Marketplace Services (EMS) by E marketplace services

E‑Marketplace Services (EMS)

E‑Marketplace Services (EMS), which is created by E marketplace services, is a must-have application for all Shopify administrators to manage all your orders, your inventory across multiple sales channels. Created especially for merchants who sell on multiple channels and ship by multiple carriers, EMS is a great solution that will save your time and helps you to work effectively. With EMS, you can synchronize and manage all your orders and your inventory using only one app. Additionally, EMS integrates will many shipping carries, which means that you will be receiving the best shipping rate if you use the service from this app. Moreover, this app will be a great help to save your time as it completes the order and uploads tracking numbers to all your stores without any manual work. No special system requirements are needed. Just only click away from having the best service that will upgrade your business, do not hesitate to click Add app and have EMS installed.

Features Highlights

  • Allows you to manage all your orders from many sales channels
  • Integrates with multiple shipping carriers
  • Helps users to get the best shipping rates
  • Provides helps to synchronize your inventory
  • Completes orders and uploads tracking numbers automatically
Price: Start from $0/month
Rating: 5 / 5

#32 OMNA ‑ Sell On Lazada, Qoo10! by OMNA Pte Ltd

OMNA ‑ Sell On Lazada, Qoo10!

How to capture customers’ interest in your products? How to improve product position marketing? OMNA will help you to deal with these concern. Developed by OMNA Pte Ltd, a popular developer on e-commerce, OMNA - Sell on Lazada will certainly live up to your expectation, in particular, small and medium enterprises. The app provided internet-based shops a lot of great characteristics which increases customers’ satisfaction. First, OMNA lits your goods on famous e-platform such as Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee. Thanks to the connection, the store’s admins are able to open a separate store and export your products, therefore you can reach more customers. Second, the app certainly assists managers in doing administrative tasks by using Listing Management. Thanks to this function, you can monitor, revise and relist your items from one place. Last but not least, admins can view shopper purchasing history via Omni Channel View. The app offers three types of packages: bronze ($18 per month), silver ($48 per month) and gold ($78 per month).

Features Highlights

  • List your products on Lazada
  • Qoo10 and Shopee
  • Print shipping labels and invoices
  • Integrate price on many marketplaces
  • View customer buying history via Omni View
  • Provide unified order management
Price: $18/month. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Rating: 2 / 5

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  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
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Top 32+ Shopify Marketplace Apps

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