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46+ Best Shopify Jewellery Themes 2023

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    Sam Thomas

Are you looking for Shopify Jewellery Themes? You are in the right place! 46+ Best Shopify Jewellery Themes have been reviewed and manually picked up by our AVADA Commerce team from website, marketplace such as: Themeforest, Shopify Themes or TemplateMonster. Jewellery Themes have been collected based on the following criteria: number of sales, reviews, ratings and social metrics. The best Jewellery themes collection is ranked and updated in March 2023

#1 Boho Chic theme by Kabukithemes

Boho Chic

Theme Features

  • Easily installation and customization,Powerful admin panel,Strong Mega Menu included,Various colors,Multiple header styles,Integrate many powerful modules

Boho Chic is a great Shopify theme for e-commerce store. It is suitable for many different stores such as jewelry, accessories, handmade, fashion, clothes, furniture, etc. Besides that, it can meet on any device like mobiles, tablets, computers, screens, laptops, etc. In particular, Boho chic comes with many powerful modules such as SEO, Mega Menu, Revolution slider, Slideshow, Quickview, Related Products, Ajax technology, etc. Boho Chic promises to bring the interesting experience for customers as well as help increase sales dramatically. It's time for you to choose Boho Chic Shopify theme and feel the great value that this theme brings.

#2 Fashion Boutique theme by BuddhaThemes

Fashion Boutique

Theme Features

  • Include 5 different styles of Mega Menu,Support 8 types of header and footer,Easy to drag and drop sections,Support Owl Carousel,Font awesome icons integrated,Ajax Add to cart included,Multiple currency

Fashion Boutique is a theme based on advanced technologies such as CSS 3, HTML 5. This theme includes 5 Mega Menu styles and 8 different header and footer types, which gives you more choices for the online store. Fashion Boutique can fit all types of stores and on every device. In addition, this theme is packed with various powerful modules such as Revolution slider, Font awesome icons, Mega Menu, Ajax add to cart, Owl Carousel, etc which create the best experience for your customers. In addition, you can easily drag and drop these sections to make managing and building your store easier. It's time to select the Fashion boutique Shopify theme for your store.

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#3 Fashionify theme by CleverSoft


Theme Features

  • Various color options,Flexible admin panel,Strong Mega Menu included,Google fonts integrated,Eye-catching and modern design,Easily customize and install

Fashionify is an excellent Shopify theme for online stores that are developed exclusively for fashion stores, apparel, and clothing. This is a beautiful and modern design that easily attracts customers at first sight. In addition, Fashionify can meet on all devices such as mobiles, tablets, computers, laptops, etc. In addition, CGMarket has a flexible control panel, which is advantageous to help your business more effectively. Don't miss this great opportunity, select and explore the Fashionify Shopify theme today to experience it!

#4 Bigsale theme by Typostores


Theme Features

  • Include 5+ homepage layouts,Eye-catching and clean design,Fonts awesome icons integrated,Revolution slider included,Various colors,One click to install

Built on powerful modules such as SEO, Mega Menu, Daily Deal, Ajax technology, Slideshow, Quickview, etc, BigSale has quickly become a top choice for Shopify shoppers. Bigsale has a simple, clean and modern design. This is a great advantage because it will help your store become different from the competition. In addition, this is a customizable and easy-to-use theme thanks to the flexible admin panel. It's too easy for you to manage your online store and in particular, you can build an online store in just minutes. Choose and explore the BigSale Shopify theme!

#5 Minimal theme by Arenatheme


Theme Features

  • Include 7 homepage layouts,Unique and modern design,Mega Menu included,Powerful admin control panel,Quickview supported,Support Google Rich snippets

Minimal is a Shopify template developed based on modern technologies such as CSS 3, HTML 5 and Sass CSS. This theme has a beautiful design and eye-catching customers at first sight. It suits the fashion stores, apparel, clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc. In addition, Minimal Shopify theme can meet all different devices. Moreover, it comes with tons of powerful modules like SEO, Mega Menu, Revolution Slider, Slideshow, Ajax, Google Rich Snippets, Google web fonts, etc. Surely you will be satisfied with what Minimal Shopify theme brings.

#6 Belle theme by Adornthemes


Theme Features

  • Include 4 homepages,Beautiful theme,Easy to install adn configure,Include many strong extensions,Google Rich Snippet to do SEO better,Multiple colors

Belle is a clean and modern design that suits all types of stores such as fashion, clothing, apparel, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, etc. Belle is fully compatible with all kinds of devices. In addition, Belle theme comes with a lot of powerful features and modules such as Mega Menu, Related Products, Blog, SEO, Slideshow, etc. We believe Belle is the best choice for your online store. Built on HTML5 and CSS 3, store owners can more easily manage their stores and increase revenues dramatically. Another point, Belle has a professional and enthusiastic support team. You will definitely enjoy the Belle Shopify Theme!

#7 Ione theme by CleverSoft


Theme Features

  • Multiple color options,Advanced Layered Navigation,Integrate Google web fonts,Support Related Products,Powerful Mega Menu included,Easy to install

Ione is a Shopify template that was designed by CleverSoft. This theme is modern and clean, comes with tons of powerful modules like SEO, Mega Menu, Revolution Slider, Slideshow, Ajax, Google Rich Snippets, Google web fonts, Ajax Product Filters, Quickview, etc. In addition, Ione Shopify theme can meet all different devices. In particular, it has a flexible and intelligent control panel. This is an advantage for you to manage the store easily and efficiently.

#8 Space theme by CleverSoft


Theme Features

  • Include 4 homepage layouts,Easy to drag and drop sections,Powerful admin panel,Strong Mega Menu included,Suport SEO optimized,Easy to install and use

Space is a beautiful, modern and eye-catching design. It is based on CSS 3 and HTML 5 technology. These are the most advanced technologies and create the best experience for customers. In addition, this theme is fully compatible with all devices such as mobiles, tablets, computers, laptops, screens, etc. In addition, Space Shopify theme includes a lot of powerful modules to help your customers have a great experience on the website. Furthermore, the Space Shopify theme will make a difference to your store thanks to the various homepage options it offers.

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#9 Binimal theme by Bingotheme


Theme Features

  • Powerful admin control panel,Unlimited colors,Build on HTML 5, CSS 3 and Sass CSS,Easily drag & drop sections,Easy to customize,Fully responsive

Built on HTML 5, CSS 3 and Sass CSS, Binimal Shopify theme is a perfect theme with modern technology. This theme has unlimited colors and tons of powerful features that enhance the user experience for the consumer. Ajax Search module allows customers to find products on the page easily in a flash. Binimal theme suits every store such as furniture, accessories, clothing, fashion, glasses, apparel, footwear, etc. Don't miss this great opportunity. Choose and purchase the Binimal Shopify theme today to feel and experience!

#10 Mr.Bara theme by Typostores


Theme Features

  • Google web fonts integrated,Multiple color options,Beautiful design,Quickview included,Grid and List mode supported,Ajax add to cart supported,Include soical networking

Mr Bara is a unique design for Shopify stores. You are wondering in choosing the most appropriate theme for your store, Mr Bara theme is definitely the smart choice if you are a smart store owner. Bara Shopify theme includes powerful modules like SEO, Daily Deal, Quickview, Ajax add to cart, Social Networking, Mega Menu, etc. In particular, Mr Bara has a flexible admin control panel that allows shop owners to manage the shop more efficiently. Choose Mr Bara Shopify theme to build the best online store.

#11 JMS Athena theme by Joommasters

JMS Athena

Theme Features

  • Include 14+ homepages,Unlimited header and footer types,Strong Mega Menu supported,Revolution slider included,Multiple colors,Ajax add to cart included

If you are having difficulty choosing the most suitable and perfect theme for your Shopify store, JMS Athena is a wise choice. This is a clean and modern theme. In addition, it owns tons of powerful modules such as Mega Menu, Blog, SEO, Revolution Slider, Slideshow, Ajax Search, etc. In particular, JMS Athena Shopify theme has a flexible admin panel system that allows you to manage your online store efficiently. Don't hesitate, purchase JMS Athena Shopify theme today!

#12 Beauty theme by Junothemes


Theme Features

  • 5+ Premade unique demos,Support Google rich snippets,SEO optimized,Multiple colors,Powerful admin panel,Easily install and customize,Many powerful modules integrated

Beauty is a great Shopify theme designed to be suitable for furniture stores, watches, jewelry, accessories, etc. Developed by Junothemes, Beauty has a clean and clear design that catches the eye at first sight. In addition, it has integrated many powerful modules such as SEO, Mega Menu, Daily Deal, Ajax technology, Slideshow, Quickview, etc. In addition, this theme is fully compatible with all devices such as mobiles, tablets, computers, laptops, screens, etc. Explore Beauty Shopify theme now!

#13 Dixi theme by Volusthemes


Theme Features

  • Build on Bootstrap 3,Mobile first user,Allow customers to filter products,Tell your story by a video and images on homepage,Collection showcase,Related products included

Oxygen Jewelry is a best Shopify theme for customers and merchants to use. This is a fast-paced and mobile-friendly theme. Based on W3C, HTML5, CSS3, Oxygen is fully compatible with every store such as jewelry, decorations, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, diamonds, gems, tigers Brass, coral, jade, etc. This theme allows customers to filter products by type and sort products so that customers are more likely to search and choose easily. This is a great theme that you are looking for. Try Oxygen with your store today!

#14 Jewels theme by Designthemes


Theme Features

  • Include 8 types of header and footer,Support 5 different styles of Mega Menu,Google web fonts intergration,Drag and drop sections,Include Popup search option,Newsletter popup supported,Support timeer countdown

Jewels is a clean and beautiful theme for Shopify stores that will make a difference for your online store to your competitors. Jewels Shopify theme can fit into many different types of outlets such as fashion, jewelry, clothing, mobile, and any other type of e-store. Jewels gives you great features and technologies like SASS, CSS, Owl carousel, animations, etc. In addition, Jewels includes powerful modules such as feedback slider, Blog, Ajax Search, Newsletter popup, Mega Menu, etc. This is definitely the theme that you are looking for for your online store. Jewels believes that it will bring satisfaction to its customers.

#15 Shopie theme by ThemeYeti


Theme Features

  • Include 8+ homepages,Include a lot of CMS pages,Easy to drag & drop sections,Automatically update price,Support strong Mega Menu,Ton of modules included

Built on HTML 5, CSS 3, Shopie's Shopify theme is a premium theme that's clean, innovative and compatible with any device. Shopie comes with tons of powerful features and flexible control panel, which helps shop owners to create an online store faster and easier. Shopie is a great choice with many different stores such as fashion, handbags, apparel, footwear, sports and more. Explore Shopify Theme to experience the great things!

#16 Modular theme by Tvlgiao


Theme Features

  • Drag and drop layout,Responsive all devices,Multi currency,Powerful Mega Menu supported,Multiple colors,Include advanced filter,A lot of CMS pages included

Modular is a Shopify theme that is fully compatible with every device and is suitable for most stores such as sports, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, fashion, apparel, etc. The Modular Shopify theme is eye-catching and appealing to consumers at first sight, which is the reason why Modular is the number one choice for online shoppers. In addition, Modular has the integration of tons of powerful modules, giving your online store the best features. On the other hand, Modular has a flexible and easy-to-use admin panel system. Select Modify Shopify theme to feel now!

#17 Stuff theme by Nvttheme


Theme Features

  • Include 9 layouts options,Build on HTML 5, CSS 3 & Sass CSS,Integrate font awesome icons,Unlimited colors included,Support social networking,Support many strong modules

Stuff Shopify theme is a clean and contemporary template for Shopify stores. It is designed for different types of stores such as furniture, children's toys, fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. In addition, Stuff can respond on any device. Stuff includes tons of powerful modules that help your online store attract customers easily and significantly improve revenues. If you are wondering in choosing the best theme for your store, Stuff Shopify theme is the smart choice.

#18 Leather theme by CleverSoft


Theme Features

  • Strong Mega Menu included,Clear and beautiful design,Easy to install and configure,Multiple colors,Integrate many powerful modules,SEO friendly

Leather is a design of CleverSoft. This theme is very unique, modern and clean. It fits all stores such as bags, fashion, apparel, electronics, computers, mobiles, etc. In addition, it has a powerful admin control panel that helps you manage the store effectively. Leather Shopify theme also comes with tons of powerful modules like Mega Menu, Blog, SEO, Revolution Slider, Slideshow, Ajax Search, etc. All bring the wonderful experience for your customers. Choose the Shop Shopify theme for your shop, it will make a difference to your store. This is a factor to impress customers at first sight.

#19 Toxi theme by CleverSoft


Theme Features

  • Modern and eye-catching design,Strong Mega Menu included,Support Ajax technology,Powerful admin control panel,Various color options,Customizable theme

Toxi is an excellent Shopify theme for e-commerce stores. It is developed by CleverSoft and is suitable for all stores such as fashion, sports, jewelry, accessories, fruit, etc. In addition, Toxi Shopify theme is built on powerful modules such as SEO, Mega Menu, Daily Deal, Ajax technology, Slideshow, Quickview, etc. Another great point, Toxi includes a flexible and intelligent control panel that helps you manage the store efficiently. Don't miss a great chance, try to choose and experience Toxi Shopify theme!

#20 Famiza theme by Adornthemes


Theme Features

  • Powerful admin panel,Sticky Menu included,Integrate fonts awesome icons,Support more animations,Various color options,CSS 3, HTML 5 and Sass CSS built,Include 17+ homepages

Famiza is a clean and modern Shopify theme. Developed by Adornthemes, Famiza promises to bring customers a great experience and satisfy customers. Famiza is based on CSS 3, HTML 5 and Sass CSS, and includes more than 17 different home page options. In addition, Famiza has integrated powerful modules such as Mega Menu, Sticky Menu, Font awesome icons, Google Rich Snippets, animation, etc. This is definitely the smart choice if you are a smart shopp

#21 Funify theme by CleverSoft


Theme Features

  • Modern and clean design,Powerful configuration,Easily installation and customization,Include Ajax product filters,Include Quickview module,Strong Mega Menu included,Build on CSS 3 and HTML 5

Funify is an excellent Shopify theme designed to fit in the furniture store, watch, jewelry, accessories, etc. Developed by CleverSoft, Funify has a modern, clean and eye-catching design from the first glance. In addition, it is developed based on powerful modules such as SEO, Mega Menu, Daily Deal, Ajax technology, Slideshow, Quickview, etc. In addition, this theme is fully compatible with all devices such as mobiles, tablets, computers, laptops, screens, etc. Explore and experience Funify Shopify theme now!

#22 Yesshop theme by ThemeYeti


Theme Features

  • Build on CSS 3 and HTML 5,Easily install and customize,Various color options,Daily deal module included,Support SEO better,Help customers to find products easily

Developed by ThemeYeti, Yesshop is a perfect Shopify theme if you are looking for your online store. Yesshop suits every store and every device. Besides that, Yesshop Shopify theme has a flexible control panel, shop owners can manage easily and efficiently. Yesshop definitely brings satisfaction to your customers and from that, it helps boost sales and increase conversion rates. In particular, Yesshop Shopify theme is built on advanced technologies such as CSS 3 and HTML 5.

#23 Moza theme by CleverSoft


Theme Features

  • Include 5+ homepages,Flexible Mega Menu included,Amazing layout variations,Multiple header and footer options,Unrestricted colors,Tons of strong modules supported

Moza Shopify theme is a template designed and developed by CleverSoft. This is a beautiful, modern and clean theme. Moza theme suits many different online stores like fashion, apparel, jewelry, electronics, watches, books, toys, etc. In addition, Moza Shopify theme includes a flexible control panel that allows shop owners to manage their stores more efficiently and more easily. With powerful modules, Moza promises to create a great user experience for customers. Don't miss this great opportunity!

#24 Hiking and Camping Shop theme by BuddhaThemes

Hiking and Camping Shop

Theme Features

  • Build on CSS 3 and HTML 5,Support SEO better,Multiple layouts,Easily install and configure,Multiple color choices,Nice and attractive design

Hiking and Camping Shop is a beautiful, modern and eye-catching design. It is built on advanced technology such as CSS 3 and HTML 5. Developed by BuddhaThemes, Hiking and Camping Shop can meet on any device and it is also a completely customizable theme thanks to the flexible control panel. In addition, it owns tons of powerful modules such as Mega Menu, Blog, SEO, Revolution Slider, Slideshow, Ajax Search, etc. There is no doubt about the great features this theme brings, explore it today!

#25 Cosmify theme by CleverSoft


Theme Features

  • Powerful admin control panel,Various colors,Support Ajax Search module,Support SEO better,Revolution slider included,Multiple header styles

Cosmify is an excellent Shopify theme for online stores. This is a beautiful and modern design that easily attracts customers at first sight. In addition, it comes with tons of powerful modules like SEO, Mega Menu, Revolution Slider, Slideshow, Ajax, Google Rich snippets, Google web fonts, Ajax Product Filters, Quickview, etc. Moreover, Cosmify is suitable for many kinds of shops such as fashion, cosmetics, accessories, apparel, furniture, electronics, watches, etc. It's time to select the Cosmify Shopify theme for your e-commerce store.

#26 Gem theme by Ennop


Theme Features

  • Drag and Drop Shopify Sections,Homepage video slider,Product page video option,Bootstrap 3.X,Support major Browers,Built with CSS 3 and HTML 5

Gem Shopify theme brings the merchants more flexibility and profitability because it allows them to customize their online store. This theme is especially suitable for accessories and fashion stores. It is easy for the clients to add, reorder, and remove chunks of content such as products, slideshows, videos, etc. With helpful features, Gem theme is flexible, user-friendly and can reach more potential customers. By drag and drop, the visitors is easy to find out the products they want and build admins panel. Furthermore, there are many kind of text, images, buttons, and even widgets such as countdown timers will be eased for comfortable using.

#27 Parallax theme by Out-of-the-sandbox


Theme Features

  • Parallax effect,Multi-level menu,Search engine optimization,Free stock photos,Mobile-friendly design,Drop-down navigation support

Parallax Shopify Theme is a theme designed to strengthen your brand’s style by its incredible parallax scrolling effect. This is a significant Parallax theme that brings the flexibility to viewers by controlling your website along with a long-format home page and distinctive scrolling style. As a result, you will be able to tell your story with the most beautiful detail. Also, creating an impact with full-width images, slideshows and video have never been that easy. You are also capable of taking advantage of the additional homepage section options including customer testimonials, logo list, featured promotions and image gallery as well.

#28 Fastest theme by Codazon


Theme Features

  • Ultra performance loading speed,Smart responsive mobiles-easy to use,16 unique design premium ,Fly Ajax cart,Customized checkout others

Designed with intelligence and good UX design, Fastest Shopify Theme is the responsive theme for all devices. Furthermore, Fastest provides the flexible optimization for the better appearance of the pages. Especially, Fastest helps the websites load with the fast speed by Fly Ajax cart and using CSS. In addition, this theme also gives admins other 30 features more, such as Mega menu pro-Drag & drop, Ajax layered navigation and Wishlist pro-extension. All of them will help the customers approach the products much more conveniently; therefore, it boosts the sales and number of visitors.

#29 Logancee theme by Typostores


Theme Features

  • Bring Quickview,Support unlimited colors,Provide Ajax Wishlist, Ajax Cart,Provide Mega Menu,Support Customer Reviews

This LoganCee theme is such a combination of the best performance such as a clean, modern, minimalist design for multiple stores in Shopify marketplace. Besides, with a variety of powerful features, this app will make your store more powerful. It will catch the customers attention with the best pictures which are perfect on different devices. In addition, it is totally easy for the store owners to customize and design their stores with multiple choices such as Color Schemes and Multiple layouts. Whatever products that customers want, this app will support by the Wishlist tool. Moreover, the SEO-optimized Reviews will be the best tool for you to maximize the sales and customers. Last but not least, with Powerful Theme Settings, it is easy for the store owners to customize their stores.

#30 Jewelry theme by Tvlgiao


Theme Features

  • Show Quick view popup of the product,Save time with advanced filters,Social sharing buttons are available,Configure the layouts with little effort,Present newsletter subscription

Jewelry Responsive Shopify Theme, which is created by tvlgiao, is a perfectly-fitted theme for all eCommerce sites of luxury jewelry. Jewelry Responsive Shopify Theme makes sure that your website will look absolutely stunning with sophisticated, elegant, luxury design tailor-made for jewelry businesses. Additionally, combining with advanced features including responsive design, Quick view popup, and advanced filters, your visitors will have the best experience in browsing your site; therefore, your sale figures will increase. Furthermore, installation and configuration require no advanced technical knowledge so you can make changes to your site with little effort. Get Jewelry Responsive Shopify Theme now and explore more amazing benefits it offers!

#31 Shopier theme by Themeyeti


Theme Features

  • New unique & flexible elextron homes,24+ premade Homepages,20+ CMS Pages,Auto update price,All Ajax features

The Shopier theme is designed as a highly customizable Shopify theme, so this theme includes many helpful features which are perfectly suitable for fashion, beauty, clothing apparel, food, restaurant, furniture shops. Furthermore, it also supports the clean, creative and retina ready feature that makes your site much more beautiful. In addition, Dynamic Layout allows admins to create a new online store extremely fast and easy. With strong customization, the customers can have many different interesting experiences such as 24+ premade Homepages demos as well as 20+ CMS Pages. Last but not least, All Ajax features can help customers enjoy the best experiences on shopping in your online stores.

#32 Jewél theme by Halothemes


Theme Features

  • Section theme,02 Homepage Layouts, 02 Headers + Footers, 02 Category pages, 02 Product detailed pages,Advanced mega menu,Multiple Languages,Multiple Currencies, Automatic Currency by GEO locations,Bundle/ Custom Tabs/ Quick Shop function

Bring to you “Gorgeous Design” and “Premium Features”, your bigcommerce store can become luxurious and modern or minimal and clean. You can use other colors, fonts, whatever you want with Jewel will give your store a unique Template layout.

#33 Jacket Shop theme by Buddhathemes

Jacket Shop

Theme Features

  • Sidebar Ajax Filters,Product View & Sorting,Grid & List Mode,Drawer search,Timer countdown

Jacket Shop Shopify Theme is especially designed for fashion. Jacket Shop Shopify theme can impress the visitors effectively and it is perfectly suitable for your e-commerce by offering elegant design and needed features. Quickview brings the nice icon on each product at homepage and category page; moreover, customers also can have detail information of the product. By Tab Category Slider, this theme allows admins to show products of each category. There is a set number of the banners which will show on Banner Slider. Besides, Jacket Shop is full screen, which helps customers have the best look on any types of devices such as computers, mobile phone, etc.

#34 Gemini theme by Adartstudio


Theme Features

  • Responsive ready,Drag & drop sections,Powerful time settings,Ajax cart,Unlimited colors

The online business is getting more competitive, that is the reason why the store's owners must invest more to their websites. Gemini will be the unique and outstanding solution for e-commerce businessman. The customers will be impressed by the clean and neat layouts depending on customization of admins. Furthermore, Gemini has unlimited colors panel that brings the best appearance for websites. Besides, this theme also includes essential functions to provides the customers the best services such as powerful Ajax cart.

#35 Glam theme by Designthemes


Theme Features

  • Ajax load more products,Multicurrency option,Product image Zoom,Product owl carousel,Great for SEO,Smart Product Quickview,Advanced Layered Navigation,Unlimited Google Fonts,Header & Footer Style Options

Such as an exclusive e-commerce theme, Glam Shopify Theme will make your stores fashionable. This theme is specially designed for selling apparels, and tops, tees, and asymmetric dress. Furthermore, Glam Shopify Theme would launch your products effectively by the finest e-commerce platform. For different languages, currencies, this theme also supports the multilanguage and multicurrency features. To make great layouts for the stores, Advanced Layered Navigation will help customers to enjoy the purchase process. Moreover, this theme is user-friendly and friendly SEO, and product image Zoom and Ajax load more products are helpful for your ecommerce.

#36 Swears theme by Typostores


Theme Features

  • Top notch Support Service,Long term support/ upgrade,Update regularly,Fully Responsive,Twitter Bootstrap 3,HTML5 & CSS3 & Sass CSS,Font awesome icons integrated

Swears is the perfect theme for carousel e-commerce fashion stores with a great combination of a clean, modern, minimalist design. Furthermore, by the powerful features, this theme will help the customer's e-commerce succeed. In addition, the customers absolutely able to customize their sites with many different types of headers, multiple style & layout. Therefore, Swears is the best choice to improve the client's landing page, sale promotion, sales product, etc.

#37 Fastest Drexel theme by Typostores

Fastest Drexel

Theme Features

  • Layered ajax,Multiple product,Drag and drop layout,Simple, modern & clean design,Fully responsive,Mega menu

Fastest Drexel theme provides the customer's products outstandingly compare to other competitors. This theme will catch the visitor’s eyes at the first sight. Furthermore, Fastest Drexel brings about not only the clean, modern, minimalist design but also many powerful features such as landing page, sale promotion, sales product, etc. Therefore, this e-commerce template will be suitable for any store owners who want to make their own site become more attractive.

#38 TOMO theme by Cleversoft


Theme Features

  • Online Documentation,Background patterns and color chooser,Brand Logo Slider,Additional Information tab for individual product attributes,Slider for Up-sell Products and Related Products blocks.,Cloudxoom Extension

Such a great combination of a clean, modern and minimalist design, TOMO Theme will make your store different and outstanding, e-commerce easy. TOMO also has a number of powerful features. TOMO allows customers to set up Layer Slider, Instagram, Off-canvas Shopping Cart, Tailored QuickShop, Newsletter Pop-up. Furthermore, it can support other built-in features such as instant list/grid change, Ajax Paging & Ajax Toolbar, Sticky Menu, Alternative Images, Lazy Load, Product Zoom, Off Canvas Menus, etc.

#39 Presiden theme by Masstechnologist


Theme Features

  • Brand logo slider,Support multiple languages,Ajax cart and wishlist,AJAX Layered Navigation,Easy customizable

Such a latest Shopify theme, Presiden Fashion Shopify Theme with 10 beautiful layouts is the best for fashion, bag, shoes, glasses, kid, digital, etc. Furthermore, with the simple and neat layout can provide the smooth transition of Slideshow and pretty web pages. In addition, Tabs Category Slider is the outstanding feature; moreover, the Presiden allows admins to give description under the title. Moreover, Products Slider modules, Brand Logo Slider are the tools for customers to approach the products. the visitors also can view information of a product via a hand popup and Product Quickview. One of the features such as Related Slider also helps increase the sales.

#40 Journey Casual theme by Desideals4u

Journey Casual

Theme Features

  • Lastest Bootstrap v3.x Ready,QUick install,Multilevel menu,Autocomplete search,Newsletter Popup,Ajax Product Filter

Journey Casual is designed as beautiful blog pages and inner pages to choose the styles or to be easier for store owner to sell products such as clothing, women fashion, fashion, accessories, high fashion, men fashion, etc. Furthermore, Journey Casual theme is responsive drag and drop sections to build their own pages without coding. This theme is enhanced to customize with sections flexibly when customizing your store.

#41 Jewelry theme by Jetimpex


Theme Features

  • Contact Form,Google Map,Product Badges,Product Carousel,Brands

It is necessary for any store owners of Fashion Jewelry stores. This Jewelry Shopify Theme requires their responsive needs and has clear layouts. With a stunning eCommerce store layouts, this theme is suitable for selling jewelry, accessories or perfumes. There are 4 premade color schemes, so the admins can customize their website by themselves. It also supports various functions such as New and On Sale, which to boost the attractiveness of your top products by blog functionality. Moreover, it also provides extremely benefits for marketing.

#42 Jewelrix theme by Jetimpex


Theme Features

  • 17 ready custmizable homepages,Blog articles,Logo list,Product Quick View,Google Map,Custom content

Such as a specially designed theme for a jewelry store, Jetimpex launched Jewelrix Shopify theme which has the beautiful and professional design.This theme allows admins to customize the homepage based on their interest by ready-to-use sections such as Showcase, Slideshow, Featured product, Product carousel, Single product, Map, Testimonials, Text columns with images, etc. Furthermore, Jewelrix is the solution to increase the interaction with customers through Blog articles, Newsletter, etc. It also impresses customers by the unique display by the image with text, Image with text overlay. Moreover, store owners can add Related products on the product page or show them on Collection list, Banners, Gallery and the logo list.

#43 Diamond theme by Jetimpex


Theme Features

  • Stick on top menu,Advanced Theme Options,Crossbrowser Compatibility,Megamenu,Google Web Fonts

The jewelry stores require highly customizable layout and many helpful functions. With elegant, trendy design, Diamond Shopify theme is one of the best quality templates. Furthermore, it is the solutions for customers who want to look for their expected products easily by Featured Product. Moreover, the users have also offered them a pleasant shopping experience through effective product presentation, well-done categorization, fly-out menu and intuitive navigation. Finally, by fast and easy customization, this theme allows the users customize this professional theme.

#44 Kodo theme by Cleversoft


Theme Features

  • Powerful Customize,Quick view & Wishlist support ,Product zoom built-in,Awesome Off-Canvas Menus Integration,Advanced Layered Navigation

Combined with a clean, modern, minimalist design and a number of powerful features, Kodo provides the best and beautiful Layer Slider, Instagram, Off-canvas Shopping Cart, Tailored QuickShop, Furthermore, Kodo also supports the Newsletter Pop-up and its unique built-in features such as an instant list or grid change. The customers will be supported by Ajax Paging & Ajax Toolbar, Sticky Menu, Alternative Images, Lazy Load, Product Zoom, Off Canvas Menus, Mega Menus, etc. It is such a good theme to help the admins to improve the sales and create a professional design for their shops.

#45 Performy theme by Arenatheme


Theme Features

  • Lifetime free updates,Shopify Drap & Drop Section Editor Support,Free Wishlist Shopify Module, Free Compare Product Shopify Module, Support Customer Reviews Shopify App,Advanced Typography Options,Customizable product category page layouts,Prefined Style Page; Contact Page, FAQs

Perfomy is considered as a Shopify theme with outstanding features such as Group Product, support for 3D product view and video integration. This theme allows admins to optimize the UX for the store's interface; moreover, store owners can display different categories products. Furthermore, there are many other useful features of list/colors, countdown timer, up-sell/cross-sell product, popup reference product, etc. That can speed up the website which can be optimized smoothy.

#46 Shopy theme by Farost


Theme Features

  • More than 3 different layouts,Shopify builder,Revolution slider – Image Slideshow Module,Mega Menu,Supports nonlatin characters

Such a one of the Shopify Themes that is perfect for furniture stores, fashion stores, electronic stores, Shopy is designed with the simple and elegant layout and revolution slider. Furthermore, this theme also includes many user-friendly features such as Mega menu, support the multi languages and currencies as well as the non-latin characteristic. The customers will experience with the best shopping tools such as Ajax cart and Ajax Infinite Scroll Module. Last but not least, the Shopy theme is very helpful to display the products in the best appearance by Image Slideshow Module

How AVADA Commerce ranks 46 Shopify Jewellery themes

These 46 Jewellery themes for Shopify are ranked based on following criteria:

  • Theme rating review on Themeforest, Shopify Themes Marketplace, Templatemonster, MOJO Marketplace and more.
  • Themes' reviews and ratings.
  • The theme's design.
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  • AVADA experts' reviews

Top 46+ Shopify Jewellery Themes / Templates

Thank to every theme vendor that has made the 46+ best Shopify Jewellery themes/templates list! This is the most comprehensive list of best Jewellery on the internet and we are honoured to have you as part of this!

We would like to give the best commendation for all vendors who have done the number one of Jewellery brief! It is appreciated to be the most awesome and exhaustive result from searching on Google. We are pretty proud of your appearance of this task. Many thanks for your benefaction to our lives!

If you want to add or remove an item in the Jewellery list, feel free to contact us at Contact us

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