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How to Mention Staff Members on Timeline on Shopify

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After following the tutorial about how to add comments to Timeline, you must have known to do that successfully. Afterward, it's highly recommended that you should learn how to mention staff members on Timeline on Shopify. When you add staff members to support you with your business on Shopify, you are required to enter their email. Their email is to receive all the information from you and Shopify. Hence, when you add a comment to your Timeline, the staffs will aware of it as Shopify will send an email notification to inform them.

Read the following article to take steps.

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Step 1: Type @Staff Name

After you've entered the comment you desired, you need to refer it to the staff members by typing the @ then the names of them. The staff member' names will be suggested by Shopify. If you don't remember their name, you can enter only the character @ and look at the name list coming out to find the staff members.

How to mention staff members on Timeline

Or else, you can press on the @ button. Then comes the staff members list for you to find the ones you are looking for.

How to mention staff members on Timeline

Step 2: Choose the staff member

In this step, you just need to find the staff members you want to mention. Use the up and down arrow to find easier. If there are the names you expected, tap on them to choose. If you've chosen the unexpected name, you can return by selecting the Delete button on the keyboard.

How to mention staff members on Timeline


These above quick steps help you to mention staff members on Timeline in an effective way. Hope you will take advantage of this and save your time to do the other affairs. If you want more tips like this, check out our posts on productivity tools.

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