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How to Export Inventory (on Desktop and Mobile)

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If you want to create a template with your uniquely identified products or maybe product variants for particular locations, of if you want to export your store inventory quantities to use later in other systems, you could always export a CSV file on Shopify.

Upon exporting this file, you could specify whether to export the data for a specific location or for all the locations in your list.

Depending on how large the size of your file is, it will be downloaded to your browser or sent to your email box.

For detailed instructions on How to export inventory on Shopify, check out this article below:

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Step 1: Go to Products, then visit Inventory

First of all, log in to your Shopify admin account, then visit Products. In Products, go to the Inventory section.

how export inventory shopify

Step 2: Click Export

On top of the page, click Export right under the Inventory title.

how export inventory shopify

Step 3: Specify the location you want to export from

Specify all the details included in the dialog.

how export inventory shopify

Step 4: Click Export inventory

When you are done, click the Export inventory button.


Those are the few simple steps with clear illustrations that guide you through How to export inventory on Shopify. Want to learn more about Inventory on Shopify, read Shopify Best Inventory Management Apps

If you find this instruction of great help, then do look for more articles like this at our Help Center.

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