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Top 12 Wholesale Clothing Vendors, Suppliers For Quality Products

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The clothing industry has increased enormously in size over the years. Many people would like to buy unique things. They are willing to pay good prices for good design and high quality. This leads to a whole culture of fashion emerging in cities around the world. It also leads to the need for buying products in bulk numbers for fashion stores, which may be why you end up in this article.

If you are looking for wholesale clothing with good price and quality, the first question you have to ask yourself is where to find a wholesale supplier. It won't make a profit if you buy clothes at retail, and then resell them at a higher price. You will just raise prices to which your customers may find it too high.

Here, I will show you the top 12 wholesale clothing vendors & suppliers with high-quality goods that you can source and offer your products at low prices. Come up with a name for your store quickly, because good bulk deals are coming!

What are wholesale clothing vendors/suppliers?

A wholesale clothing vendor/supplier is actually a company that handles wholesale shipments for product manufacturers (or, in some cases, the product manufacturers). The vendor/supplier has a warehouse, and a distribution center, and can ship products directly to the retailer (you) or to the customers if the retailer does drop-shipping transactions.

Good wholesale clothing vendors/suppliers are directly connected to the manufacturers of products they store and distribute. It is the job of a wholesale vendor/supplier to distribute or ship the product to retail stores or directly to customers if they provide dropshipping to the retailer.

So, if you can find a good wholesale clothing vendor/supplier, you can both start a retail business that stores and sells fashion items online or a dropshipping business that only sells online and ships directly to customers. Before creating your first listings, make sure to use product retouching services to enhance your photos and give them a more attention-grabbing look.

Top wholesale clothing vendors/suppliers

All over the world, you can find wholesale clothing vendors/suppliers in many different countries. It may take some time to find a good one, but you should aim for both cheapness and high quality because the end products will directly affect your sales number.

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Wholesale clothing vendors and suppliers in the US

Land of the free provides many chances for you to sell fashion. If you are looking for wholesale clothing vendors and suppliers in the US, these are the names that you should consider.

1. Sugarlips

display Sugarlips wholesale clothing vendor

Sugarlips is a great website that offers you really wholesale quality clothes at good prices. The items are carefully selected, and you can go through their huge catalog. The site also has spent its time creating lookbooks so you can get inspired by them. The pieces included are classy and timeless. Products are included in packages of different sizes, and they do not ship in single pieces.

Also, all clothing items that come from the site are branded as Sugarlips, so choose wisely if you want to work with them or not.

2. LA Showroom

LA Showroom is both a marketplace and a directory for wholesale clothing suppliers. On the site, you can find clothes that look great for just $10. However, you must be a member to be able to view and buy items. Once you are approved as a member, you can explore the site by different brands and start ordering at wholesale prices.

Because there are different suppliers here, prices and shipping costs vary. Minimum order requirements are also different from supplier to supplier, including the destinations they can ship to.

3. Magnolia Fashion

If you are looking for dresses, swimwear, and suits, you may want to check out Magnolia Fashion. Like Sugarlips, Magnolia only ships in packages, which means you can't order individual pieces. Most of the time, each pack provides the same three pieces of clothing or items.

Before you can place an order, you must sign up as a member. Registration is free, and the site accepts members worldwide. The shipping cost does not have a fixed price on the site, as it depends on the location. You can use the site to buy items in bulk, but you can't use it for dropshipping.

4. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is a website where you can find many wholesale clothing vendors/suppliers from the USA. Not only do you find suppliers, but the site also offers closeout sales and tradeshows. On the site, you can find clothes for babies, women, and more. The website is a directory for wholesalers with no membership required. If you find a supplier that you like, click the link to visit their website.

You will have to contact the supplier and make business terms directly with them. Wholesale Central doesn't have any fee to join, because they mostly earn from supplier advertisements on the website.

5. Seebiz

display Seebiz Wholesale clothing Central

SeeBiz is your gateway to becoming one of the leading businesses in the $368 billion worth clothing industry. Every type of clothing for men, women, children, and toddlers is available in various sizes, materials, and styles under a single platform. It has a variety of vendors that cover all the categories of clothing at affordable prices.

Since SeeBiz is an online wholesale networking platform that connects vendors and retailers, you will be able to view updates on clothing styles from different businesses. Plus, it’s free. You can easily buy or sell a wide collection of clothing without any cost on SeeBiz!

6. Jelly Bean

display Jelly Bean Wholesale clothing Central

Jelly Bean is a wholesale clothing vendor/supplier to find women's clothing and also accessories such as necklaces or sunglasses. It is located in Los Angeles, California.

With the site, you can buy in bulk and deliver the product directly to your address. It is a great choice for those who have a physical store and want to stock inventory. International shipping is available and you can also return unsatisfied products. However, the return policy is legible only within three days from the received date.

Wholesale clothing vendors & suppliers in the UK

Even though the UK left the EU, the country is still an exciting location for fashion lovers everywhere. You can also reduce the shipping cost if your warehouse is based in the UK and want to ship around Europe. Here are some wholesale clothing vendors & suppliers in the UK to get started.

6. Parisian Wholesale

display Parisian Wholesale clothing vendors and suppliers in the UK

Parisian Wholesale is a UK brand that sells clothes internationally. You can order in bulk numbers, but you will have to pay a 20% tax if you are from Europe or the UK. Here, you can find jackets, blazers, dresses, coats, and more. The site only specializes in women's clothing. You can buy good quality items for just £10 but in packs of six items.

Delivery also has an expense, so you need to prepare at least $20 for shipping. The shipping method is DHL or Parcel Force. Remember that you can only buy six or nine packages, so you cannot use this site for single dropshipping items. This is the best display wholesale clothing vendors & Suppliers for high-quality products.

7. City Goddess

City Goddess is a UK-based wholesaler that has been around since 2003, and the site has many brands and items to offer. The first thing you need to do is create an account. You can order single pieces, so the site is great for a dropshipping business.

There is a shipping fee, and the destination country determines how much it will cost. The site accepts different payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers.

8. Catwalk Wholesale

Modern women love to have some colors in their style. Catwalk Wholesale is a vendor that you can find such colors with all trendy items. They also have products that take inspiration from trendy clothes that celebrities are wearing. It is very easy to go through the website and find something to sell. If you are lucky, you can encounter a sale season and get many pieces at just £1.

Wholesale clothing vendors - suppliers in China

Most of the biggest wholesale clothing vendors - suppliers are located in China. They can produce quickly, have high quality, and provide products at a low price. Here are some noteworthy names:

9. Chinabrands

chinabrands Wholesale clothing vendors of suppliers in China

Chinabrands is a leading global drop shipping vendor/supplier site from China. They have services for customers in more than 200 countries. The site offers a comprehensive catalog, including clothing, swimwear, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories, beauty products, and more. More than 500,000 products are available with new and trendy goods being added every day.

It is a very good site to find low to high-end product lines at wholesale prices. Buying from China brand, you can buy many items at just $ 0.29 with quite good quality. If you are looking for a high-end fashion brand, it can only cost around $40.

Besides, every time you make a purchase on the site, you earn CB points as a reward, and you can use it as money to buy next time. If you register as a member, you can get more discounts as well as get more CB points. Moreover, Chinabrands has a program specifically designed for dropshipping.

Chinabrands also have a professional team to choose trendy products that will sell well so you can consider which to sell. The manufacturers on the site can ship wholesale products and brand the items. However, you will need to talk to the manufacturer to discuss the terms.

10. AliExpress/Alibaba

display AliExpress Wholesale clothing vendors of suppliers in China

AliExpress/Alibaba is one of the largest online markets in the world. There are thousands of clothing manufacturers on both sites, and you can buy dresses for as low as $15. AliExpress is more for Chinese vendors and suppliers that can speak English and want to do business worldwide, while Alibaba is more for domestic wholesale manufacturers that can provide in large bulks but rarely can speak foreign languages.

The good thing about AliExpress is that all manufacturers on the site ship around the world. You can buy items in wholesale or retail numbers. Even if you buy retail, you can still pay at the wholesale price. Many products here have high quality and can compete with international brands. So, if you are a new store, AliExpress is the preferred supplier/vendor.

There are also many vendors, suppliers in AliExpress that own warehouses in the USA, Russia, Germany, the UK, and other parts of Europe. This means they can ship from these locations with faster delivery time and cheaper shipping costs if your customers are from these countries.

Wholesale clothing vendors, suppliers in India

While China has some of the largest wholesale vendors, and suppliers in the world, India is a fast-growing market that has a lot of potentials. The cost for warehouse and labor can be cheaper here, too, making Indian wholesale clothing vendors, and suppliers a great choice to order in bulk or drop ship through Asia.

11. Indiamart

India is a big country with a population of one billion people. You can try dropshipping in the country, and you can also find vendor sites like Indiamart.

The site offers thousands of Indian products like sarongs or textiles fabrics that can be used to sew on their own clothes. There are also modern clothes for men and women. You can sell, buy, or advertise right on the site. Indiamart also holds conferences and tradeshows, which you can join if you wish to.

12. ZaaSmart

display ZaaSmart best wholesale clothing vendors and suppliers

Indian traditional clothes are a huge market with a lot of potentials. There are demands for these clothes in the country and abroad, so ZaaSmart is a good wholesale clothing site to check out. It has an amazing collection of traditional Indian clothing for many occasions.

You can order items in a single stock, so your piece will be unique to do single dropshipping. The dresses on the site look magnificent, so if you want to try a new niche, this is definitely a good thing to try.

Tips for finding quality wholesale clothing vendors, suppliers

When it comes to finding quality wholesale clothing vendors, there are a few Do and Don'ts that you should follow. Here are some of my suggestions.

  • Compare prices: Buying in bulks often results in larger profits from your clothing products, but that is not always the case. You can increase more profits if you can compare the prices of vendors before deciding.
  • Quantity vs. Quality: By default, the product's quality is what increases the value and the price for more profits. You, as the store owner, should carefully consider the situation before purchasing while missing out on lucrative opportunities.
  • Plan and test: Every entrepreneur should have a detailed list of products that you want to purchase, an estimated budget, and the following marketing plan for promotion. If the wholesale vendors can meet your own criteria, it is the best.
  • Hang out on forums and groups: Here, you can discuss boutiques and clothing trends, while gaining insights on the expectations of the customers. You can also find good communities to join.
  • Attend nearby trade shows: Apparel is an exciting field, and you can meet many interesting people to grow your business. Talking to people in a trade show can gain some great tips and friendships.


Final advice

I really hope that this article gives helpful information for you to find suitable top wholesale clothing vendors & suppliers for quality products. Definitely read more about fashion businesses and spend some time finding what is best for your business. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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