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Referral Box to Get Rewards - Potential Feature of Joy: Loyalty Program

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After a one-year release, Joy: Loyalty Program is well-known as a powerful Shopify app trusted by thousands of e-merchants worldwide. The useful functionalities in its reward system have already helped numerous stores build successful customer loyalty, attract more new buyers, and improve their shopping experience.

Not celebrating too early, we make use of the existing advantages to better the Joy app. This time, we are happy to introduce a beneficial marketing schedule with low cost for all businesses. The all-in-one Referral box will be a great solution to draw potential clients and increase revenue through word-of-mouth recommendations on social media.

referral box

How does a referral box work?

In fact, marketing is the key to a successful business. Without proper marketing solutions, your goals are probably limited. However, some of them take too much cost without apparent impact. Given the current situation, Joy offers a referral program that brings various benefits and suits all businesses, even small ones with a low marketing budget.

Bubble chat & Reward button

When visiting a website, customers will view a referral box (including the bubble chat and reward button). Clicking on one of them, they can learn more about the referral program and join it immediately. Each registered email corresponds with a referral link that customers will use lifetime.

Coupon box

The box will show a reward for people who visit a site via the referral links. These coupons are available for referees who have never got them before. This welcome gift easily impresses buyers and motivates them to make their first purchases more quickly than usual.

Rewards for referrers

After each referral is made successfully, a coupon will be given to the reward list of referrers. Offering discounts is a smart way to enhance customer loyalty, drive more traffic, and significantly increase profitability for your store. Besides, admins can easily manage all customers’ codes at Activities.

Other outstanding features of Joy: Reward, Loyalty Program

  • Various earning and spending rules in a powerful reward point system to encourage customers to interact with your store usually.
  • Leaving reviews to earn rewards.
  • Set up redeeming conditions and point expiration periods as a way to remind customers to spend their points in orders.
  • Customizable design for strengthening brand identity.

Sum up

The referral box is a highlighted feature that promises to increase brand awareness on social media, retain loyal customers, and boost sales. If you are still looking for an app with an intelligent reward system, don’t miss our Joy: Loyalty Program.

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