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Convincing Exit-intent Email Templates to Win Back Customers

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Your site visitors bring a huge opportunity to your sales marketing funnel. When you optimize your site's SEO, post useful content on various social media channels, and even send hundreds of emails, there is a good chance that your online store is receiving a regular amount of traffic - which can actually convert into customers.

But, what happens if your visitors leave the site without subscribing, adding products into carts, or taking any action at all. A high bounce rate is something that you want to avoid as an eCommerce store, since all your hard work in attracting traffic can turn into for nothing. So you should do what you can to engage with visitors before they leave, and turn them into potential customers.

How to do that? Having an exit-intent email campaign will provide relevant value and give visitors a good reason to stay on your website or subscribe to your list. This article will show you the outstanding exit-intent email templates to win back customers right before they leave.

Let's dive in!

Exit-intent email introduction

When a visitor comes to your eCommerce store, you want to seize every possible opportunity to convert them into buyers or subscribers. This means you will need to analyze the visitors' behaviors to make them stay on the site longer, especially when they are about to leave. Because a lost opportunity is hard to gain back, really hard.

This is where an exit-intent strategy plays its role. By combining exit-intent popups with exit-intent emails, you have an effective strategy to capitalize on the last few seconds before a visitor leaves the website. The result will be more growth for the email list, improved conversion rate, and optimized pop ups that don't bother visitors.

If you want to see how to create an exit-intent automation email campaign with popups, see our guide here:

How To Create An Exit-intent Automation Email Campaign

Your exit-intent emails will follow up with visitors who interact with the popups and lead them down the funnel, converting them into your store's buyers. An automated email series would be the most optimized, since you can convince customers with deals after deals and factors like social proof, product images, personalized messages.

The below exit-intent emails templates will serve as an automation series that you can adjust content and timing through our app AVADA Email Marketing. If you haven't installed the app, do it now. Then we shall continue seeing the templates.

Proven exit-intent email templates to win customers

Now, to win back customers when they are just about to leave, you will need your offer to be irresistible. Here are some templates that can help you with that. You just need to fill in the section with your own logo, store's name, product, coupon code, and signature to start. You can also see the real pics of emails designed by our customers. Let's begin.

#1. The first email with 10% coupon code

Purpose: Send coupons to subscribers who leave emails at our popup. This email is to convert them to buy because they subscribed for a coupon.

When to send: Immediately to a new subscriber

Subject line: Congrats! You win this discount code
Preview text: Save this up for your next purchase 

Hi {{customer_name}},

Congratulations! You won a coupon for registering your email on {{shop_name}}. πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

Quickly apply it to get 10% OFF for your next purchase: 



Thank you again for subscribing to our website! You will become the first one to get our latest news, promotions. Special offers may come at any time, so remember to put our email in your lovely inbox! πŸ˜‰


Enjoy your shopping at {{shop_name}}!


P.S: Ooops I almost forgot to remind you that your discount is expired in the next 48 hours so don't miss it!

#2. The second email to remind about the discount

Purpose: Remind subscribers who didn't use the previous offered discount

When to send: 24 hours after the first email

Subject line: Save off before your discount ends!
Preview text: Grab it or pass it, don't waste this offer

Hi there,

Do you forget anything? Yesterday I sent you a discount code, it seems you are too busy to visit {{shop_name}}.

I still save it for you here in case you have time now:


This is a one-time offer and I am pretty sure there will be no kind-of this offer in the near time.
Wanna snag the code before it ends in the next 24 hours? 



Don’t forget to check out the latest collection and grab the one you love most! Checkout very fast and delivery is more than your expectation.


#3. The third email with even a bigger offer

Purpose: They didn't buy with the previous offer. We send them a NEW bigger offer after 1 week.

When to send: 24 hours after the first email

Subject line: Save up to 30% on {{shop_name}} 😱😱😱
Preview text: This is my last offer and I know you cannot skip it

Hi {{customer_name}},

{{shop_name}} is running an one-in-life discount for online shoppers. No-brainer for you with 30% OFF!


We don't want you to miss this insane chance so we open the sales in 48 hours. But you need to hurry up because almost all the items are very limited!

Some of the best-sellers are really low in stock now. Wanna take a look?


First come, first serve! So happy shopping in {{shop_name}}


Love those templates? Get it pre-done for you

Final words

Exit-intent emails can do wonders for your business when you use them intelligently. You already collect a lot of information about your site visitors through popups, so use that information to get more sales by providing a smooth shopping experience with the emails. Recipients can view the products and build a relationship with your store through just a few clicks.

Do you want to try applying an exit-intent email strategy on your website? Then install the AVADA Email Marketing app today and use our exit-intent email templates to turn visitors into new customers. The door may be open, but you have a way to keep them staying with the right approach!

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