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101 Email Marketing Resources - Your Handbook To Success Email Marketing

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Among the obstacles eCommerce sellers face, finding a cost-efficient way to promote their brand to a broader audience is probably the most head-aching problem. Then email marketing comes in. Whether you just freshly started or your company is already well-established, having effective email marketing campaigns is critical to grow a business, increasing revenue, and selling more products.

With the state of email marketing continually changing these days, experts have predicted everything from hyper-personalized emails to highly-responsive inboxes, especially during a worldwide pandemic. The result is a nearly endless supply of tips and tricks, but separating valuable resources from mediocre ones can be a real challenge.

To help you stay on top of the channel and make sense of all the marketing information out there, I've put together this list of the best email marketing resources. You will find blogs, articles, tools, and much more inspiration to make your email marketing effort easier.

Best email marketing blogs

It's not possible to know everything about email marketing just by practicing or looking at competitors. Blogs are a free and efficient way to acquire new knowledge and be exposed to all recent email marketing trends. Some blogs are versatile and suitable for every brand, while others dedicate their articles to specific users.

Let's go through the top email marketing blogs that you should check out this year:

AVADA blog

Being an app provider with AVADA Email Marketing, of course, we would have a blog to share all of the necessary knowledge about email marketing. I post regularly so you can find a lot of relevant information in a short time period. There are articles about tips, tricks, guides, advice, and more details on automating your email campaigns with the AVADA app.

There are also time-relevant guides for seasons and events so you can keep up with the latest trends in email marketing. Want to know which subject line to use during Spring? How about setting up an automated email workflow for Valentine customers? You can find it all on our AVADA blog.


Being a well-known company in the email marketing industry, Litmus has a lot to share on its blog, from the latest trends to tips on email marketing that you can't find anywhere else. There is a guide on dark mode and web fonts for email marketers, and I definitely want to have my own articles as well.

In general, Litmus' blog is a great email marketing resource to have some quick reads and find valuable guides. The writing is snappy, crisp, and useful, just like how a friendly expert would sound like.


Creating the right email campaigns takes a lot of creativity and patience, just like baking a fine piece of cake. You can learn a lot about fusing the two qualities by reading MailBakery's blog.

They have original solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs around the world, offering various forms of email marketing content.

Also, the team has brought every detail down to a fine science, making every blog post worth reading just by the sheer amount of details.

The blog design really stands out too, as MailBakery chooses a cartoonish approach in image style. While you read their blog, you may feel like reading a comic book with funny frames.

Marketing Land

One underrated benefit of reading email marketing blogs is the chance to gain valuable insights into the industry.

Marketing Land blog specializes in bringing the most important insights and information that email marketers should know. With useful explanations and guides, they break down all complex strategies and make them understandable even for starters. The blog has esteemed marketing experts writing guest blogs with their own guides and handbooks.

You can also subscribe to Marketing Land's mailing list to read them everyday. By doing so, you won't miss a new discovery, trend or information related to email marketing.

Marketing Profs

Back to school with MarketingProfs and find educating knowledge for all levels of experience. The blog provides beginner's guides and comprehensive reviews of different tools. If you have only started in the email marketing world, MarketingProfs is your straightforward entrance into all the important areas.

What's particularly interesting about MarketingProf is that articles aren't the only type of content. They also post webinars, tutorials, and statistics you can use to fuel your campaigns and content. There is always something that can help you reinforce or alter the strategies already employed.

The Convince & Convert Blog

Content Marketing Institute has been a reliable source to learn content ever since I started learning about marketing, and their Convince & Convert blog is no different. Even though the blog talks about far more topics than just email marketing, the email section is still jam packed with fantastic content.

The Convince & Convert blog is all about "so what does this mean for a business?" so you can find in-depth analysis from experts on all topics. For starters, I already see wonderful articles on email marketing mistakes and research, which every email marketer should have a grab of.

Marketo Engage by Adobe

The Marketo Engage blog by Adobe is one of the most acclaimed sources of email marketing knowledge. Their team of writers focuses on writing articles about both modern technologies like AI and Machine Learning, as well as utilizing psychology as a part of email marketing strategy. It is this advanced information that makes them popular with marketers around the world.

In addition to the blog, you can find comprehensive tutorials on many Adobe tools. With 30 different categories, this blog is a goldmine for insights to email marketing. Try writing down some tips and apply for improvement in your email campaigns.


MailChimp is one of the most famous names in email marketing. The team has been pretty successful in providing services to numerous brands across the world. Aside from their successful business, they also have a blog and provide marketers with both the right tools and the right knowledge for email marketing success.

A specialty that you can find on Mailchimp's blog is tips and advice on using tools to automate your emails marketing. There is also an annual report for an interesting overview of the email industry. In addition, Mailchimp's distinctive design makes their blog stand out with unique imagery, making an enjoyable reading experience.

Best email marketing articles to read

Check out these reads to prime yourself for email marketing with actionable insights. These articles are must-read for email marketers, and I will make sure to update them regularly:

  1. The Must Know Statistics On Email Marketing - If you are skeptical about reaching your subscribers with emails, then real statistics will give you the proof you need. You will also find other valuable data on different parts of an email campaign to consider while making yours.

  2. How to Build your Email List Fastest? All-in-one Guide For Beginners - Get all you need to know to build and grow your email list quickly. A strong email list is a vital component of any email marketing campaign, expanding the reach of your effort.

  3. Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business - Being a cost effective tool, emails quickly become a powerful tool for small to medium sized businesses. Now, see all the best email marketing tools and services to use under a small budget in this article.

  4. How Psychology And Email Marketing Tie Into Each Other - Everyone is talking about marketing psychology, and for good reasons. Read on how to combine psychology with email marketing to make your campaigns irresistible.

  5. Anatomy Of A Killer Email: Email Marketing Examples To Copy - An extensive guide created by Oberlo that covers email marketing basics and includes the best examples to copy the success.

  6. Location As A Critical Factor For Email Marketing Success - Emails can literally travel to every part of the world, so if you haven't applied geolocation to this channel, you are missing some fine opportunities for better outreach. This Econsultancy article represents a good case for why to start giving some thought about that.

  7. How To Get 1,000+ Subscribers From One Single Blog Post in 24 Hours - The guys at Help Desk Software went berserk and acquired more than one thousand subscribers from just one blog post in a day. Read this article as a case study and apply their email marketing methods.

  8. 'Abuse Emails' And How They Impact Your Email Marketing - Even if you follow all the rules and regulations, there's still a chance someone will mark your emails as spam. This article explains what to do about that red flag situation.

  9. How Artificial Intelligence Benefits Email Marketing - Reaching your customers with email is a serious business with a lot of work, but incorporating AI can lift much weights. Here are four ways AI can level up email marketing.

  10. Getting Started with Automated Email Marketing - Neil Patel discusses how email marketing is one of the game-changing facets that every serious marketer needs to know how to apply successfully. With segments, drip feeds, workflows, you can send personalized emails at lightning speed. But what does it all mean? Read this article to know how to automate your email effort and let your campaigns sell themselves.

Best email marketing inspiration websites to bookmark

Now, here is a list of websites for email marketing inspiration that you should bookmark. While some sites are geared toward providing email marketing best practices, others offer helpful tools to help your email making process much easier.

Here is a fantastic resource for finding email inspiration. The HTML Email Gallery showcases examples of design-heavy emails created in HTML. If you are trying to take the design of your emails up a notch, this site is definitely worth bookmarking. I can see all kinds of examples from big brands like Old Navy, Birch Lane, Spalding, and more.

As its name implies, The Best of Email's Inspiration Gallery is a website dedicated to showing top-notch emails for inspiration and creating your own email marketing campaigns. From examples of killer email newsletter designs to warm welcome emails, this library has something for everyone.

Free Email Deliverability Test

Want to make sure that your emails are able to reach their intended destinations? SendForensics has a tool just for your needs with the Free Email Deliverability Test.

After you sign up for an account, you get access to an email address that you can add to your contacts list and start testing. When you send an email to the email address provided by SendForensics, the Free Email Deliverability Test will calculate a deliverability percentage with data for improvements.

Subject Line Analyzer

This website doesn't beat around the bush with its purpose. Get an overall score for your email subject line and see why you lost points as well as advice on how to make it better. For example, My subject line got -19 points for lacking subtle urgency and +7 points for including the word You or Your. See if you can get 100 of 100 for your subject line!

Best email marketing tools to invest in

Email marketing tools make it easy to deliver your newsletters and email promotions to your customers. Equipped with advanced features such as email design tools, automation capabilities, and customizable features, email marketing tools have everything you need to create successful email campaigns.

Here is a list of the best email marketing tools on the market right now, with prices for comparison;

AVADA Email Marketing

AVADA Email Marketing is perfect for beginners with ease of use and highly competitive pricing. The tool has all the features you would expect: A drag-and-drop email builder, Autoresponders, Workflows, Subscriber segmentation, Cart abandonment recovery, Cross-selling, A/B testing, and many amazing email templates.

AVADA Email Marketing support is available via live chat and email. You can get answers almost instantly when you get in touch with the support team. The free plan provides many useful features that are necessary for a low-cost but effective email marketing tool.

For pricing, the tool is free to start using, if you upgrade your plan, you will pay from $9 per month based on the number of contacts on your list.

HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot launched a free email marketing tool that can support all transactional email needs. Whether you need to send thank you emails after purchase, or promote current campaigns, the tool's free version can do that. The tool has a handy drag-and-drop visual editor, and it is also equipped with ready-made templates to create a campaign immediately.

What makes HubSpot Email Marketing tool stand out is the native integration with other HubSpot tools. Once you create a HubSpot account, you get access to more tools to create a centralized contacts database, organize lists, and track email performance.

For pricing, HubSpot Email Marketing is free but will cost at least $800/month for professional users.


Mailchimp is a well-known email marketing platform that integrates all the necessary tools in just one place. For the free plan, you get access to the email builder, marketing CRM, forms & landing pages. The app is scalable and allows you to automate email campaigns using behavioral triggers and timing your communications based on the customer's journey.

You can utilize comprehensive audience insights to create more relevant messages. Design attractive newsletters and select all the products you want to include in your email. There is more to explore as Mailchimp increasingly introduces new features through time.

Mailchimp is free to start, as mentioned, for under 2,000 contacts and only one audience group. But if you want to get serious with email marketing, I suggest the Essential plan ($9/month) to have up to 50,000 contacts and at least 3 audience segments.

Best email marketing courses to learn

Email marketing is a highly valuable skill to master. Despite all the above resources, having someone teaching you all the basic terms, strategies, and best practices will help you unlock more skills with your email marketing campaigns. Here are the top email marketing courses online (free and paid) that you should learn:

Email Marketing Essentials: Designing Effective Emails

If you are interested in mastering your email designs, then Fabio Carneiro's Skillshare class can teach you to perfect designing effective emails. The course gives valuable knowledge on crafting, coding, and developing various types of email designs, not to be confused with doing the job of a graphic designer.

Skillshare is also a notable online learning community with thousands of classes in business, tech, marketing, and more. I highly recommend you check out other courses by marketing experts and influencers on the site.

In the course, Fabio gives a step by step guide on email design, covering:

  • Key considerations for designing emails

  • The key differences between email design and web design

  • Best email design practices

Take a look at the work that students have done after they've taken the course to decide for yourself. Also, you get one month free learning on Skillshare after signing up, so you have more than enough time to finish the course.

Wishpond's Email Marketing Master Class for Beginners

If you are new to email marketing, or looking for something to boost up your speed, this course from Wishpond is an excellent place to start.

This email marketing course covers all the essentials like how to meet your email marketing goals, which types of emails to use, and ways to create an email marketing strategy that can help grow your business.

In under an hour learning from home, you can know all the basics of email marketing: from personalization, segmentation to measuring your email marketing campaign's success. You also get access to free workbooks and an exclusive students mastermind group.

At the end of the course, you will be able to apply your email marketing knowledge with ease. If you want to further your education, you already have a solid email knowledge base to begin.

Click Minded Email Marketing Course

For successful email marketing and automation, The Click Minded email marketing course is a fantastic course to learn best practices with advanced techniques. This course is known to be taken by marketing experts who manage email marketing strategies for major brands like Grammarly and WeWork.

As for the teacher, you have Lucas Chevillard - Email Strategist for Airbnb as the tutor of this course. He goes through every step of implementing email & automation strategies as he did for Airbnb. You can learn both high-level strategies and specific tactical walkthroughs for intermediate and expert learners.

However, the course is pretty expensive with the price of $997. However, you have a risk-free 100% money back guarantee so give it a try.

Online Marketing Institute Course on Email Marketing

The Online Marketing Institute offers many sets of online classes that can help teach you the fundamentals of creating effective email marketing campaigns and taking your business to a next level.

The courses aim to teach both basic and modern email marketing practices that you can use in your content mix. From customer journey and lifecycle, email fundamental, messaging and timing, and also legal compliance. All the lessons are short and sweet, so you can stop struggling while creating your email marketing campaigns.

You have a 10-day free trial and then only have to pay $25 per month to access all other courses on Online Marketing Institute and also masterclasses.

Email & Affiliate Marketing Mastermind

It is rare to find a good email marketing course specializing in affiliate marketing. So this course of Email & Affiliate Marketing Mastermind is highlighted as a go-to for email marketers that visit Udemy.

Bryan Guerra's email and affiliate marketing mastermind course helps learners create an email marketing campaign that can grow their affiliate marketing research. You will have all you need to know about building an email list and creating email campaigns, as well as the ins and outs of making money with Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing.

The course is only 4 hours long and you can learn on the go with the Udemy app. Right now, the Email & Affiliate Marketing Mastermind course is $129.99, but you can wait for a sale and buy it at only $12.99 or less.

EdApp’s Email Campaigns and Strategies

This four-microlesson course will teach you everything you need to know about email marketing. With each lesson only taking around five minutes to complete, you’ll be able to finish this course in less than an hour and download a certificate to show proof of learning.

The course begins with a discussion of the significance of emails and the reasons why they are still effective marketing tactics today. It also provides guidance on creating emails for marketing objectives. The KISS technique, A/B testing, message personalization, and mobile optimization are just a few of the different email marketing tactics and strategies covered in the course.

EdApp also makes their lessons interactive by including native smartphone elements like swipes, drag and drop, and match to make learning feel more like a game. And the best part? This email marketing course is free and can be taken on any device – be it smartphones or desktops.

Email marketing experts to follow

Alright, last but not least, we have the best email marketing experts to follow. These experts often share their knowledge and best practices on their social media accounts, as well as special deals for their courses. Hit the follow button and surround yourself with the best email marketing knowledge in the industry.

  • Adam Q. Holden-Bache - He is the Director of Email Marketing at EP Innovation and the author of the book How to Win at B2B Email Marketing. His Twitter feed is a great place to find tips on making your email marketing effort better.

  • Amy Hall - She is a well-known email marketing strategist with plenty of knowledge to say about making campaigns better. She is also a Mailchimp Expert and Partner.

  • Andrew Bonar - He is the Founder of EmailExpert and an essential organizer of Inbox Expo. He is giving away a lot of knowledge on email deliverability right now, so make sure to catch all he talks about.

  • Jordie Van Rijn - Jordie is the guy who writes Email Monday Blog and has just as much great stuff on his Twitter feed.

  • Chad S. White - He is the author of Email Marketing Rules and the Head of Research at Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting. At this point, Chad has put out over 3,000 posts about email marketing. Impressive!

Final words

The email marketing industry is full of surprises and secret knowledge, and only by digging can you find the gold mine that works for your business. Now that I've given you all the necessary email marketing resources, are you ready to go on an adventure and find that treasure?

If there is a tool, blog, or expert that I've missed, share them with me in the comments section. Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to see your interesting email marketing resources!

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