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Top 27 Best Trending Dropshipping Products

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Dropshipping is one of the hottest types of online businesses starting. It's easy to get started and also nearly free. Simply create an eCommerce store with Shopify, import products from a manufacturer into your website, and start promoting them on social media and search engines to get sales. Isn't that easy?

Yes, and no! The reason is very simple. Like anything on the internet, a dropshipping store's success is based on the selection of the right product or niche. The niche you choose determines how efficient you are with your retail shipping business ideas. So choose a niche with low competition and a high volume of dropshipping products. You can also follow the trend wave and look for bestsellers like hotcakes over a while.

If you are looking for some product ideas to dropship, this is the right place for you. I have a list of the best trending dropshipping products for you to start selling this year and surely make a profit. Let's see what they are!

Dropshipping is primarily based on impulsive purchases. You advertise a product on social media, usually through Facebook Ads, and someone will buy the product if they like the product. In fact, almost anything can be sold if properly displayed.

Successful Dropshipping = Boosting Buy + Purchasing Power + Trending Products

The best-selling dropshipping products are:

  • Under $10 products that look cute or helpful to the viewer. Examples include: Keychains, stuffed toys, jewelry, smartphone cases, pet products.
  • Rare products that are not normally available on Amazon. Because you will be selling most of your products to a viewer in the United States. You should know that people will double-check prices from Amazon or other known eCommerce stores. So, rare items online can be a gold mine.
  • Useful products. Even if the price is a bit high, if the product is useful, you can show it through your product videos, people will definitely buy them.

For starters, the best way to test multiple products at once is to go into a niche. But don't go too deep. If you add all of the products on your store from a specific niche and if that niche doesn't sell much on social media, then the whole effort will be wasted.

So, strike a balance between trending products and the niche.

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Now it wouldn't be nice to keep the higher sales secret in the dropshipping business. There are always some more profitable niches. People are searching for them, and that makes these niches the golden goose of dropshipping. As a result, some of the niches/categories that have generated the most revenue are listed below.

When people sell a popular dropshipping item, it becomes a mainstream item and loses its appeal. That's why this list trends can help you find best-selling items online, but you have to act quickly before it stops being a niche product.

With the current situation worldwide, here are some of the most profitable trending healthcare products that you can dropship to make tons of profit.

Face Shield


People love to look cool and that is the best way to make more people wear a mask? All the search results are showing a positive trend, which means people love these face shields. And when people love something, it increases in need. So start selling these face shields in the form of a bandana on your dropshipping eCommerce store for higher ROI. You can easily sell with little to no cost.

Selling price: $5 - $10

N95 Respirator Mask


The current pandemic has significantly increased demand for health products, with the N95 facemask being one of the most popular choices available today. If you want to make a decent profit and help save lives in the process, you can provide the N95 respirator at a small margin and combine with selling fashionable face shields.

Selling price: $2 - $5

Hand Sanitizer


People need hand sanitizers more than ever before, making this a great new product to add to your inventory. You can buy hand sanitizers in a small number or in bulk, and you can repack with your own brand name if desired. There are different hand sanitizer types that you can sell, too, like portable, small, or big dispensers.

Selling price: $1 - $5

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


We are trying to avoid direct contact, so don't worry, help your customers with these contactless thermometers. One of the most popular and best-selling, the non-contact infrared thermometers are in high demand. They can easily measure the temperature from a distance of 12 inches.

People are looking for it and still in need in the future. Children don't like the traditional thermometers, so why not try selling non-contact infrared thermometers?

Selling price: $10 - $15

We are experiencing the top movement of technology in human life, so there is no surprise that many tech products are trending dropshipping products. Let's see some items to sell right now and make a profit.

Portable Blender


A portable blender is great for nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts. Many people are looking for ways to stay fit, and the best way to do that is a good diet. Through the portable blender, people can have healthy juice wherever they go. There are multiple manufacturing companies for you to choose, and you can create your own brand. Just make sure you have original products because people won't like a replica.

Selling price: $10 - $30

Wireless Phone Chargers


Wireless chargers were an invention in 2016 but since then, they are still a hype and you can easily sell them online. One way to gain an edge in this niche market is to provide quality wireless chargers. Since everyone sells wireless chargers from China, quality is a big deal. These wireless chargers allow owners to charge their smartphones within minutes and are sold for several hundred dollars.

You should start dropshipping wireless phone chargers on your eCommerce store. You can either import wireless chargers directly from manufacturers or ship products directly to your customers.

Selling price: $15 - $20

Phone Lenses


Phone lenses help users take better photos. They are available in many settings, from professional to fun features. Look for good quality and more ordered items when picking the items for your dropshipping store. Phone lenses have been on the market for a few years and still remain a best-selling product on many dropshipping stores. It's good to see that they haven't lost their charm yet.

Phone lenses have recently regained a reputation in the mobile phone market. They can double the magnification of captured images and allow photographers to take stunningly beautiful pictures with the touch of a button.

Selling price: $1 - $5

Car Phone Holder


Technology has made people's lives a lot easier. Before, we had to ask someone else for directions, now our smartphones tell us all we need to know. But how do you use your smartphone in a car to find the way? That's when people look for a holder to hold their phones in a car.

A car phone holder has become an important accessory. They have been on the market for a few years but still have a high demand. Whether you run a general store or a car-centric one, it is easy to get more orders with car phone holders.

Selling price: $3 - $7

Drone Camera


A powerful drone camera is now available at a very affordable price. These drones not only offer high quality pictures and videos, but also offer complete freedom in viewing the surrounding environment. During the lockdown time, many even bought drone cameras to take videos of their houses.

The best thing about drone cameras is that they can be sold all the time. Simply choose a drone that offers good quality footage and is available for a reasonable price, you can promote to gain revenue.

Selling price: $50 - $400

Who doesn't want to look the best they can? Fashion is probably the most ever-changing field that you can constantly see new trends. This is an opportunity for your dropshipping store to ride on the wave and get more sales. Let's see the top trending fashion products to dropship.

Strapless Backless Bra


With a strapless backless bra, women can now wear sleeveless or backless dresses at any time of the day. These bras are easy to wear and very comfortable. They stick to the breasts through silicone foam to avoid any accident malfunction. If you're in the fashion business, dropshipping strapless backless bras with many variations is definitely a high profitable opportunity.

Selling price: $1 - $5

Posture Corrector


The posture corrector is a wonderful product for any dropshipping store. It helps the user stay upright and straight, while also supporting their spinal cord. The product is also recommended by physiotherapists. If you can target the right interest groups, you can easily sell many items. You won't need much budget for advertising too, with the right SEO approach for the landing page, you can market your products to website visitors at little cost.

Selling price: $12 - $15

Bohemian Earrings


Dazzle your visitors with Bohemian style earrings. To sell these things, visuals mean everything. So, focus on image and marketing, you can sell Bohemian earrings like never before. These products have always been popular among women for the pretty colors and many price ranges.

Selling price: $1 - $5

One Piece Swimsuit


One piece swimsuits have a retro style while remaining comfortable and stylish. Users can enjoy swimming and strolling on the beach while still looking dazzling. A little touch of backless feature and they look sexier than a bikini. You can sell them as a combo for beach party wear or an exotic tropical trip.

Selling price: $6 - $25

Waterproof Shoe Protectors


Autumn is coming, and it means the rain season in many countries. These waterproof shoe protectors are great to protect users' shoes during the monsoon season in tropical climate regions. They are made of silicone material, which is great for both outdoor and indoor activities, keeping the shoes safe and dry during rainy days. Make sure to test with your advertising to target the countries with best buying power to dropship.

Selling price: $1 - $5

Beauty and age are two different sides that everyone must face. The older people get, the weaker they become. That is why dropshipping trending beauty products is just what you need to find more customers. Here are the top products to consider.

Spider Nail Gel


Girls simply love to have beautiful nails and a new trend in nail polish is spider nail gel.

This gel is a mixture of glitter and paint. The gel bottle comes with both blended together and gives a sparkling polish on the nail if applied. Spider Nail Gel is available for only $2 on AliExpress so you can easily sell it for $5 to $8. Make sure you have at least 50 to 100 percent margin when dropshipping these items on your eCommerce store.

Selling price: $5 - $8

Eyeshadow Stamp


Eyeshadow stamps help women create eye shadows within seconds. They just simply need to put a patch or eyeshadow on the stamp and press it on the eyelids. It is a great product for makeup artists. Eyeshadow stamps work for all eye sizes. Also, many people can just buy one stamp to save so you have more options to sell. Girls can't live without makeup, so you have a big market to reach.

Selling price: $1 - $5

Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush


The portable electric hairbrush has become a sensation on the market. It is lightweight, easy to use, and perfect for a head massage anywhere, anytime. The brush manufacturers say that it inherits the meridian principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The brush can promote blood circulation, reduces fatigue, strengthens brain power, develops intelligence, and improves sleep quality. It is great for all those who are having problems with hair loss and dizziness.

Selling price: Around $10

Waterproof Eyebrow Liner


What do women hate most? Makeup ruined after washing the faces or a hot day outside. But there's a solution for that now. The waterproof eyebrow liner is here to tackle that problem. Even when the girls wash their faces or have sweat, the eyebrows remain the same beauty. Thanks to waterproof eyebrow liner, your customers can apply eyebrow makeup with ease.

Selling price: $1 - $5

If you don't know, pet supplies are among the leading industries in the US with sales of more than $4.5 billion. Pet owners treat their pets as family members, so they feel very comfortable spending money on new products. This is where you find a niche to have a successful dropshipping store. Let's see the top trending pet products.

Inflatable Pet Collars


Pet collars are becoming a new trend in the market. Both dogs and cats can use these inflatable collars while sleeping or traveling. However, the main purpose of an inflatable pet collar is to protect pets from facial injuries or to help them recover from injury. If you have an online pet store, then selling pet collars is definitely a great idea. People are staying home so they need items for their pets frequently, both for fun and health.

Selling price: $3 - $8

Cat Massage Combo


Cats love to rub themselves anywhere they can. When they rub their skin all over the floor, they shed hair as well. A cat massage comb is the solution so cats can rub and leave their hair in one place. If you own a pet eCommerce store, you can sell this trending product online right now and target people interested with this product.

Selling price: $10 - $15

Adjustable Pet Cat Leash


The adjustable cat leash is suitable for any cat six months old or more. The leash is available in different sizes and you can choose any color of your choice. It is perfect for cats and dogs alike and help pet owners take their pets on a daily walk to track their movements and keep them safe from tragedies. The leash is tied around the shoulder located on the top of the back, while covering the belly.

If you want to sell this leash on your website, make sure you target pet lovers, especially dog and cat owners. If you offer it as a combination with other products, you can double your sales.

Selling price: $3 - $4

To find other products, like those for fishkeeping, you can search the Aquarium Advisor articles

Electric Flea Comb for Puppies


Pets are one of the reasons why many children get fleas. Pets get fleas from outside the home and they carry it to children, then they spread throughout the house. The best way to clean fleas and get rid of the troubles they bring is to kill evil from its infancy and to remove them from pets. This electric flea comb is the perfect and worry-free way to clean your pet.

Who can sell it? Anyone who has a hair, pet, or even general dropshipping store can easily promote electric flea combs and make a decent profit.

Selling price: $10 - $15

When all the popular niches don't seem to work, it is time to find some creative ideas on your products. Here are some other trending products that you can dropship:

Front Facing Baby Carrier


Be honest. Women have to work and they can't take care of the baby all the time. That's why the front-facing baby carrier becomes really handy. By using it, women can do their chores and take care of the baby, all at the same time. So start marketing this children's aircraft carrier to make a huge profit.

Selling price: $13 - $16



Take a look at YouTube and Facebook videos, you will see slime everywhere with multiple purposes, from having fun to making ASMR clips. It is one thing that has taken the internet by storm and people still can't have enough of it. You can find many Chinese manufacturers for slimes and also make it right at home. Be creative!

Selling price: $3 - $20

Flexible Garden Hose


A flexible garden hose is perfect for washing the car or watering the garden. It has a pipe spray gun that can stretch from 25ft to 100ft length and is flexible for easy storage. It surely attracts many buyers, especially homeowners who want to take care of their gardens during their long stay at home.

Selling price: $7 - $25

Shoe Dryer


If you want to keep your shoes in a good condition for a long time, this shoe dryer is what you need. During the rainy season of the autumn, a shoe dryer keeps your shoes clean and dry. You can sell them on your dropshipping store and get guaranteed sales.

Selling price: Around $25

Waterproof Pants


If you haven't heard about waterproof pants, then you know it is a good niche to explore. They are top trending products for autumn and winter so users can walk, trek, and travel without worrying about the rain. It is not easy to find waterproof pants, so you can benefit from it by being the first to sell.

Selling price: $20 - $25

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Final words

So that is the end of my list for the best trending dropshipping products. If you are ready to start your dropshipping business, head to Shopify with a product idea and begin selling right now! Don't forget to check out our apps at Shopify, which can help businesses dropship at ease. Good luck in the future!

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