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Top 12 Best Chatbots for customer service

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Robots are about to take over. Studies suggest that 85% of customer interactions are controlled human-less. In about one year, in most of your customer service issues, you will be referring to a chatbot.

It’s not shocking to see how many businesses are replacing their customer service human resources with AI and chatbots. As organizations continue to hit heights of excessive demands on employee engagement, new approaches must be developed to maintain the degree of interaction and communication that disgruntled or curious customers desire when they approach your business.

Chatbots are joining and automating this customer service completely, keeping certain consumers satisfied with their talks or even uncertain that the other side of the chat is human. The following are 12 AI chatbots that change the game and revolutionize customer service.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a type of artificial intelligence that mimics human talk through a live chat. The software includes pre-written answers based on the previous response of the customer. Chatbots search user text for keywords and sentences leading to typical roadblocks for customers. The bot then offers self-service solutions based on the data it gets.

But it is just the basis for the successes of this technology. Such chatbots are very complicated and almost difficult to discern from a human being. Company owners appreciate the advantages that these businesses offer their customer service staff.

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Why should your company adopt a chatbot?

Task automation

Chatbots will execute the follow-up functions if one of your service members cannot be shifted. When chatbots handle most communications, you can slash the handling times for agent support. They can organize meetings with customers and delegate cases to the members. After settling your case, some bots will also give customers follow-up emails. Project management like this provides a more reliable user experience and lets the staff track unmet customer requirements.

Reduction in the number of cases

For customer service agents, chatbots may dramatically decrease the case number. Because bots are an auto server, consumers don't need to talk to one of the staff to get the answers. The chatbots will connect them with the knowledge base or FAQs for the answer whether their problem is basic or normal. This helps the agents concentrate on more time-consuming and complicated situations.

Seamless integration

If the issue of a customer is difficult and live help is needed, chatbots can pass the chat to a human user. This smooth integration gives a great consumer service so consumers have no problem to fix. The rep should also read the earlier thread and find the scenario where the bot left off.

You can also combine chatbots with your CRM to optimize the customer experience. It can explore the previous history of each customer with your brand and, if appropriate, link to relevant details. Contrary to humans, bots will automatically check for certain information and know precisely where to find them.

12 Best chatbots to optimize customer service

Bold360 AI

Bold360 AI partners with a wide variety of businesses to highlight the degree of which they can expand their experience with a strong chatbot and AI. Bold360 provides a quick and reliable way to communicate with mobile management from everywhere across digital platforms. It has a chatbot but just for scripts written in advance.

Instead, the bot uses natural language support to personalize consumer interactions. Enable the processing logic on the web rather than waste time writing and planning. After that, the bot learns and adapts slowly and generates new interactions each time to customer conversations.


The goal of ChatBot is to simplify 80 percent of business cases such that developers can’t even believe they're trying 24 hours a day to make things function. In collaboration with Chat, Facebook, Facebook, Skype, Kik, and Slack, ChatBot has been proving its advantageous position as a trusted chatbot tool.

It pledges the job that you do not want to do, texting consumers about complicated things which no one, including food orderers or reservationists, might do. Like other companies in this list, ChatBot highlighted the role of integrating AI across various networks, keeping chats more private and secure.

You can build any bot you want with ChatBot and integrate it with your preferred apps and services. Quickly start with a model and personalize it by dragging and dropping answers and actions to render different bot reactions and evaluate their behavior.

If you have prepared for the situation, use your custom chat app to connect the bot to your website instantly or embed it on several popular channels like Facebook Messenger and Slack. By introducing ChatBot to the third-party live chat systems, you can simplify reputable parts of your customer support.

Using the training method enabled by machine learning to apply unrecognized questions to your scenario and enhance your bot every day. The bot is also used for contact with third-party providers to directly transfer the data gathered to your CRM and database.


Chatfuel is a popular Messenger Facebook bot, which can be activated on your company’s Facebook account free of charge. What's unique about Chatfuel is that you don't need to build one beforehand with bots. The bot-building interface of Chatfuel has simple, clear instructions, leading you in every stage of the logic creation process. When done, the bot is quickly turned on and works on your account right away.

Chatfuel is user-friendly, versatile for customized coding, open to plugins from third parties, and does not require prior coding experience. Is this a play for people in heaven? Maybe.

The AI chatbot delivers live access to results, news, and highlights to sustain a fresh and updated strategic interaction with the customer.

Public feedback is immensely beneficial and provides endless new approaches to make custom coding effective. In this respect.

Holding Chatfuel at the top of the NLP list provides a nice balance between sophisticated, specialized programming and user-friendly software.


Botsify's chatbot provides the agents with direct oversight over any engaging user. If the bot does not answer a customer's question, the staff will intervene to fix this issue immediately. Your staff can also use feedback polls to assess how well a chatbot does during the discussion. Through this feature, the team will make sure that the bot optimizes customer service and changes the bot if roadblocks are formed.

You can also receive push alerts anytime someone needs human assistance, chat templates for various organizations such as travel agents or restaurants, and a cloning template to prevent users from starting from scratch.

HubSpot’s HubBot

In addition to the online chat service, HubBot is an online messaging app from HubSpot. HubSpot's website is greeted by the HubBot chatbot, which acts as an automatic gatekeeper to connect to the most important users’ current or future customers of the organization and answer questions they cannot address.

HubSpot is equipped with its HubSpot conversations and many other AI-powered platforms to customize chatbots, which makes it fair for the organization to offer a strong chatbot for its own platform. This Chatbot will schedule meetings for your members and access to self-service help products.

In addition, HubBot's marketing, sales, and service centers are linked with the software. You can save chats to your HubSpot CRM contact records and trigger workflows based on the outcomes of the conversation.


Botkit is the pioneering development framework for chatbots, apps, and customized integrations for big messaging platforms. With its simple to add launch packs, fully functional SDKs and support for all the biggest platforms and tons of plugins or middleware, Botkit provides everything you need to plan, develop, and run the software.

Furthermore, Botkit worked with all NLP providers including Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson and Botkit can run on virtually all hosting platforms, using any kind of database you choose.

Also, Botkit is an advanced chatbot that allows you to customize your chatbot in all its facets. Botkit offers a basic package that can be built in a computing environment for the node or Javascript. Your engineers will now follow the code guidelines from Botkit to build all aspects of the bot. Although this tool might be the most complicated, more customizable option than the other tools on this list are available. And one advantage is that it’s totally free to integrate.


Dialogflow, among the AI and natural language processing systems, is considered the top-notch player. It's not shocking that Dialogflow is the best and most well-known chatbot language processing platform for businesses that have broad customer bases, combining all voice and text AI apps like Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa.

Dialogflow offers an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to create a functional chatbot within minutes. The great thing about this platform is that all the attempts are hierarchically organized so that the developer can see the hierarchical flow of the dialog visually.

Also, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Twilio, Slack, and Skype voice recognition and text integration dialogs are one of the most noticeable features to name a few. It is being developed in conjunction with its customer companies to stay up to date with a constantly changing user language. The platform also gives access to many of Google's other products since Dialogflow is being developed by Google.


Clare. AI. offers advanced online banking services as a cross-cutting assistant This robotic assistant blends machines and language recognition algorithms. The Clare.AI Algorithm is teaching customer service FAQs, arranges workshops, carries out internal IT and HR queries, and assists consumers through their preferred networking software (WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, etc.). It can also draw a chart that shows how customers invest their money.

One wonderful thing that Clare. AI focuses on delivering services in 9 Asian languages, including Korean, Malay, Tagalog, Cantón, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai, and not only in English.


Conversable company plans to develop, and deliver improved messaging and voice interfaces across many networks, including the giants of social media, Amazon Echo, and Google Home.

With the business in mind, the Conversable platform is built.

The company partners with Fortune 500 businesses to determine how it can handle the challenge of delivering secure, flexible brand products while helping customers to take advantage of the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Self-Service Technologies. It is the hidden tool to be used to smash rivalry for every bigger business with fair investment, which helps consumers to please their chatbots and offer them a clever and usability AI system.

Some of the big names Conversable have partnered with are Budweiser, Marvel, Pizza Hut, and TGI Friday. Unfortunately, there’s not so much to offer some small or medium-sized businesses. Sadly, it's at least the most powerful, making it less user-friendly and less business-friendly.


As the industry leader in digital customer service, Ada customizes consumer experience by bringing AI's strength to those who know their company best. With Ada, creating an intelligent chatbot network of enterprise size or answering most customer inquiries is made easy for non-technical teams.

Ada provides a chatbot with state-of-the-art analytics that over time decomposes bot results. These details provide a total time of handling, abandonment rates, and several indicators for customer loyalty. This insight will allow your team to tweak the logic of your bot over time and refine the live chat experience of your customers. You can request a demo here.


Xenioo is a chatbot app that helps create interactive assistive devices, capturing customers, and engaging visitors. Their efficient visual flow designer helps anyone without the coding experience to generate and publish chatbots. Chatbots can effectively be inserted in WhatsApp, Email, Telegram, etc. and released in websites. The privacy of the user is ensured by permissions from Xenioo’s fine-grained transmitters, opt-in streaming, and configuration of data persistence.

Generally speaking, Xenioo is easy to use with a drag-and-drop interface that guarantees fast implementation. Xenioo is suitable for almost every type of business, from small to large companies, as its pricing plans are quite affordable. There’s a forever free plan, and you can even enjoy more advanced features at a relatively low price (from $29.99 per month only).


ManyChat is a tool to build Facebook Messenger chatbots. For a variety of purposes such as marketing and customer support, you may consider using these chatBots. The main point of sale of the product is its easy operation. ManyChat says you can use it in only two minutes to create a chatbot, and you don't have to be a professional to do so without code involved. You can use ManyChat to simplify the messaging in Messenger entirely at a more advanced stage. Moreover, many CRMs can be included in it. You can establish even more focused broadcasts.

ManyChat has a few features only, but all of them concentrate on key ones which drive the app. One of the most noticeable features is its offering of template integration options in which can help you cut down on the amount of time designing a bot.

The price of ManyChat is very variable. There's a free version with a variety of options, which many marketers don't need to look through depending on what they want from the chat. However, for marketers looking to go above and beyond, ManyChat has many premium versions. The price level from 10 dollars to 145 dollars depends purely on the number of subscriptions you choose from the price slider.

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Final thoughts

Chatbots cannot replace the reps’ experience but can be valuable allies for the customer service team. People nowadays tend to speak with companies across different networks. However, consumers are not expected to react to human-like conversations about digital technologies. You just want to get the details without undue hassle. AI chatbots can fulfill consumers' needs exactly on how to run their customer service.

Virtual assistants can make customer service successful when properly installed. When people are familiar with chatbots, they would be in high demand. Mass acceptance is starting to take hold. Time to take advantage of AI chatbots to actually slay the game.

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