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Avada Rebrand Story: The Meaning Of Our New Brand Identity

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By now, you have probably noticed a few changes as Avada unveiled our new logo and brand identity in the last few weeks. Our updated brand identity will include a variety of projects, activities, and goods, each with its unique personality. We created the Avada brand to be adaptable, connect with various consumers, and keep us from growing along with the industry.

As we begin a brand-new chapter, we wanted to provide you with some behind-the-scenes information on our rebranding process. Without further ado, let’s unfold the Avada Rebrand Story!

Avada Rebrand Story

Why we rebranded?

Avada has been on a journey. Much has changed since we first started. Our identity and brand had to develop. As we go forward, we intend to continue infusing our goal and vision into our identity; hence, our brand needs to reflect our more rigid ideals. It's time to reflect on who we are.

Rebranding, for us, meant a change in perspective about the firm's future rather than merely a change in the logo. And this is an excellent chance to update the brand's appearance and feel better to meet the demands and expectations of our customers.

Why we rebranded

In light of this, we have been developing a new brand identity over the past several months to assist us in moving into the next stage of providing unique, tailored experiences for our precious customers and partners. A love for the work we do, its effects on our community, the environment, and the connections we develop is at the heart of our new identity. We applied the same meticulous attention to detail to our branding as we do to everything else. To ensure that it is consistent with who we are at our core and accurately captures what we're about, we put much time and work into it.

The new logo of Avada, updated core blue, and an advanced visual identity system will represent our updated brand. As a symbol of our dedication to improving eCommerce, it also conveys the ideals we uphold.

In the first rebranding effort in Avadar's eight-year existence, we sought to embody the enchantment and motion that our clients enjoy with us. Today, we're introducing our new branding strategy, developed with their enthusiasm, ideas, and potential in mind. We are excited to share our new brand identity with you, who significantly inspire our rebrand and unique logo. Here's an insight meaning of some key elements of our rebrand.

The meaning of our new brand identity

Our new logo, the result of countless hours of labor stretched over many months, is the centerpiece of our rebranding. Our goal was to illustrate graphically how our firm has changed more effectively.

From images of spotlights on stage or at significant events, we took that as inspiration to design the Avada brand logo. With the ambition to shine and constantly rise in the market, the image of the spotlight has been stylized and colored to form a new and unique symbol.

Our new logo

The image of the spotlight has been stylized and colored to form a new and unique symbol. The logo consists of two components - Brandmark and Wordmark. Avada's brand mark represents the brand's personality, is flexible to use, and is one of the essential components to increase brand recognition. It creates a solid standing position next to the brand name, which is also newly shaped to improve credit in the market.

Wordmark "avada" is written in lowercase with an improved font, in blue color to highlight the youthful, modern spirit and the ambition of constantly moving forward, updating the latest market trends of the staff. Wordmark has quick recognition and easily conveys information about the brand's name clearly and flexibly. Therefore, it is necessary to fully comply with the usage conventions to ensure that Avada's signature is presented neatly, synchronously, and transparent when appearing.

The signature is the version that fully represents the Avada logo design and is encouraged to be used throughout the brand's entire identity.

Our new Brand color

It took much effort to create a color scheme that appeals to everyone, feels different, and satisfies our accessibility objectives. While there isn't a formula we can use to explain our color selection, we have been highly intentional about it. Each color has a special significance that reflects and exemplifies our ideals. There was more art than science in this segment!

Avada's new color system consists of a primary color palette, a secondary color palette, and complementary colors.

Freeform Gradient is Avada's flexible and custom-ordered gradation method throughout identification and communication applications. This method helps create unique and novel color ranges. Therefore, it is necessary to use consistent colors to create cohesion and unity for the Avada brand identity system. Freeform Gradient's application highlights the design and conveys Avada's creative, modern, flexible spirit.

The primary color palette of the Avada brand includes two main colors: Navy Blue and White. This palette has been carefully selected to match the brand spirit, ensuring attractiveness to Avada customers and partners. Use this palette with the secondary palette for all design, internal identity, and external communications.

Our new brand color

A secondary palette is used to highlight and support the primary color palette or used for brand development cases (packaging, gift publications, media publications, etc.). Meanwhile, the complementary palette can also highlight and support the primary color scheme or other brand applications.

Consistent use of these color parameters creates a uniform color scheme of the Avada brand identity across all media.

The secondary palette

The complementary palette

Our new typeface

Our new typeface

The font system is the brand's visual voice, helps it express a part of its personality, and is a tool for the brand to communicate with the outside.

Poppins font is a geometric sans font with a structure made of basic geometry, making this font clean and adaptable to most Avada designs, especially with digital platform backgrounds.

Our new Visual system

The identity signals are researched and developed to increase brand recognition. Three recognition signals are created and named from the Spotlight concept: Sparkling, Combination, and Attention.

Our new visual system

The visual Sparkling is inspired by the image of lights shining in the sky, symbolizing Avada's always looking for the best solutions for customers. The Combination is inspired by the idea of lights shining down on the stage. These lights move together to create a new and unique effect. And the visual Attention is inspired by the image of two beams of light converging in the same area. Inspire that Avada will help customers stay different and stand out

With only one design language used, Avada's iconography ensures consistency across all brand touchpoints and optimizes visibility across all media, especially on digital platforms.

We’re still the same Avada, just better dressed!

This entire procedure gave us even more ideas. We can clearly state who we are and what we stand for now. Our visual identity's logic and transformative aspects define who we are. That serves as the finest motivation to keep on inventing and innovating. Our exclusive priority is to deliver a consistent brand experience to our clients and audiences. We are enthusiastic and proud of our new brand and are much more equipped to communicate our ideas and feelings to the public. And we are beyond thrilled! We have just begun.

Even while the story of how our new brand came to be may be done, great things still lie ahead. Avada's new brand identity expresses who we are as a business - how we treat people and the experiences we can provide. Ultimately, this updated brand more accurately represents you, the community we serve, and our business. We thank you for your companionship in Avada’s journey and hope you share our pride.

Proud to introduce a better look of AVADA, we remain a dedicated friend and trustworthy companion to you, our dear customers. We can't wait to begin this next chapter of our narrative and to collaborate with you to write it!

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