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AVADA Marketing Automation - Product Updates in April, 2021

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Hi folks, it is great to see you again on AVADA Product Update Series every month. This March, what is ready for you to explore? Let’s jump right into AVADA Email Marketing’s new releases right now. You will love these!

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Sync Mailchimp contacts to AVADA

If you were using Mailchimp and want to switch to AVADA? Now it is much more convenient with Mailchimp - AVADA integration. This allows you to easily connect your Mailchimp account and choose the audiences to sync to AVADA. After sync, new updates from Mailchimp also continue to be updated on AVADA automatically.

Besides importing contacts, AVADA supports syncing all Mailchimp tags. Also, new contacts added to Mailchimp can be sent a Welcome email from AVADA.

You can see the detailed guide here

Suppression list: Bounces, Complaints, Unsubscribers

One of the most effective ways to manage your contact list successfully is to filter and group them into different segments. Suppression segment includes Bounces, Complaints, Unsubscribers - which will be separated from your sendable contacts.

Suppression list allows you to filter contacts that either cannot send emails or don’t want to receive email from your shop. So basically, you should keep this list away from all of your campaigns. Do not send email to them will make sure your result keep healthy.

Also, one important notice is that AVADA Pro Plan only charges based on your sendable contacts (which equals all contacts excluded suppression list).

Notice: You can find Suppression list by going to “Audiences > Contacts > More actions > Suppression list”

Compatible with Outlook, Microsoft Email

If you haven’t noticed this before, sending email to Outlook and Microsoft Email addresses often cause email templates broken. This is a popular issue known by many marketers and shop owners who do email marketing.

Understand how important an email looks to the audiences, AVADA technical team tried hard to make email templates created in our platform compatible with Outlook and Microsoft emails. Luckily now it shows perfectly the email templates that you want it to be.

More Automation and Campaign templates

Gmail AI and so are smarter, no doubt. They can easily detect if the same content is delivered to too many people at many times. That’s why in AVADA, we often change the templates to make sure your emails are not marked as spam.

Now, you can create new automation workflows with new content. Also, some stunning newsletter email templates are added to AVADA. More options for you with the hope that you can create a professional email from our email builder.

Waiting for next updates!

This year, AVADA development plan focuses on app integration and platform integration. We will all set together and wait for new updates next time! Thank you so much for being with us. Any question and feedbacks are welcome to win@avada.io.

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