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AVADA Email Marketing - Product Updates in March, 2021

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Hi everyone! It’s great to publish another blog on AVADA product updates and once again our platform is reborn with many fantastic new functions.

Those updates and improvements are partly the contributions of our beloved users, so they should be truly realistic and practical for eCommerce websites, we believe so.

Let’s dive in below with the latest updates on AVADA Email Marketing and explore it on your store right now!

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Improve email deliverability

Understanding that email deliverability is the first and most important thing to decide your success on email marketing, AVADA development priority is email deliverability.

In this updated version, we moved from Elastic Email server to Mailgun - which is considered more stable and ultimate in managing email sending. By this switching, your email deliverability will be better at important metrics such as open rate, click rate, and reduce bounce rate.

For previous users of AVADA Email Marketing, you do not need to verify your sender since we auto move you under Mailgun. However, if you are already using your business domain to send emails, you may need to verify it again.

Smart filters to manage contacts effectively

With AVADA new contact management system, you are easily able to:

  • Filter/create segment right on your contact list
  • Add tags to your segment
  • Delete all contacts in segment
  • Send Newsletter campaign to a certain segment

New email editors - smoother and more add-ons

The email editor is the second priority on our platform development. A smooth editor page saves users’ time and allows you to create beautiful branded emails like a pro.

In this update, we add a large number of add-on blocks including product block, content block and a lot of headers as well as footer designs. The more options you have, the more professional your email may become.

Not only do they add more design options, the new email editor is also optimized for leaving the most necessary settings and rearranging them in a more logical way. You can find this new update more convenient and easier to use.

Duplicate campaigns

Well, sometimes you want to copy an automation workflow to apply to another contact segment or apply to another product/category. That’s why we add the “Duplicate” function for both Automation and Campaigns.

With the duplicate function, you can make an exact campaign as the previous one and still you can edit it if you want. This saves a lot of time for AVADA users to send your campaigns, we believe so.

Auto-apply coupons on emails/popup

There are many users who asked us to add this function and now it is on air. Customers now can auto apply your coupon code if they click to buy from the email containing a coupon.

What are the benefits of auto-apply coupons?

  • Customers do not need to remember your coupon
  • Auto-aply coupon makes their final cost cheaper and they can see it right away when they are at checkout page. That will motivate them to buy faster.

Country restriction on newsletter popup

You are selling products for customers from multiple countries in the world. But sometimes, you just want to show promotion popups like Free Shipping to selected countries? It is now available on AVADA Email Marketing - the newsletter popup advanced function.

Thank you for your trust - we are all ears!

AVADA now is trusted by thousands of merchants worldwide. We love to hear your feedback. And every time there is someone reviewing on our Shopify App Store, that really motivates our team to work harder since we know that we are going the right way.

For any features contribution, feel free to contact our team at support@avada.io and do not hesitate to catch up with our customer success team if you need any assistance. Now, let stay tuned toward our next updates in the very near time next month.

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