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AVADA Email Marketing - Big Updates in January, 2021

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Time flies and we are all going through the hard year 2020 together. AVADA first wants to send a big thanks to all of our beloved merchants who make the eCommerce world survive and thrive even in darkness. We truly appreciate and respect your effort for a year gone by. AVADA is so lucky to have you until now. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

On a regular basis, monthly, AVADA Email Marketing is improved constantly and we are so delighted to announce another release of this platform in January 2021. In this article, we point out the most important updates of AVADA Email Marketing and where you can find them easily for current users.

If you haven’t tried AVADA Email Marketing, you can take a look anytime. This is the biggest project of AVADA Commerce until now so we treasure any support from you. Click the button below to get the app and enjoy 14-day free trial, you can continue to use Free plan afterward.

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SMS Automation and SMS Newsletter

Sending SMS now is officially supported in AVADA Email Marketing. Researches have shown that 98% of text messages are opened on average. Keeping the great effect of SMS for online merchants, AVADA releases this function in January 2020. Now you can send SMS in different types:

SMS Automation

Similar to Email Automation, now you can send SMS automatically in your trigger campaigns. You can add SMS to:

  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Welcome New Subscribers Emails
  • Order/Shipping/Return/Invoice Emails
  • Cross-sell, Upselling Emails

SMS for Automation is simple to create and set up. You have options to send to US/CA recipients or not, which will tailor your SMS to match the region laws and regulations on messaging.

SMS Newsletter

In seasonal sales like Black Friday, sending mass SMS is the best choice to reach your audiences and notify them to get the deals from your stores as soon as possible. With instant delivery and a high open rate of SMS, your sales campaign will definitely gain great conversions for your stores.

The setting of the SMS Newsletter is similar to SMS Automation. Also, you can schedule the time to send SMS to your customers. With this function, you can prepare for your campaign before and test it carefully.

Add-to-cart Popup

How to send Abandoned Cart Email without the customer leaving their emails at checkout? The solution lies in this Add-to-cart popup.

This small window pop out right after someone add items to the cart and ask them to leave the email to continue shopping. These emails are auto-saved on AVADA Email Marketing then be used to follow up abandoned carts later.

It will not disturb customer experiences because it is on their shopping journey in a natural way.

Import/Export customers

If you have a customer list outside your shops or at a third-party platform, now you can simply import that list into Contacts at AVADA Email Marketing.

Also, it is possible now if you want to export customer data from the app. You can export all contacts or select certain contacts that match your conditions”

And finally, all import/export files are located here to help you manage all the in and out activities of your contacts:

Stay tuned for further news!

If you love any new functions, leave us a comment or a question about them, AVADA is so happy to talk to you. Also, new features are on the way, our team work hard every day to make the app more user-friendly and powerful, so let’s keep an eye on this regular blog release!

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