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AVADA Email Marketing Updates in Feb 2021

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That’s great to have another update announcement of AVADA Email Marketing this February. In this article, we are so eager to show you - our AVADA users - some big amazing updates on our platform. This time, we optimize the contact management function so that you can easily control and make your contacts list as much as quality and effectively engage them in your email/sms campaigns.

Now, let’s jump right into the news today!

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Collect emails via Inline form

Beside showing newsletter popup, you can subtly put the inline box to collect email at any position on any page of your website. Inline form allows you to simply collect emails from your subscribers without distracting or annoying their shopping journey. Why?

First, the size of inline form is small and humble. Secondly, it is only put on specific positions on your page and hence only requires your visitors to leave emails if they truly need to subscribe to your newsletters.

You can choose inline form position via AVADA smart selector, which enables lively putting your form on a sample page. See the guide to create an Inline form here

Improve Contact management

Create segments right on contact list

Wanna filter your customer groups right on the contact list? Now it is possible with AVADA Email Marketing. You can generate a segment with various condition filters right here, on your contact grid. This function enables users to save time and easily manage your segments as well as check how many contacts inside your group compare with the total list.

Delete/Export contacts of Segments

Talking about segment management, now you can delete all contacts from a segment or export your group from AVADA to use in another place. These add-on updates give users the flexibility to work with customer segmentation.

AVADA new theme

To bring a new look for AVADA and make it user friendly, we released the new theme this February. In general, it is not so much different from the previous layout. However, we optimize the button, color and user guides placement so that hopefully you will find it more comprehensive and familiar.


In this month, we are also very excited to announce AVADA is officially integrated with Ella theme - number 1 Shopify theme, a product of Hallotheme vendor. You can find more information on our collaboration and special deal offers for you here

Always move forward!

In AVADA, we keep moving forward to be better today and tomorrow. AVADA Email Marketing now is not the number one platform for marketing automation, but we are trying everyday to be the good one that meets as much as merchants' needs.

Especially, we believe that our customers are the best motivation for us to keep up the hard work. You are a co-contributor to make AVADA better everyday. Thank you so much and we are always happy to hear any feedback from you!

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