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What Is A Good Advertising Frequency For Your Campaign?

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As target consumers of your campaign are found with the mixture of the media, it is high time to notice frequency. For most marketers, reaching their target consumer will be the initial step to help achieve your advertising campaign's success. Frequency or another word repeat exposure of the message will be the thing behind.

Therefore, in this article, you will be shown on What Is A Good Advertising Frequency for your campaign.

What is advertising frequency? How to calculate it?

For people who are unfamiliar with advertising frequency, this part is for you.

The most crucial thing on frequency advertising in newspaper advertising rests, and shared email includes the below

  • The exposure does not mean frequency
  • The reason to get deviated from a 3x frequency of “rule of thumb”
  • A good knowledge of your argeted campaigns and objectives and the role of frequency
  • Take the frequency benchmarks for every media strategy into consideration.

As you can see, the frequency’s role is to get recognition, decision, and curiosity. Marketers have depended on the belief that a frequency of three is what all needed to decide for ten years.

Regarding advertising frequency, there is one more term that you need to know is Reach.

Like frequency, Reach means the number of people who can be exposed to a shown media at a specific point in time.

ITo calculate the frequency and reach numbers, all you need to do is freeze a particular moment in time and estimate how many eyeballs are on the TV shows or magazines at this moment. This approximation can show the exact results.

Why is frequency essential to your advertising campaign?

The convept of effective frequency was already created and has been developed by Lever’s Michael Naples. He mentioned that the efficiency of frequency for any of the product communication is three times. Let’s see what they are. The first time is getting customers’ attention, the second time is to get communication recognized, and the third time is for familiarity or acceptance. However, it is not that so simple. In reality, the magic frequency number that makes people buy relies on the message, the campaign, and the targeted viewers. In some cases, three can properly be a perfect number, but sometimes, it can take one more.

Besides, it is quite important to focus on the strength of repetition. As you are consumers, the more times, they hear or see something, the more likely they can remember it. Small businesses usually try something for once and look forward to instant results, and then they can give a conclusion after a few days that it is effective or not.

As you can see, the advertisement can become costly by the time, but the key is you can opt for other cost-effective marketing plans before getting the frequency you want without having the bank broken. Furthermore, you have to generate many touchpoints so that your messages can reach your target audience from the cooperation of different mediums, including social media, print, e-Newsletters, or Websites. Besides that, you also need to understand better how crucial proper relevance and targeting are in your marketing strategy. By doing this, you can stay away from marketing fatigue. And customers might deal with a barrage of message advertisements regularly. One of the most effective ways to avoid marketing fatigue is not to re-send constant promotions that are irrelevant to your own customers' needs. If you understand your market very well, you can start your campaign. One more thing is relevant offers do not fatigue your customers; hence, you can also focus on your targeted customers.

How to calculate an effective frequency for your ads?

As we already know, effective frequency is related to the number of times a consumer can be exposed to an advertisement before advertisers can receive the perfect response. This kind of response can be purchasing a service or a product or just remembering a message.

You can calculate an effective frequency for your own ads depending on the factors shown below:

Factor 1: How is your brand founded?

This will work without saying that an established company can luckily get a consumer response with less exposure than a very new startup.

Factor 2: Who will be the targeted demographic?

When it comes to the targeted demographic, you will be asked whom you are trying to target since people are not the same. If you know your customers well, you can decide which the most powerful ad frequency is.

Factor 3: What is the purpose of your ads?

Generally speaking, brand awareness might take less exposure than striving to change their customers’ opinions of this brand. Every campaign might need a goal, an objective, and this objective has to be matched with the proper frequency.

Factor 4: Market saturation

Please take note that the more saturated your market is, the more you can expose to your audiences and your ad to help them remember your brand.

Factor 5 : How big is the purchasing?

If would be best if you remember that the more money you spend on a prospect to hand over, the more likely they will need to see the ads. For example, in case you sell cars, you will be able to run your ads better than you do the same to pizza.


Frequency is of great importance to help drive the audience's exposure to your products, services, or messages. Since you already know that repeated exposure can result in a decision, then action can be taken. Additionally, frequency is vital to meeting your advertising campaign, driving your consumers to the actions. We hope that this article is helpful to you. If you find this article useful, don't forget to share it with your social media channels.